Could Temple transfer Anthony Lee be a fit for IU?

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About a year ago, Christian Watford’s block in the round of 32 helped seal Indiana’s win over Temple as the Hoosiers advanced to the Sweet 16 for the second straight season.

The Temple player Watford blocked, 6-foot-9 forward Anthony Lee, is now leaving that program and is one of the first significant graduate transfers to emerge this spring.

The graduate transfer has become a major part of spring recruiting in college basketball as it allows players who have graduated to seek immediately eligibility at another program. For programs seeking an immediate contributor, it can be a better alternative to reaching for a lower rated player or a JUCO prospect.

Indiana has had experience pursuing graduate transfers in recent years. The Hoosiers recruited Garrett Green, who ultimately picked San Diego State before the 2011-2012 season. And after Maurice Creek and Remy Abell left the program last spring, Indiana added Evan Gordon from Arizona State.

Given that Indiana continues to recruit frontcourt players for the class of 2014 with the likely departure of Noah Vonleh to the 2014 NBA Draft, it makes sense that Lee could get a look from any program in need of frontcourt help.

The left-handed forward is originally from Maryland, but his family now resides in the Quad Cities in Iowa.

So what kind of player is he?

As a junior for the Owls, he averaged 13.6 points and 8.6 rebounds per game. His efficiency numbers weren’t great (49.7 effective field goal percentage), but his ability to finish and rebounding numbers are that of a player who can certainly help.

Lee was eighth in the American Athletic Conference in offensive rebounding percentage (10.9) and third in defensive rebounding percentage (20.2).

To get a better feel for how he gets his points, we enlisted the help of our friends at Shot Analytics:


As you can see, Lee is very strong around the basket, which is where most of his 309 field goal attempts last season came from. He’s got very light usage with solid results near the top of the paint, but his bread and butter is inside.

Nearly 76 percent of his field goal attempts came from inside the paint, where he shot 56 percent overall. He shot just 25 percent in the midrange and 33 percent on 3s (with only three attempts).

Obviously, there’s a ways to go here as news of Lee’s departure from Temple just became known this morning. Reports suggest that Owls coach Fran Dunphy will grant him his release and he’ll have one year of eligibility remaining assuming he moves onto a school that offers a graduate program not offered at Temple.

Indiana’s options in the class of 2014 include Josh Cunningham, Yante Maten and Marvin Clark with other names sure to pop up, but with his size and experience, it might be hard to find a player more ready to contribute right away than Lee.

Update, 6:48 p.m.: Jeff Goodman of reports that several schools have already expressed interest in Lee, including Iowa State, Illinois, Marquette, Indiana, Louisville, Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, USC, Miami, Pittsburgh and North Carolina State.

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  • Ole Man

    Now that would be a sight to see! LOL!

  • Snookafly

    It sounds like he’d fit our system perfectly.

  • BlakeD1223

    If he watched Noah Vonleh rarely get the ball this year inside then I’m pretty sure he won’t want to come here.

  • Alford Bailey

    Well, I like one about as much as the other:)

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Flipping Luke Fischer!!!

    I talked all off-season about Luke and how I thought he would turn out to be the prize of that recruiting class, and now watch, he’ll go to Marquette and turn into a 13/8 big man for them for 2-3 years!

    I just can’t get over that transfer and I’m a little bitter about it as a former college athlete myself. I was homesick and I was miserable for a semester and a half and then I settled in and began to love life! The difference is that my parents told me “NO WAY” when I mentioned coming home. I was raised that you live out a commitment you make because if you quit once you’ll be a quitter the rest of your life!

    Wish those same principles were taught to today’s youth!

  • SCHoosier

    The advantage of a grad student is that it would give IU some immediate help with experience where its needed (down low)…while freeing TC to really go after one of the good players on a long list of #5 prospects in the 2015 class. TC can honestly say..u sign..chances are you start..altho that would have to be earned.

  • JG

    That’s why he’s unlikely to go to IU. He didn’t leave Temple where he was playing the entire game to play 15-20 minutes. Yeah, competition and all that, but it’s not like we played a bunch of nobodies in the AAC and all of our games were on ESPN/2/U. He’s going to a place where he doesn’t have to play center and can play 25+ minutes a game.

  • I’m covering my eyes AND plugging my nose.

  • Ole Man

    ROFL, Travis! Goggles! Don’t forget to wear goggles!

  • kaponya44

    Is it just me or did IU end up on someone’s Twitter following …..Ill try to find his handle ..Somebody ,anybody help me find it 😀 I saw a link -with the link to his twitter on facebook earlier and clicked it but had to log off because my kid started screaming .

  • kaponya44

    Try looking elsewhere and harder 😉 Perhaps Twitter for instance …..

  • kaponya44

    I am with you and I read up so I feel increasingly confident.

  • kaponya44

    We are 100% on his radar….Saw it with my own eyes.

  • kaponya44

    I am not confident in your opinion on Lee/IU but I defer on knowing his game .. Thank you for posting ..Just sayin’ …….

  • JG

    I think you’re overstating the religious aspect a bit. I wouldn’t say Fran Dunphy isn’t religious, but I’m sure out of high school Anthony had the opportunity to play for a head coach who used religion as a foundation for his lessons as a coach. Maybe it’s because we’re a state school and it would upset the status quo, I dont know.

    I know personally and philosophically religion is important to Anthony, but I wouldn’t say it would supersede going to a place that is a better fit for him professionally.

  • JG

    Well think about it logically. Why would he leave to play bench/6th man minutes? If he wanted to do that, he could go to Kentucky. He’s looking to play major minutes in a power conference. 15-20 minutes a game doesn’t accomplish his goal.

  • kaponya44

    Unless they are scared to shoot in college the open looks will be there with our ability to penetrate..Had there been someone other than Yogi consistently hitting enough 3’s to kick it out to this year would likely have been a lot different ..The Freshmen being able to utilize their shooting right away will revolve around whether or not they can contribute to our offense without detracting from our defense.That will be key.

    Getting open looks from outside was hardly an issue in 2013-14 but taking(or passing up) and making(or rather failing to make) the open shot were frequent problem when opponents clogged it up and dared us….I doubt it will be any harder next season even without Noah …..A lot of turnovers came after passing up good outside looks for the drive.Until someone other than Yogi becomes feared for making shots on the perimeter in college games I see teams thinking they can dare the newcomers to hit 3’s..

  • kaponya44

    Who said he would only have an opportunity at 15-20 minutes per game ..If you stated 25+ is what he wants who says it wont be there .I just watched a tumultuous season for this program from beginning to end and I saw no reason to entitle anyone not named Yogi to more time than you suggest.No reason to rule out more time to anyone who could come out do what we likely have up front should Noah leave .Like I said Ill defer on knowing the guys game but I am not stating an opinion in saying Lee has some reasonable level of interest I.

  • JG

    IU runs their program the same way Temple does; nothing is guaranteed and you have to earn your time. I think in this case, Anthony wants someone to guarantee his minutes. I’m sure he feels that he has earned playing time even if that means somewhere else.

    The big issue with IU is that one of the reasons he is leaving Temple is we played him out of position. Fran Dunphy is a very poor recruiter and especially struggles to recruit centers. Because of that, Anthony was needed to play the 5. He is not a 5. He is looking to play somewhere with an established center, and that doesn’t mean Jurkin. I would imagine Vonleh is gone.

  • kaponya44

    I see where you are coming from and it makes sense so we shall find out. Crean is not always conventional with the “5” spot.I am just saying I am sure Lee is interested to some extent .Lee may not ultimately think IU will work but we are on his radar as of now.

  • ForeverIU

    Saw this tweet from Troy:

    Troy Williams ???
    [email protected]
    Just talked to my mans @antlee_3 ! Hopefully we get him to IU! #HoosierNation get him to #iubb !

  • Da Doctor

    Iowa State leads. He’s seen Crean’s coaching, or lack there of and will not be a Hoosier. Sorry.

  • Da Doctor

    Tom Crean “uses” religion when it benefits him. A false profit is still a false profit.

  • Da Doctor

    Well, with James Blackmon coming in, and with him playing no defense either, someone’s going to have to score a lot of points for the Hoosiers. Sounds like a “Crean type player”.

  • JG

    lol thanks

  • JG

    It doesn’t take a Temple fan to see that Crean doesn’t seem genuine.