Yogi Ferrell, Stanford Robinson arrested by state excise police

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Indiana basketball players Yogi Ferrell and Stanford Robinson were arrested early Friday morning by the Indiana State excise police and preliminarily charged with minor consumption of an alcoholic beverage and possession of a false identification.

Here’s the full release issued by the Indiana State excise police:

Indiana State Excise Police officers arrested two members of the Indiana University Men’s Basketball team early this morning. Kevin D. Ferrell, 20, of Indianapolis, and Stanford B. Robinson, 18, of Landover, Maryland, were each preliminarily charged with Minor Consumption of an Alcoholic Beverage and Possession of a False Identification.

At approximately 1:00 am, Ferrell and Robinson allegedly attempted to enter Kilroy’s Sports Bar located at 319 North Walnut using false identifications. Indiana State Excise Police officers working inside the premise recognized the identifications to be false at that time.

Ferrell and Robinson were each issued summonses and released. The two will be required to appear in Monroe County Court on Sunday, April 27th at 8:30 am.

As the enforcement division of the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, the primary mission of the Indiana State Excise Police is to promote public safety by enforcing Indiana’s Alcoholic Beverage Code. While excise officers have the authority to enforce any state law, they focus primarily on alcohol, tobacco and related laws.

All criminal defendants are to be presumed innocent until, and unless, proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

You can also view the release in PDF format, with “Ferrell” spelled incorrectly, here.

The Little 500 takes place this weekend, culminating one of the biggest party weeks of the year in Bloomington.

As of Friday afternoon, Ferrell, who will turn 21 on May 9, had removed his Twitter account.

Ferrell and Robinson become the second and third IU players to be arrested since February. Sophomore Hanner Mosquera-Perea was booked on Feb. 14 with two Class A misdemeanors: Operating While Intoxicated Endangering a Person and Operating a Vehicle with an Alcohol Concentration Equivalent to .15 or More.

5:16 p.m. Update: Here are statements from Crean, Ferrell and Robinson:

Tom Crean
“We are aware of the two infractions with a couple of the guys on our team. One of our big problems on the court this year was solid decision making, which directly mirrors our lack of decision making off the court. We had too many players that had a maturity problem all year and that maturity has not grown yet to where it needs to be. This isn’t about a time of year or a special week on campus. This is about poor judgment, selfishness of actions, and disrespect for what this program stands for. We will continue as we have all year to push the responsibility of what it means to play in this basketball program and to represent yourself beyond reproach. We have been successful in doing that in the past and will continue to demand those same principles.”

Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell
“I apologize for letting down my family, coaches, teammates and fans and truly regret the mistake I made. This is something I have to learn from, use better judgement and I have a responsibility as a leader on this team to make sure nothing like this happens again.”

Stanford Robinson
“I’m very sorry for my actions. I know I have embarrassed my family and this program and have let a lot of people down. I have no excuses for the mistakes I made and I take full responsibility for them.”

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  • hardly

    thank goodness they didn’t get the ‘how to score against a zone’ test

  • hardly

    minor consumption at a private party is one thing….IU bball players seriously thinking they can get away with fake IDs is premeditated dumbness.

  • Brian Goodman

    The thing is it’s not even a dumb decision… we should have no problem with them wanting to go to the bars during Little 5

  • hoosierfan2336

    Ladies and gentlemen your 2014-15 team captain. At least they didn’t drive anywhere and cause potential to hurt somebody. But I’m sure crean will be just as hard on these guys like he was on Perea. Oh wait…

  • hoosierfan2336

    well we did look pretty much invisible during the second half of most games this year.

  • OhioHoosier

    That is ridiculous

  • OhioHoosier

    Weeklong boozefest lol

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    Must have been a career setting weekend for Indiana excise police. My son, who is under 21, went to a Little 500 party on Friday, drank 2 beers and then was in a car that got pulled over at a sobriety checkpoint. No he was not driving, in fact, he and his friend had a designated driver. My son, who was in the backseat, was given a breathalyzer tested .02 (I saw reading on ticket myself) and was given a citation for illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor. He had to show up on Sunday at “court”, was basically strong armed into choosing the deferral program, had to pay $500 on the spot, then spend 4 hours cleaning up after Little 500 with hundreds of other ticketed individuals, and at 5 pm he had to attend a 4 hour alcohol education program. Wow, that is what I call extreme. He was wrong in drinking 2 beers, but he did things responsibly. It was hard for me to say too much as I had a couple of beers as an undergrad at IU. So his Little 500 experience became my Big $$500 problem. BTW, he did not mention bumping into Yogi and Stan there! I wonder if they gave breathalyzers to all under 21 attendees at the Little 5?

  • EdgarAllenPoor

    Yogi is no different than any other young man on campus looking to have a bit of fun.
    BUT I can only hope Yogi withdraws from the team or goes to the NBA D_league or decides to concentrate on his studies and transfers to Purdue. Then, perhaps, IU will find a point guard who doesn’t dribble until the shot clock expires.

    AND, CTC , resigns.
    AND, an NBA coach takes over at IU.

  • CreanFaithful

    First off, I 100% disagree with any assessment of Yogi being “me first.” I think he did what he was told to do this year and did it exceptionally well… But assuming Yogi was me first this last season (still disagree), how in the world was he me first as a freshman???

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Hi CreanFaithful. I know my opinion is the minority opinion. I also know my expectations for the leader of IU men’s basketball are high. I also know its a tough position for a young man to grow and succeed in.

    Anyway, I would invite you to consider some of the issues that I have. Here are a few Q’s and my opinions afterwards (you’ll reject them all, I’m guessing):

    1. Is he unwilling to represent IU? …gets arrested. Even if he didn’t, don’t we now live in the age of everyone having a camera and instant upload to the internet?

    Opinion: To me, the days of “hey everyone did it” are over and that goes for me as well as all of us pretty much all the time. We expect all of our college age students to have clean facebook, twitter, etc. pages…YF just can’t be out at a bar because pictures and videos will be everywhere. Simple as that. Nothing more than we expect for all college kids these days.

    2. Is he a selfish defender? Does he help his teammates defend or watch?

    I see a lot of hands down, standing, watching. I don’t see lots of help defense. Some effort, not genuine, but that’s my opinion.

    3. Does he ever bother to hassle the opposing point guard as he dribbles upcourt and calls plays?

    I’ve never seen him do anything but go through the motions. Makes it easy for teams to call plays and get into their offense. Puts pressure on his teammates.

    4. Does he take charge of bringing the ball upcourt when there is full court pressure?

    I’ve seen him opt to pass to the off guard time and time again. I think its his responsibility.

    5. Why does he dribble in one place and point so much? To embarrass his teammates? To show he’s in charge?

    I simply can’t process that ALL his teammates are that unaware of the sets and movements. I just view it as him putting his teammates in a bind at the end of shot clocks. Crean did bench him for a stretch during the season. Little was made of it.

    6. Exactly what was the issue that he would seldom pass to NV in the post? YF dribbled in one place, waiting while NV worked and worked.

    Tough for me to call that team play and leadership.

    7. Does he dribble/penetrate to help a teammate?

    Looked to me like his teammates needed to bail him out more often than not. Not team play.

    8. In his first year, last two games I think he scored 0 points. Why didn’t he shoot a few outside shots to keep the defenses honest?

    CZ and IU needed him to shoot a few outside shots so CZ and others could operate inside. He refused. A team player would have shot, even if, as a freshman, he was so scared he shot an airball. Helping teammates comes first.

    9. Hopefully he’ll improve his 3 point % (equal to U of Michigan’s team average).

    Better shot selection in a team oriented set might help.

    I guess, as I watched IU play last year, I saw a bunch of solid young men passing, moving, picking each other off the floor…just helping one another as best they could…except for YF…always kind of playing to his own tune. I just didn’t see many plays (offense of defense) where I sensed that YF was trying to help a teammate excel. …just take a look at how noncommittal he is on almost all his cuts on offense…not exactly helping his teammates, was he?

    And CreanFaithful, I do have a Q for you:
    Who do you think Crean is referring to when he says the spirit of the team/teammates isn’t where it needs to be????? Don’t you think YF is the centerpiece of that issue? If not, who is? If YF is, how can he lead?

    I’m an IU fan and want to see the guys grow and succeed. But I like effort and team play. I want to see a lot more of it from YF. He’s skating by on his natural talent to the detriment of the team. I’m not alone in thinking that if he were on the San Antonio Spurs he’d be at the end of the bench, regardless of his abilities. His D lacks effort and his O isn’t inspired. Neither is particularly team oriented. A coach like popovich would put him on ice.

    I expect crean to put the ball, and team, in the hands of JBJ this coming year. YF can be the wildcard on the weakside, offensively. Just not IU’s primary playmaker. Defensively, crean should wear YF out playing D on opposing point guards. If he can’t do that, set him on the end of the bench for a couple years.