Film Session: The Illini’s run

  • 03/17/2014 7:48 am in

After issues defending the ball screens for Abrams, the Hoosiers sink back into a 2-3 zone. Noah Vonleh has scored on the other end to halt the Illini’s 11-0 run. Indiana does a nice job to start, as the Illini can only muster up a contested 3-pointer late in the shot clock:


But Egwu gets a hand on the rebound and Jon Ekey saves it from going out of bounds back up top. The Illini will have another chance to put the ball in the hole:


Nunn has the ball on the left wing as both Egwu and Ekey look to set a screen:


Ekey and Egwu flare out left and Egwu calls for Nunn to pass it to Ekey behind him:


He sets the screen on Vonleh on some rub action and Ekey’s got plenty of space:


He rises and hits to put the Illini up seven:


By the Hoosiers allowing a second opportunity, the Illini were able to overload one side of the zone, hit and keep some distance between themselves and IU.


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