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OTTAWA, Ontario — Thoughts on a 95-85 win over Carleton University:

Prior to departing for Canada, Indiana coach Tom Crean warned of potential stumbling blocks for his young team on its five-game tour. And Monday night’s opponent, Carleton University, which entered tonight’s game with a 294-12 record over its last 306 games along with 10 of the last 12 CIS championships, was the first team Crean mentioned.

The Ravens, after all, beat Wisconsin handily last August and took Syracuse to overtime. Canadian basketball isn’t just about the players like Andrew Wiggins, Steve Nash and other who have defected to the United States to play collegiately. Led by strong grassroots programs and university programs like Carleton, the sport is on the rise in the country.

So as Indiana entered the Ravens Nest, as it’s called here on campus, the test was a legitimate one despite the fact that Carleton was missing its best player and coach. This was the closest thing the Hoosiers will have to a true road game on this tour and not only did Indiana past the test, it did so decisively.

After falling behind in its first two games, Indiana never left any doubt in this game. The Hoosiers led wire-to-wire and when the going got tough late, Indiana answered the call.

Unlike Sunday afternoon in Ottawa, Indiana guarded the 3-point line against Carleton. The Ravens managed to hit just 8 of their 28 attempts from distance and despite rebounding 44.4 percent of its misses, Carleton just couldn’t stop an IU offensive barrage.

The Hoosiers posted a ridiculous 69.8 effective field goal percentage and scored 1.35 points per possession. There were several strong offensive performances that helped account for those figures.

Start with Yogi Ferrell, who bounced back from a tough afternoon on Sunday to pour in a team-high 21 points on 6-of-7 shooting from the field and 8-of-9 shooting from the foul line. Add in four assists to just one turnover and it’s hard to imagine a more efficient effort.

Without a post presence, Indiana continues to spread the ball around the perimeter on the trip and find the open man.

One of tonight’s main beneficiaries was Illinois State transfer Nick Zeisloft, who scored 14 points on 4-of-5 shooting from behind the 3-point arc and a pair of free throws. The addition of Zeisloft raised some eyebrows amongst IU fans who were unfamiliar with his game and unimpressed by his stats at his previous home, but the early returns are positive.

But it wasn’t just Zeisloft doing damage from distance. Freshmen James Blackmon Jr. and Robert Johnson both made two 3s a piece. Blackmon Jr. also got to the line, where he made five of his six attempts, to finish with 19 points.  Johnson had 12 points in 20 minutes. Sophomore Stan Robinson tweaked his ankle and had to head to the locker room just before halftime, but returned in the second half and his attacking ways led to nine free throw attempts of which he made five.

Up front, Hanner Mosquera-Perea still hasn’t arrived in Canada, and it’s unlikely that he will arrive at this point, so Devin Davis is doing his best to fill the void. Carleton struggled to keep Davis from scoring around the basket (13 points) and while his overall rebounding numbers weren’t spectacular — he finished with six — the effort was more than adequate on an evening where there were few misses to be had, at least on the offensive end.

Three games in, Indiana is past the toughest part of this trip.

The Hoosiers split a pair with Ottawa and Carleton and now head back to Montreal to finish against McGill University tomorrow and the University of Quebec at Montreal on Wednesday. It’s unlikely that either of those contests will present the challenge that Indiana faced tonight, but the fatigue of five games in six days certainly bears watching.

For now, it’s a happy bus ride back to Montreal for this Indiana team after coming into a somewhat hostile environment and knocking off Canada’s top collegiate program.

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  • Gregory Spera

    It is impossible for me to come to any real conclusions about this year’s team based on games I have not seen, against opponents with whom I am totally unfamiliar. And yet, I will. This win is a big step in the right direction and a strong response to their first small bit of adversity. And, if I may be so bold, some people on this forum may just owe Nick Zeisloft an apology.

  • InCreanWeTrust

    So good to see the boys in that classic crimson jersey, especially Blackmon and RJ.

  • John Boyd

    It was refreshing to see the team stave off a run in the 2nd half, rather than caving in to the momentum of the other team and losing the lead. Very encouraging. I also think Zeisloft is going to prove to be a big pickup for us. Hopefully we add Kasongo as well.

  • ForeverIU

    Well I hope you don’t mean me, because I’ve already apologized and admitted to having a secret crush on him, lol. But you have to admit he sounded arrogant in his interview with ITH (I mean when he committed to IU). I see now that he might have had reason to.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Did you see his quote on the corner 3? You have to love the kids confidence!!!

  • RMK

    Be careful what you wish for. Perhaps the guy is a big time player, but there is some very shady business going on with his background. See Brandon Bender.

  • John Boyd

    From my understanding it may be academic? But I haven’t looked into it enough. It’s good to be cautious though, don’t need any poisonous personalities in the locker room

  • InCreanWeTrust

    If he can be a more confident AE, that fits this team perfectly.

  • ForeverIU

    If you mean in the video interview, yes. It put a smile on his face.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Yup – it’s not going to take long for him to be a fan favorite. We need a nickname for this team of shooters — they are all brimming w confidence

  • E Foy McNaughton

    One article mentioned that he didn’t get admitted to Oregon. But that could just be sour grapes.

  • ForeverIU

    There is a name already, thanks to the Univ of Arkansas Razorbacks and Nolan Richardson … 40 Minutes of Hell.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    If IU brings waves of shooters and defenders – they will be 40 min of Hell for opposing teams. CTC talks about causing fatigue for other teams as a key – that would do it.

  • ForeverIU

    What planet is Yogi from? He has a slow game, and instead of pouting he comes back with a 21 pt (6-7 FG, 8-9 FT), 4 assist, 5 rebound, 2 steal, 1 turnover performance.

  • inLinE6

    Watched the game tonight and can’t be any happier than that. I even saw myself sitting in the front row in a published picture. 🙂 You would think this is too far from Indiana but there was fair amount of Hoosier fans in the crowd. That testifies we are one of the largest basketball fan base in the world! I heard some of them actually came all the way from Indiana and camped around to watch the game! Talked to another guy from Toronto, who took the week off and come to see every IU game at Montreal and Ottawa. Hats off to those hardcore fans!

    Back to the game. Carleton was definitely B1G caliber and the game was head on. Both team played extremely hard and at a high level. I’ve seen some nice improvement compared to last year’s team. Guys definitely shoot better, and take care of the ball better. Now to the individuals:

    – Yogi: He’s still the star of this team, and the most reliable option. I haven’t seen him play live before. He’s too fast!
    – Nick: His shooting definitely stands out. He’s confident and comfortable. I saw him calling his teammates on the court. One of the leaders. It’s safe to say he’s an upgrade to AE, to the least.
    – Davis: Much stronger and appeared to be in good shape. Powerful under the basket, but still need improvement on shooting.
    – Blackmon & Johnson: very competent on both sides. I see them play heavy minutes early on.
    – Troy: Most improved player, but not at his best tonight. Much more careful with the ball but still had a few turnovers. He has huge potential.
    – Stan: Right on Troy’s heel from improvement perspective.
    – Max: Played with confidence but didn’t get too many minutes.

    – Tim & April: Didn’t play tonight. They probably won’t get much minutes on this year’s team.
    – Burton: Can’t believe he’s walk-on. Seemed better than a walk-on.

    Overall, better team than last year with potential. We have a great chance returning to the big dance in March.

  • drewheck

    Oregon didn’t allow online classes

  • OhioHoosier

    Love the insight and optimism!

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    Thanks for taking the time to post this.
    I like your optimism also.

  • Brklynhoosier

    Thank you for this — awesome! But on a night when DD goes 6-6, you call him out… on his shooting???

  • 323SGrant

    He may have been referring to the 1-4 FT’s DD shot.

  • Bryce Kepner

    I’m pretty sure he’s already moved way past that! AE wouldn’t have taken half the shots Zeisloft has already taken and made

  • Bryce Kepner

    Great game from Yogi. Hoping to see his assist numbers jump up a little bit this year

  • Guyton25

    Good win against a great team. A very early sign of things to come.

  • shknqk

    I didn’t see many transition buckets so I wonder what the folks who saw/listened may share? 95 points without many transition buckets? Wha? Is that right?

    So I think it’s safe to say that we really won’t need much point production from hanner… And I am even more bullish on him getting buckets with the gang around him… A classic case of the supporting cast benefitting from strong leads – but this team is like the ensemble cast of The Big Chill.

    anyone think hanner is getting hungry stuck in b-town? I can only hope the confidence and chemistry this team is gonna really benefit him.

  • I agree with you.. If one can infer anything from these few games, it des appear they have some great chemistry.. Why screw that up? I mean, it’s not like he’s a top ten recruit.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I don’t know if we’ll be good enough defensively and I still think rebounding could end up being somewhat of an issue but there is no doubt that we will much improved offensively. There is just no way that last year’s squad could have scored at the pace these guys have in the past three games.

    As Gregory Spera accurately noted, it’s impossible for those of us who haven’t seen this team to draw any worthwhile observations or conclusions. With that caveat out of the way, Yogi is one of the top guards in the country and it’s a pleasure to have him wearing the Cream and Crimson. Troy appeared to have a bit of an off night but everyone who has seen these guys comes away impressed with his improvement. James Blackmon Jr.’s numbers have been rock solid. If Nick Zeisloft can provide steady leadership, good free throw shooting and a couple of corner 3’s every night, that will be a scholarship well-used. Before the trip, Tom Crean said he wanted to see how this group responded to adversity. They lost to a good team but showed some resolve to come out the next night and knock off the traditionally #1 program in Canada, that’s a positive step in my eyes.

  • Brad

    They will because he actually has someone to throw it to this year.

  • RMK

    April hasn’t played at all due to an ankle injury, so we’ll see about him. Heard similar reports about Tim.

  • inLinE6

    Grant was right… I was referring to his free throw. He has been very efficient under the basket tipping in some missed shots and layups, but I don’t see much improvement on FF. Troy and Stan have made huge strides in that area.

  • CreanFaithful

    I’m sure he’ll have games where they jump up, but overall I suspect they may not go up by much. CTC will utilize several guards to initiate the offense and Yogi will now be a benefactor of some kick outs as evident in the highlight reel. I think assist/turnover ratio will be more useful to track. We have to take care of the ball. From what I’m hearing that is already marketably improved over last year and it’s only August.

  • inLinE6

    IU did pushed the ball up fast, as advertised, but Carleton was a up tempo high pace team as well. Their transitional defense was great. I heard Carleton was missing some important player. Not sure who they were missing, but they played some smaller lineups from time to time. It was a fast and exciting game.

  • SCHoosier

    They were missing the brother of the Schrubb kid who scored over 30 on us. The brother (and his coach) were with the Canadian national team for workouts. The remaining Schrubb shot so many times and so dominated the ball that..they may have played with two game balls if the other brother had been on the court. Good thing for IU that he wans’t..supposedly one of the best players up north.

  • inLinE6

    A local guy sitting next to me asked who the big star is on Indiana team. I said “#11, he’s 1st team All-B1G.. and watch out the #1, he’s a 5-star top freshman around the country”. And then Yogi and JBJ made a pair of 3 pointers back to back. The guy nodded his head. Sweet!

  • SCHoosier

    Cody is using on line classes to finish up..but I have to agree..they would be very suspect in most cases. Hell NC can’t even count o n the kids doing their own papers.

  • SCHoosier

    Well this is no way to keep a secret:)

  • SCHoosier

    Nick IS a shooter and shooters WANT to take shots! Thing about Nick..he’s seem very willing to let the game (and shots) come to him in the flow of the offense.

  • Joe Pop

    BUT AE was going to bring leadership man, duh

  • Brklynhoosier

    I got you. Hopefully it’s just the small sample size — last year he shot 67%, which isn’t terrible. If he can edge it up into the 70’s, then he should be fine.


    And that will want to take the shot if it’s there and stand a good chance of also making it.

  • David Macer

    Combine pushing the ball up and a 24 second shot clock makes for a higher scoring game.

  • shknqk

    And he will ALWAYS have the weakest defender on the court guarding him… He just does and landed in Hoosier heaven.

  • ForeverIU

    “marketably”, lol. I agree, it’s totally “marketable”.

  • HoosierFan76

    Did anyone else see the lead photo at the beginning of the article and think of this?

  • ForeverIU

    I trust you guys, lol.

  • Bryce Kepner

    Watch the video of Crean’s reaction, he said there was nothing behind PRiller not playing. Just simply didn’t get him in the game cause others had the hot hand

  • INUnivHoosier

    Could the substitution problem be on the mend?!?!

  • INUnivHoosier

    I imagine they’ll increase simply because when the ball goes to someone, that person can actually score this year.

  • drewheck

    I’m guessing the online class thing would be if he really did the work I don’t blame Oregon for not accepting the internet classes

  • Bryce Kepner

    I think we will see lots of subs this year as well. The difference ,though, was mentioned by Crean after one of these games. Last year when he brought in subs, they didn’t bring a lot of intensity, but usually allowed the other team to refresh themselves. This year, though, the quality of bench players on the squad will continue the intensity of the game. He mentioned this at length after the first exhibition game.

  • Bryce Kepner

    Pretty much ALL universities these days offer and accept online courses