The 2014-2015 schedule: What we know

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The full 2014-2015 Indiana basketball schedule won’t be released until later this summer when the Big Ten finalizes the conference slate, but a good chunk of dates and opponents for the upcoming season have already been revealed.

Here’s an early look at what we know so far about the 2014-2015 schedule:

· A fourth year of the Crossroads Classic: For the second time in the event, IU’s opponent will be Butler on Dec. 20 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The Crossroads Classic will continue through at least the 2016-2017 season, but its future beyond that is unclear, especially if Indiana wants to get involved in another marquee non-conference neutral court series that would require a multi-year agreement.

· Up to the challenge? In Indiana’s back-to-back Sweet 16 seasons, the Hoosiers beat N.C. State and North Carolina in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. Last season, the Hoosiers fell on the road to Syracuse in a rematch of a 2013 NCAA tournament contest. On Dec. 2, Indiana will welcome Pittsburgh to Assembly Hall as its Challenge opponent. The Panthers are pegged as the No. 31 team in Jeff Goodman’s preseason top 50 for next season.

· A trip to the Big Apple: The marquee game of the non-conference schedule will come on Dec. 9 at Madison Square Garden when Indiana squares off with Louisville, a perennial Final Four contender under Rick Pitino. It will be the first meeting between Indiana and Louisville since the 2002-2003 season. Kenny Johnson’s departure from the Indiana staff earlier this spring to become Pitino’s top assistant adds some intrigue to the game.

· The Indiana Classic? It appears Indiana will have an exempt, non-conference tournament with four games played at Assembly Hall. The format will likely be similar to the 2011 event that the Hoosiers hosted in Bloomington that brought games against Chattanooga, Savannah State, Gardner-Webb and Butler. Two of the opponents for the 2014 iteration of the event are SMU, revealed earlier this spring by Mustangs coach Larry Brown, and Lamar, according to The Port Arthur News.

· Expansion brings even less balance to conference schedule: Adding Maryland and Rutgers to the league later this summer might bring a larger national footprint and new television markets, but it’ll bring far less balance to the conference basketball schedule. The league is staying at 18 conference games, which means each team will now play five opponents home-and-home and eight league foes either home or away only. The previous format was seven home-and-homes and four single plays, so it’s a considerable change.

What does it mean for Indiana next season?

– Home and Home: Michigan State, Maryland, Ohio State, Purdue and Rutgers
– Home only: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Penn State
– Away only: Illinois, Nebraska, Northwestern, Wisconsin

Wisconsin will be the heavy favorite to win the Big Ten and Indiana only plays the Badgers once, but the game is in Madison. Two of the away only games — Illinois and Nebraska — will also be tough considering both teams are expected to be as good, if not better, than they were a season ago. That’s balanced out a bit by drawing Iowa and Michigan only once with those contests at Assembly Hall. The home-and-home is a pretty fair mix as well with a couple of elite programs in Ohio State and Michigan State, the two new additions to the league and Purdue, a traditional rivalry that won’t always be played twice each year.

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  • Cm

    Welcome to the B1G Maryland. We remember 2002. It will be loud.

  • N71

    I like the Pitt game, not weak, not #1 either, good timing, good test. Adding Maryland is nice as well, really good program that brings interest. Louisville basically replaces UK with regards to level of challenge but won’t bring same atmosphere due to it being in NY.

  • Andrew Rosenberger

    After being at the Barclays center for the Legends Classic back in 2012, I can confidently say the IU fan base in the NYC area is substantial to say the least. It won’t be as raucous as assembly hall would have been, but there still will be a lot of people in cream and crimson there

  • marcusgresham

    1.) The B1G needs to divide into two divisions (NOT the Leaders & Legends–at least not using those names,) so that you never have a season where you don’t play your chief rival home-and-home.
    2.) The important part of the schedule may not be who is on it as much as who isn’t. We can already see there are a sufficient amount of games against top-notch opponents, but the as-yet-to-be-scheduled games cannot be against a slew of teams that couldn’t win the D-II tournament (i.e., Savannah St./pretty much anyone from the MEAC, Kennesaw St., Chicago St., North Florida, Samford–I do understand that one, giving a game to Seltzer— Bryant, etc.)
    3.) Should be good to get Rutgers twice. Northwestern just moved a peg up the food chain with their entry.

  • FinEndNow

    Heck yea we do!

  • N71

    Northwestern has been on the brink for a few years now and with their coach now getting his footing I’d forecast them as “on the rise”.

  • DRT

    I agree that we should never go a year without playing Purdue twice. But you don’t need arbitrary divisions to make that happen. Just more attention to the scheduling.

  • DRT

    I think they should expand the xroad classic. Take the Big 4 plus the other 4 best Indiana teams from the year before and do a 3 game tournament.

  • I agree, but as of now, the Big Ten hasn’t done anything to protect rivalries in basketball and it doesn’t appear to be a priority, either.

  • CreamandCrimson

    It’s true that protecting rivalries hasn’t been a priority but I initially read this to mean that basketball doesn’t appear to be a priority (and I think both are accurate). The times, they are a-changing…

  • Gregory Spera

    This latest expansion only reinforces the point that the B1G hierarchy has but one “priority”… $. Tradition means nothing. Market share is king.

  • Hoosier Hall

    I hope they don’t do away with the Crossroads either. Indiana basketball is sacred and we should always play the top teams in our state. I like your idea of a tournament too, IU, ND, Butler, Purdue, Evansville, Indiana St., Valpo, Ball St.. I realize not all of these teams are very good (or at least not consistently) but this would be better than playing Nicholls St. or Oakland.

  • DRT

    Exactly. If we’re going to play a cupcake why can’t it be IPFW? Probably get more competitive games too since there is a pride thing on the line.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Yup. Not to mention keeping the money in-state.

  • SCHoosier

    Huuummm..wouldn’t take much to lose three of the four “away only” conference games looking at the competition.

  • Snookafly

    What’s the story with the pre-season Montreal trip ths August? Is that still happening? I was thinking about going up for it.

  • aHoopandaPrayer


    Agree that the low-end needs to be better, but there clearly is NOT a sufficient amount of games against top-notch opponents.

    Magic Number is 5. See below. I’m a huge Crean and Glass fan but they’ve got to stop kidding themselves and get five real games on the schedule.

    Non-Conference: 4-2
    against SIX Teams in the top 120
    played Tennessee twice (7), Iowa (28), Cincy (23), Alabama (92), Wake (118)
    In-Conference: 10-8
    Result: NCAA

    Non-Conference: 3-2
    against FIVE Teams in the top 130
    played UNLV(91), Georgia Tech(109), Auburn(129), Oregon(29) and Mizz(78)
    In-Conference: 7-11
    Result: #2 seed in NIT

    Non-Conference: 1-3
    against FOUR Teams in the top 100
    played Washington(95), UCONN(8), Syracuse(16), Notre Dame(99)
    In-Conference: 7-11
    Result: Missed NIT

    Non-Conference: 2-2
    against FOUR Teams in the top 130
    played Arkansas(52), UVA(4), TA&M(121), Wyoming(128)
    In-Conference: 12-6
    Result: Missed NCAA

    Non-Conference: 1-3
    against FOUR Teams in the top 60
    played Arkansas(52), Syracuse(16), Dayton(38), Creighton(24)
    In-Conference: 10-8
    Result: Missed NCAA

    Get five legit non-con games on the schedule, go 3-2, be avg in a great conference…. make the NCAA.

  • marcusgresham

    You make a good point. I count four solid opponents at this point (Pitt, Butler, Louisville, SMU—not sold on Lamar,) so one more should be in there.
    I’d pick up someone in a fertile recruiting area for a home-and-home, and it doesn’t have to be a top-5 program, just someone solid—-maybe someone in the LA area (UCLA is an option with Alford, but even USC or a team like St. Mary’s would be interesting,) in Texas (A&M, maybe,) or a UMass from the northeast.

  • aHoopandaPrayer

    Agreed. Getting that home-and-home locked down is critical. Until that happens I think your right that a decent club in a respectable conference with a recruiting trip should be the goal.