Class of 2016 guard Quentin Goodin very high on IU

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When Yogi Ferrell committed to Indiana in November of 2010, the Hoosiers solidified a major need at the point guard position for the foreseeable future.

Ferrell has started in all 68 games he’s played in since arriving at Indiana in the fall of 2012. But with his career in Bloomington now halfway over, the search for a potential replacement in the 2015 or 2016 class is a necessity.

The Indiana staff made an early move to prioritize class of 2016 Taylor County (Ky.) guard Quentin Goodin, the No. 54 player nationally in that class according to the 247Composite.

IU’s pursuit of Goodin has remained steady since offering a scholarship in May of 2013 and that consistency has the Hoosiers in a good position ahead of June 15, the first day coaches can begin unlimited contact with class of 2016 prospects.

“We’re very high on Indiana. There’s no doubt about it. We are,” Goodin’s father, Chris, told Inside the Hall on Friday. “They really made him feel like he was definitely a priority at their school. They really made him feel like, ‘we really want you.'”

As a sophomore, the 6-foot-3 Goodin averaged 20.9 points, 6.9 rebounds, 5.8 assists and 2.9 steals as Taylor County finished 26-7. He was named second team all-state, all-5th region and to the 20th district all-tournament team.

Goodin has already been on multiple unofficial visits to Bloomington, including last February’s win over Michigan in which Ferrell scored 27 points and the Hoosiers upset the No. 10 Wolverines.

While some prospects are looking at June 15 as a date on which they can get a better grasp of which schools have serious interest, that’s not necessarily the case within the Goodin family.

“The thing for us is, we just like to know which schools are really interested,” Chris Goodin said. “And there are schools that have stayed in pretty constant contact whether it be through me or through our high school coach. There have been schools that have stayed in constant contact and we know who they are. And those are the people we really value their relationships and opinions and we’re really pretty high on their situations school wise.”

Goodin’s father was quick to point out that Indiana was among those schools and also mentioned Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, West Virginia and Butler as some of the other schools who have been in recent contact.

Later this week, Quentin and his father will take unofficial visits to Columbus and Ann Arbor. The Michigan visit will be for the school’s college practice camp, which will include several of the program’s top recruiting targets.

“We’re just looking forward to going in and doing some one-on-one’s with the coaching staffs. Trying to get to know those guys and trying to let those guys get to know us,” Chris Goodin said. “(We want to) find out exactly what it is that they’re looking for as far as the point guard position, what they’re looking for as far as Quentin is concerned and get the chance to see their facilities and maybe have an opportunity to see how their operation is run.”

The two in-state schools for Goodin, Louisville and Kentucky, have shown varying degrees of interest to this point. The Kentucky staff watched Goodin several times during the high school season and Louisville has shown some interest recently after the hiring of Kenny Johnson, who took over his recruitment following the departure of Kevin Keatts.

So far, neither school has offered a scholarship.

“They’re still quite a bit of interest there as far as Quentin is concerned,” Goodin’s father said. “We’ll just see how it materializes.”

This spring, Goodin had the opportunity to play in Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) for the first time after previously playing with Hoop Dreams, a smaller program based out of Lexington.

In the EYBL, Goodin played with the St. Louis Eagles, who are led by Jayson Tatum, a consensus top five recruit in the 2016 class. The Eagles finished just 5-11 in EYBL play, which wasn’t good enough to qualify for July’s Peach Jam, but it was a great learning experience for Goodin, who averaged 8.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game.

“It was really good for him. He got battle tested playing up in the 17’s,” Chris Goodin said. “That was tough in itself. And also playing with a guy like Jayson Tatum who is a high quality, high character, high profile, elite player, that was good for him, too.

“He’s never really been a high volume shooter, he’s never really felt like he has to take a bunch of shots, so that didn’t really bother him a lot as much as not being as consistent as he wanted to be when he did get his opportunities to take his shot.”

(Photo credit: Lexington Herald-Leader)

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  • Born&Bred2BleedHoosierCrimson

    Good size for the PG position and will probably only continue to grow. Based on stats alone, seems well rounded and a good rebounder for his position. After watching the video, I love the way he attacks the basket. Let’s keep our eye on him.

  • N71

    The “we’ll just see how it materializes” regarding UK and U of L doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy. Seems like they’re working to get a Big Ten offer and will jump ship if one of the 2 in-state schools offers. I’d prefer to be wrong I might add.

    The Indy area seems a little light on talent with the departure of Trey and Trevon. Gordon at North Central along with a couple others are high profile, as is the shooter (Guy) from Lawrence Central…are there any central Indiana, future 5-star guys with dreams of going to IU? Coleman would have been one but went up north.

  • Caleb Moore

    2016 still a bit of a ways off but I dont necessarily see any 5 star potential guys. Coleman (2015) is not one of your “dreams of going to IU” guys. Not sure what his dream school would be, but I’ve heard he’s close to both Michigan schools. If had dreams of going to IU he would have pulled the trigger long ago. Swanigan, with his move into 2015, has to be the top priority for IU in that class. With how well we’ve done with talented big men, I would think IU would at least be intriguing to him. I’m sure UL/UK/UM/MSU/OSU are all heavy after him as well, though.
    Right now I think the concensus is on a 3 man class. If I had to pick who I thought that might be today I would go Williams, Spalding, Conway. Taking both Conway and Williams probably doesnt help us with Goodin, but would help with Deron Davis down the line. I also think Illikainen is pretty high on IU as is Crawford, but losing KJ wont help us there. Overall, the good thing about the class is that IU has cast a wide net and it seems like a lot of these players have legit IU interest. If I could pick just one it’s Swanigan without a doubt.

  • PocketHoosier

    The thing I absolutely cannot fathom is why in-state kids don’t want to play for Indiana. I understand that the team’s last best success in 2002 was when they were still wetting the bed but it kills me every time top flight talent leaves the state without real justification (weren’t offered or their position was already accounted for on the roster)

    If the Devil would have offered, I would have sold my soul to have been good enough to wear “Indiana” across my chest.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I don’t know if they will end up being 5-star guys or if they have dreams of playing for IU but there is some talent currently considered “elite” in the Central Indianapolis area…Paul Scruggs, Zach Gunn and Kris Wilkes are all 2017 guys that played roles on their HS teams last season. They are expected to have prominent roles this season and IU has offered all of them.

    I can’t even begin to pretend like I’m at all concerned about things in the 2017 class though.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Guy seems legit but I hope we don’t have to wait until 2016 to land a PG. I was kind of hoping for someone in the 2015 class (Crawford, Conway, etc) to work behind Yogi for a year. Either way, he would be a nice addition.

  • N71

    I think Crean looks for parts to fit his system where Knight and previous IU and Purdue teams were made up of predominantly Indiana kids and then molded into what worked best for the talent at a given time but with some basics always in place (i.e. motion offense, etc.). I think that perhaps goes overlooked when evaluating Knight and how good he was. I’m certainly not saying out-of-state kids didn’t play a major role (i.e. Isaiah) either. It seemed like historically, Indiana and Purdue would have their pick with in-state kids and the left overs would make their way to a few other Big Ten schools (i.e. Jeff Moe at Iowa).

  • Gregory Spera

    Playing basketball for the Hoosiers does not have the caché that it used to. Indiana Basketball is no longer an “elite” program. We didn’t even get invited to the freaking NIT last year. We are in nobody’s preseason Top 25 for next year. I feel your pain. That was REALLY hard for me to come to terms with, also.

  • PocketHoosier

    And Ryan Cline just gave his verbal to Purdue

  • FinEndNow

    Video didnt show a single jump shot…..

  • HoosierGrampy

    In CTC’s up-tempo offense, I believe Doral Moore or Daniel Giddens would be much better additions than Caleb Swanigan. Both have IU on their “list”.

  • MK

    Because the fact that the best in-state talent once grew up dreaming of playing at IU is a myth at best. Maybe you, I, and every other kid who was never going to play on that level did, but if you look at the actual historical numbers of the top tier players, they play all over the country. We are still getting our fair share.

  • HoosierGrampy

    Although he did pass the rock on a couple breaks, he took it to the rack several times while overlooking teammates who were in better (closer) position to score…

  • PocketHoosier

    The program was “down” for a while between the ’53 championship and the ’73 Final Four and we all know that it came back strong after that.

    Winning breeds interest.

  • SCHoosier

    Ya program can “really want everybody.” Gonna offer who you like and hope you get them..offer 10 and maybe get two. Lot of schools looking for talent..hope the kid enjoys PU.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I’ve seen Ryan Cline play multiple times and I like his offensive game but if you look at his offers list, IU was hardly alone in holding out. Purdue was the only high-major school to offer. I might be in the minority with this opinion but I really don’t want to take lesser basketball players (I’m not saying that Cline is definitively a lesser player than whoever we end up with in 2015 but the staff clearly wasn’t all that high on him and I trust their evaluation skills over my own) just because they are from Indiana.

  • PocketHoosier

    That’s pretty close to a comment I made on the subject elsewhere.

    Here it is verbatim:

    “From remarks, Cline has indicated that he thinks of himself more as an overall player where his reputation to this point has been earned as a dead eye. He took a visit to Bloomington and “said all the right things” after the visit, indicating that he feels about IU the way “every kid in Indiana does.” My hunch is that Indiana would have loved to add his shooting from the bench but didn’t see him as a starting guard they could build around. Purdue is a bit more desperate foranyone in the back court who can put the ball into the basket, so they went harder after him.”

  • PocketHoosier

    “Maybe you, I, and every other kid who was never going to play on that level did”

    Nah. I was “close to” good enough…about 3 years too late; hardly “never” though.

  • MK

    sounds like never to me

  • PocketHoosier

    You’re probably right. Big Ten practice squad was as high as I got. My defense was what killed me.

  • Born&Bred2BleedHoosierCrimson

    May I ask what Big Ten practice squad you were a part of? Hell, I would have loved to just practice a day with a Big Ten team. I had a little skill but was unathletic and only 6’3 lol.

  • N71

    I had not seen or heard that from Coach Knight, interesting to say the least. Perhaps I need to back off my “get Indiana kids” position.

  • PocketHoosier

    lol I would totally tell you if I could PM it.
    It was *not* the Hoosiers. “Wherever it was” I never practiced against the starters.

  • Born&Bred2BleedHoosierCrimson

    Fair enough, still cool you had that opportunity. (Even if it wasn’t with our beloved Hoosiers)

  • PocketHoosier

    When the program imploded with Sampson, I was distraught that I was 6 years older than I am. I definitely would have transferred back to IU for even the slimmest hope that I could have walked on for Crean.

  • Caleb Moore

    I dont disagree. I would gladly take any of them. hahaha Just from the standpoint of not seeing the 2nd elite PF in two years leave Indiana to go play in Kentucky is why I lean Big Swani. If we missed on him and got Giddens or Moore that is just fine by me. I like Spalding/Illikainen/etc too, but those guys arent Swannigan. He’s a Big Ten ready body inside from Day 1 and has some nice skill. Thon Maker has moved into 2015 now…..who wants to be the next Hoosier in the NBA Draft lottery? I think Thon and Big Swani both do! HAHA!

  • MK

    I’m just messin around. We all coulda made it. Or so i tell myself when I’m day dreaming

  • PocketHoosier

    Everyone has a “what might have been” story; not many people are willing to go out on a limb and tell any details of theirs. I got cut in high school due to small town petty politics related to a 30 year old grudge against my dad; I thought about transferring high schools to play but school was more important and I loved working with my teachers. I was going to try to play the AAU circuit without playing high school because I could always shoot and I had legitimate range from the “volleyball stripe”, but I broke my shooting elbow rollerblading and that dream was pretty much shot before it got off the ground. I transferred from Indiana to Purdue to become an engineer, and spent hours every day playing ball in the Co-Rec. That’s obviously “Y” level basketball at best, but a couple of walk-ons saw me one game pull down a rebound and make a baseball pass endline to endline hitting the runner in stride (score), saw me dive out of bounds into the gallery of spectators to save a ball then jump up, run downcourt to hit a trailing 3 from the wing, and saw me drain a catch and shoot out of bounds fallaway 180º three from the corner (a “Reggie Miller shot”).

    That got me an invite to a Big Ten practice squad. I wasn’t able to do anything with the opportunity.

  • Born&Bred2BleedHoosierCrimson

    I hear you buddy. My sophmore year, I had the most varsity quarters logged out of all the other sophmores and most juniors for that matter. Started as a junior…then senior year we got a new coach and he just really didn’t like me…ended up I got cut. It really sucked and wasn’t fair, but that’s life. I love ball more today than I did yesterday and I’ll say the same thing tomorrow. Sorry for the personal rant, thought I’d share since our stories our somewhat related.

  • PocketHoosier

    This comment will be up for about 2 minutes. I’m putting this up as a personal comment to you.

  • marcusgresham

    Giddens just looks intimidating. He’s built like Dwight Howard (hope he has a better attitude.)