Video: Vonleh meets media after Lakers workout

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Indiana forward and Big Ten freshman of the year Noah Vonleh completed his second workout on Wednesday when he visited one of the teams which he’s been linked to in several mock drafts, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Vonleh also worked out for the Sacramento Kings this past week and will workout in Orlando and Boston next week.

After Wednesday’s workout in Los Angeles, which also included Gary Harris, Aaron Gordon, Tyler Ennis, Marcus Smart and Doug McDermott, Vonleh addressed the media and discussed his thoughts on the organization and a variety of other topics:

Also on Wednesday at Huber Winery, Indiana coach Tom Crean was asked which team could be the best fit for Vonleh at the next level and we’ve got his complete thoughts after the jump.

“I have no idea what team he is best suited for, but I think he will go high in the draft,” Crean said.” I think he can play a lot of different ways. He is an outstanding shooter. He got better and better. We put together a tape of what he looked like at the beginning versus what he was playing like in the last month of the season and we will send to the NBA teams and let them see it. His ability to rebound defensively is phenomenal. He and Joel Embiid both rebound at 27 percent at the defensive rebound rate.

“What he has to keep doing is he has to keep playing. He is a young guy that is not going to be 19 until the end of August. My greatest hope for him is not necessarily the team he goes to or what pick he is, but is he going to go somewhere, where he is going to get a chance to play in meaningful minutes, not just to a team that is trying to get back in next year’s lottery. I hope he gets to play meaningful minutes and get meaningful development, not only from the head coach, but also from other coaches. There is so much room for growth with him when you look at how he jumped. When I talk to teams I think they are excited about that, but they are also excited about his future, because they know he is capable of so much.”

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  • Michael Crawley

    I thought you were going negative at first. You are correct CTC is very loyal to former players.

  • inLinE6

    I feel we need to release that tape on iuathletics website, just so the future recruits can see as well. There’s a huge difference between bringing some NBA level talent versus developing someone into NBA level talent. Andrew Wiggins came in college pretty much locked at #1 pick. I know Noah will be drafted at some point, but it was his development that puts him into this year’s draft, and probably high in the lottery. You just can’t discount CTC’s talent in evaluating talent, and in developing talent.

  • FinEndNow

    Kid is going to be good. Its great Indiana is starting to put players in the NBA. Makes playing NBA 2K so much better.

  • Born&Bred2BleedHoosierCrimson

    He continues nto impress me. Not just with his game, but his confidence and how well spoken he is. He’s just 18 too. Wowzers.

  • SCHoosier

    Love seeing how poised and articulate NV is…credit to his family ..his teachers/coaches and his time at IU.

  • David Macer

    IU may not be able to post something like that. I am guessing that it would violate some NCAA rule somewhere.