Indiana to play Georgetown at Madison Square Garden

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Another day, another Indiana-related piece of scheduling news for the 2014-2015 season.

On Wednesday evening at Huber Winery in Starlight, Tom Crean confirmed that the Hoosiers will travel to Madison Square Garden on Saturday, Dec. 27 to play Georgetown.

The game was first reported by Jon Rothstein of

The Hoyas, who finished last season 18-15, are ranked No. 48 in Jeff Goodman’s list of top 50 teams for the 2014-2015 season at

Indiana will also play Louisville on Tuesday, Dec. 9 at Madison Square Garden in the Jimmy V Classic.

Other reported non-conference games for next season include Pittsburgh in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, Butler in the Crossroads Classic and both SMU and Lamar at Assembly Hall.

The complete 2014-2015 schedule will be released later this summer.

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  • kyle jenkins

    Great news! No one can complain about our strength of schedule this year. We will have one of the most challenging schedules in the nation now.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Two games at Madison Square Garden is a bit surprising but it’s abundantly clear that Tom Crean wants to gain traction in New York (hiring of Chuck Martin added to the emphasis on playing at the Garden). Georgetown figures to be a bubble team next season so a win over them (or a loss to them) could be valuable (or damaging) in March.

    I would expect the rest of the schedule will have mid to low majors that we host at Assembly Hall. I’ll be perfectly fine with that as long as those schools don’t end up in the 250+ RPI range. My only concern with the schedule right now is a mild one, we won’t be playing any road games or games in remotely hostile environments until Big Ten season.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    cripes! ain’t going to be much complaining this season about a weak preconference schedule.

  • Hoosier Hall

    G-Town landed some nice recruits for this year. This should be an exciting match up for sure!

  • Hoosier Hall

    I would be OK with one game with an opponent in the 250 or under range. The problem starts when you schedule 3 or 4 opponents in that range. A cupcake tuneup can be valuable sometimes to make adjustments, get some bench minutes/experience and to build confidence.

  • CreanFaithful

    Mr. Martin, time to lineup those recruits behind the IU bench and let them witness the Hoosiers take care of business in the east…

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I like this match up a lot. In the grand scheme of things I feel both programs are really about eye level with each other.

  • Gregory Spera

    Wow. This is outstanding. I always want the Hoosiers to play big time programs in big time venues. As often as possible. Hopefully we will win our share, but, it’s about rebuilding the brand. Salute to Crean and Glass for really stepping up to the plate this season.

  • I agree, although I highly doubt the B1G will be the toughest conference in the nation this year. It lost WAY too much. Outside of Wisky, I cant think of one team that will be a NC contender in the conference.

  • Kyl470

    Glad to see it. This is how you attract big time recruits. Playing other top teams in top venues. Plus you know these games are going to get a prime time slot on ESPN.

  • Kyl470

    I’m honestly pumped about this tougher non conference schedule. I believe this year will be the rebuilding year we all expected to get last year. I hope the rebuilding ends with a NCAA appearance. But ultimately my hope for the team next year is that they get valuable experience, get tougher physically and mentally so they can make a serious run at the Final Four two years from now for Yogi’s senior season.

  • This is great news. This is what the players and the fans deserved all along. Glad it happening finally.

  • Gregory Spera

    It’s gonna be tough to continue to claim that the B1G is the best basketball conference after we add Maryland and Rutgers, when the already very strong ACC adds programs like Louisville and Syracuse.

  • Alford Bailey

    So true. Can’t rebuild the brand playing Kennesaw. This is becoming the type of schedule that us guys who were around when IU was great are accustomed to. Kudos to the staff.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    The top half of the ACC will for sure be better than the BIG 10 top half as a whole but from top to bottom the BIG is tougher to play night in night out IMO.

  • kyle jenkins

    My point exactly! The BIG top to bottom is the most competitive in the nation. Any team on any given night can beat the likes of anyone in the BIG besides maybe Rutgers. We are ranked in the bottom half but have probably the best backcourt in the BIG. That says a lot in terms if competition.

  • PDXHoosier

    I love it. It’s obvious that CTC is really pushing the east coast exposure.
    I still would like a game at a different, large venue such as Lucas Oil or the site of the next final four. Calipari is on to something by scheduling games at final four sites- it’s great practice for the real thing

  • SCHoosier

    I also iike the new tougher schedule. Please make a note now though..anybody expecting the Hoosiers to win all these games needs to adjust their attitudes.

  • CreanFaithful

    I would argue that anyone not expecting the Hoosiers to win these games needs to adjust their attitude… If they are unable to win some of these games, I would expect the rational fan to understand why.

  • Ole Man

    Excuse me, CF; but I don’t expect IU to win all these games, and my attitude is fine. Perhaps you should adjust your own antenna before worrying about someone else’s “reception”.

  • Ole Man

    Not to worry. I don’t expect IU will get to the FF anytime soon.

  • Ole Man

    Kyle, being the most competitive is not the same as being the best conference in America.

  • Ole Man

    I was taught “be careful what you wish for”…..tough preseason which the team may not be quite ready to handle. Doesn’t do any good if we lose all those games and win the easy ones in non-conference.

  • kyle jenkins

    If being the most competitive from top to bottom isn’t a correct measurement of the strength of conference then what is? I’m talking about a conference, not who has the best top 5 schools.

  • FinEndNow

    I like it.

  • JWaltFTW

    Maybe we should all adjust our antennas to some smooth jazz and relax, haha. No worries, they’ll lose some and win some. I think they’ll be frustrating at times, but I believe this team will find their identity at some point this season, unlike last year’s team.

  • IUBizmark

    I agree with this to an extent. Though, teams last year were rewarded by remaining in the top 25 without ever proving much if anything in the preconference schedules.

  • CreanFaithful

    Don’t read to deep there OM. My post was in jest… My “attitude” as a fan is that we can win these games and therefore I expect W’s. However, I won’t go jumping off the bandwagon if we were to drop some.

  • Robert Weber

    Agreed, but it sure would be nice to have another “surprise” year like 2012/13 this season with the Final Four in Indianapolis. Here’s hoping!

  • hoosier1158

    I guess we will find out in the B1G/ACC challenge?

  • SCHoosier

    Not trying to be negative or a smart-a__…have just decided to “preach realistic expectations” for this coming season..with a young team lacking established talent at the 4 & 5 positions. IU is going to need a lot of effort..some really good luck and unexpected good performances from developing players. can happen.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Add Butler to the mix and it’s a pretty strong, but still not top ranked schedule.

    I like the direction the program is going as the schedule is concerned. Now, if we can make some headway with some 2015 recruits (particularly big men) and come up with a way to effectively use those big men I think things will be headed back in the right direction.

    I think maybe IU made too quick of a rise from the ashes? I had them pegged for a five year plan and it actually took only 4. Then in year 5 IU was loaded with pro talent but maybe the cupboard wasn’t quite as full after all those guys left as some thought it would be. It’s possible that actually derailed the five year plan and delayed it to a 6 or 7 year plan.

    I’m hoping that was the case!

  • Ole Man

    Being competitive top to bottom means parity within that conference. It doesn’t mean the best players or the best teams play within that conference. It simply means that the teams are evenly matched.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    This makes me physically sick to say, but O$U always reloads, never drops off to much … Nor does MSU. I think the top 6 teams in the B1G will all be very good. Wisconsin, O$U, MSU, IU,
    MN & Nebraska … Possibly Illinois

    And somebody has to stink, it might as well be Maryland and Rutgers giving PSU a little competition for the worst team in the conference …

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Hopefully we will win those games we should win against northwestern, PSU, Rutgers, Maryland …

  • TomJameson

    There’s that half-empty cup. lol I think last season hammered all of our hopes/expectations, but I for one am going into this season with an optimistic mind-set. That not necessarily expectations of a final four, but a hope for a great season with a new & rebuilding team. Guess I’m hoping for another ‘surprise’ year. lol

  • Ole Man

    Tom, listen to his comments from yesterday. He’s already starting with that “young team” BS again.

  • CreanFaithful

    Is it BS or fact?

  • Ole Man

    It’s a preseason excuse. Don’t want to hear it again this year.
    Beilein took the youngest or second youngest (depending on metrics used) team in the B1G last year how far?

  • CreanFaithful

    You see it as an excuse and I’m not sure why. He is commenting on the makeup of the team and it is a factual statement. That being said, I just posted this on another article:

    “We all want results. It is a factual statement about the makeup of this team. We haven’t lost any games yet and it isn’t being used as an excuse. In that context, I have zero problem with the statment. This foreign trip should really help mitigate the disadvantages associated with a young, but talent laden team.”

  • twarrior87

    Just remember Michigan was the youngest team by age, but not by experience, most of those guys had a season under their belt. IU’s team had several starters who’d never played college basketball. That’s the main difference.

  • Ole Man

    Not going to rehash this argument here and now. Perhaps we’ll revisit it once the season starts.
    However, he’s the one responsible for the churn. So he has to take responsibility for the youth.
    Why do I say that? Not to blame him; but rather to say that at the end of the day, the coach is ultimately responsible for whatever happens in the program.

    I don’t want to hear it anymore. I want results. And the majority of Hoosier nation is probably at or near the same point I am.

  • Ole Man

    I qualified what I said by “metrics used”. That still doesn’t shame what they did. It also does put IU’s season in perspective. The youth excuse is just that, an excuse.