• Bryce Kepner

    I don’t know what the official stats were from the scrimmage but from my count Blackmon Jr had close to 20 pts in the scrimmage. I know 6 minutes in he and 12 for sure. He proved he can score in multiple ways against anyone on the squad. I know he was a McDonalds All American but I feel like he is going to exceed expectations this year. I came away most impressed with him. Some guys left a lot to be desired from the scrimmage

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    You know, Hanner, with his freak athletic ability, could have been a world class soccer goalie. Now, he may be a world class dunkmaster. Schweeeeeeeet!

  • JBishop0425

    Can anyone say how Hanner did or looked at Hoosier Hysteria?

  • Zach

    Not great offensively but I didn’t expect that. He had at least a couple ugly looking shots but we don’t need a strong post game like many have said. His defensive timing looked pretty solid in my opinion with a couple well timed blocks and he was rebounding well. Granted he didn’t have a ton of competition for boards in the scrimmage height wise. To me, he didn’t prove he’s gonna have a breakout year but he also didn’t kill my hopes and dreams

  • Oldfan

    I am really pulling for Hanner this year. That kid has not had an easy time. Away from his home and family since junior year is high school, all the controversy with his recruitment and the Rutgers coach threatening to deport him, freshman year foot injury and suspension, his arrest and suspension sophomore year, and then missing the Canada trip. Hopefully he can have a good solid year with no unpleasant distractions so he can just work hard and enjoy being an IU basketball player.


    So glad to see that the college bball taliban (ncaa) has sent fit to make up for the dumbest half season suspension in the history of suspensions and have designated him to still be a sophomore. lol Maybe they coupled that with a desire to cover for the stupidity of our neighbors to the north when it came to his passport. Here’s to HMP having two more season and his last off season free of the crap that has been his misfortune to have happen to him up till now.

  • OhioHoosier

    Who did you think left a lot to be desired? (I was not able to make it)

  • Bryce Kepner

    Troy. He was basically non existent during the scrimmage

  • Bryce Kepner

    Baylor coach threatened to deport him, not Rutgers

  • Bryce Kepner

    Sophmore? He is listed as a junior on all sites

  • gohoosiers09

    ya but in the article above it says hes a sophomore, must be a confusion somewhere lol


    Alex accidentally referred to him as a sophomore at the beginning of the story and I used that as an excuse, (not that anyone needs one), to take a shot at the college bball taliban and how stupid what they done to him his freshman year was. He is actually a junior.


    Still don’t understand how Baylor didn’t end up getting more from the college bball taliban than they did for that, and all the other stuff that coach did, after it became public knowledge.

    A good while back I remember reading an article where some sports journalist at a major site did a confidential survey of the B12 bball coaches on who they thought was the dirtiest coach in their conference and Drew was the overwhelming winner. Barnes went public with his vote after the article was published and said that, while they wouldn’t say so in public, almost all of the other bball coaches in that conference, and other conferences, felt the same way that he did.