Robert Johnson shines on senior night at Benedictine

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Wednesday evening held a lot of importance for future Indiana guard Robert Johnson.

The 6-foot-3 Benedictine Prep (Va.) standout was one of six seniors honored at senior night for the Cadets and on the court, Johnson led his team to its 23rd win, an 81-64 triumph over Pope John Paul the Great (Va.).

Johnson scored a game-high 26 points and added 12 rebounds and five assists with Tom Crean and Kenny Johnson in attendance at Memorial Gymnasium.

He hit 10 of his 18 shots from the field, including 4-of-7 from behind the 3-point arc.

“Robert had the challenge of being the only returning starter this year from a state championship team that graduated four division I guys,” Benedictine coach Ryan Marable told Inside the Hall. “He has embraced that challenge not only statistically by carrying much of the scoring and rebounding loads while guarding the other teams best player night in and night out, but also by providing leadership and guidance to our guys on a daily basis in practices and games.”

Through 27 games, Johnson is averaging 24.4 points, 6.2 rebounds and 3.1 assists.

His efficiency has also been impressive as the future Hoosier boasts an effective field goal percentage of 54.7 and has just 59 turnovers despite shouldering a heavy load as both a scorer and distributor.

Perhaps even more importantly is the leadership role that Johnson has embraced as a senior which could make an immediate impact in Bloomington this summer when he arrives on campus.

“In terms of our program over the last two years, Robert has represented our school with class and character while on and off the court,” Marable said. “His positive attitude, work ethic and character is contagious and will be harder to replace than his basketball ability, but we are all so proud that he will be able to represent our program and school in the future at Indiana and beyond.”

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  • ForeverIU

    Milla you don’t tell a joke and then tell people it’s a joke. A good joke speaks for itself. Plus, you got more up-votes than down-votes, so somebody got your humor, or the tragi-humor. You’re not a down-vote virgin, are you?

  • Dennis

    I live in Richmond and have been to quite a few of his games this year. He is a great kid. Great attitude and very polite. Have spoken to the AD at the school several times about upcoming games, and he gushes about him as a student, a leader, and a good friend to all his teammates. He’s a fun player to watch and I’ve seen him make some amazing plays. He always plays under control and he plays smart and involves his teammates. And he’s excited about coming to Bloomington next year.

    Just an all-around solid kid and basketball player. Can’t wait to see him play for us next year.

  • N71

    that triggered a chuckle

  • HoosierGrampy

    I believe you’ll see Noah wearing candy stripes again for the 2014-15 season.

  • N71

    I see our having a 4 guard approach (Yogi, Stan, Robert, and James), all capable of ball handling and setting up the “weave”, running the break, and shooting. The defense should, in theory, always be on its heels with those 4.

  • CreamandCrimson

    That certainly could happen…it would be a complete flip in terms of what we would excel at on the court. We’d go from a lack of ball-handlers to having a lot of them. A lack of shooters to being a real threat from deep. On the downside, we’d go from being a really good rebounding team to a suspect one…the option you present is definitely one we could (and maybe should) see some of.


    Comparing the impact we think he will make to the impact that SR has made only in a different way is a really good comparison. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that he will have a little bit more of an impact than what SR has had, if for no other reason than simply because he will have more and better parts surrounding him that what SR has had this year…..but not inching out there without knocking on the wood that that limb is made out of first. LOL

  • gman

    And count me as a down as well…

  • Laffy

    Don’t forget Stan the Man.

    I’ll take 4 guards like that every day of the week. Attack, attack, attack.

    Hope Vonleh realizes he could have a monster season next years and comes back.

  • HoosierFan76
  • IUJeff

    Hopefully Yogi changes to a facilitator instead of a me-first PG. I know, I know we needed him to be that way this year. I still think it caused others to not develop their shots, and caused chemistry issues.

  • IUJeff

    If Yogi moves to more of a facilitator role.

  • IUJeff

    You are right to some extent. Yogi was a little selfish this year IMO. Remember how he would never pass to AE early on when he was wide open?
    Yogi refused to help AE gain confidence in his shot and that in turn, hurt the team.

  • IUJeff

    Great to hear Dennis. We need some kids that can bring back some fun to IU.

  • calbert40

    I think that he would, if it was warranted. He was solid in that role last year. I don’t think he will need to drop his point production that much, though.

  • Hoosier Hall

    And Devin Robinson… it’s cool though, we got Blackmon!

  • Hoosier Hall

    Higher shooting percentages, no need for offensive rebounds when you make all your shots! Lol!

  • Alford Bailey



    Agree. Think RJ will be able to transition his D better than the other two. With a lot of the aspects of his & JBJ’s game being pretty similar defense may end up being what determines which one sees the most minutes.

  • Shaggy_C

    That was the feedback from his coaches – they thought his shooting ability was his calling card, followed by passing.

    All I know is that next year cannot possibly be as difficult to watch given the number of shooters we should have on the floor. Who knows, maybe with all of the ‘grind it out’ games we had to play this year, our defense will be so established that even mediocre output on the offensive end will have us winning by 15, 20 points on a regular basis.

  • Alford Bailey

    I didn’t know all that happened. Also hard to believe Hanner was thought of as a top 25 recruit at one time.

  • Seriously didn’t think you’d ‘dis’ this year’s team like that…

  • I couldn’t really call that humor.. Milla Really thought you were better than that. If that’s humor, don’t quit your day job. Ten thousand comedians out of work, and you’re tryin’ to be funny? Hahaha…

  • Me too.. there’s humor and then there’s that…

  • Now I can see some humor in that…

  • Alford Bailey

    Nice story in the Indy Star on JBJ today.

  • HoosierFan76

    Early in the recruiting process, HMP was rated much higher because of his extreme athleticism. Once he progressed through HS, others passed him up due to their more refined basketball skills. Troy Williams was also once rated in the top 10 of the 2013 recruiting class for that same reason.

  • MillaRed

    Wow. Good for you man.

  • HoosierFan76

    Hanner was once rated a top 25 recruit based on his extreme athleticism. For the same reason, Troy was also once rated a top 10 recruit. They both have things to learn and work through to round out their game, but I do think that both of them can still be very good players.

  • William Hagenmaier

    who wanted johnny marlin????

  • Candy Striped Kid

    “I don’t always tell jokes, but when I do, its NEVER about Indiana basketball”. – World’s Most Interesting Man đŸ˜€

  • achurt

    I seriously can’t believe you wouldn’t want to dis them.
    This team is terrible, and massively disappointing.
    So many super sensitive people on this thing… sheesh.

  • achurt

    I expect he will handle it something like this…
    Instruct the guards to dribble around aimlessly, and occasionally drive the baseline, jump in the air and make a desperation pass to the wing. Also, to avoid passing the ball to the post if we have an elite post player.

  • William Hagenmaier

    depends if noah comes back

  • Maybe I over reacted, but.. What if Robert Johnson reads that post and doesn’t think it’s funny? It’s not laughable humor.. I am more concerned with the possible dislike by one of the recruits from a post like that. In general, I really like your posts a lot. Probably, some of the best on this site.. I just didn’t care for that one JMO.

  • Yes, well in reading most of your posts, you sound like a troll…, buddy…. ( I would’ve rather used the word ‘Jerk’ but was afraid they’d delete the post)….

  • William Hagenmaier

    What about johnny marlin????

  • hagster

    what does tom think of that idea David???????

  • David Macer

    No idea Hags. 2014-15 is going to be another interesting year. Full of hope and despair, highs and lows. We are only 3 1/2 months away from games in early November.