Indiana’s win over Illinois ‘a big confidence builder’

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After Indiana’s 56-46 win over Illinois (13-8, 2-6) on Sunday afternoon in which the Hoosiers shot only 40.8 percent from the field and got only four points from freshman Noah Vonleh, Indiana (13-7, 3-4) coach Tom Crean was asked whether he thought his team could have won with those numbers earlier this season.

“For lack of thinking about it deeper, I would say probably no,” he replied.

After all, the Hoosiers had similar numbers in their 59-58 loss to Connecticut earlier this year, when they shot an identical 40.8 percent and got zero points from Vonleh. And in games this season, before Sunday, that the Hoosiers have scored less than 60 points, they were 0-4.

Crean did not even need to look further back than 26 days earlier, when Indiana and Illinois played in Champaign, Ill., in their Big Ten opener. That game, the Hoosiers allowed 83 points and turned the ball over 23 times in an overtime loss.

On Sunday, though, Crean spoke after a victory in which the Hoosiers showed the grit they didn’t even have earlier this season. Against Illinois, Indiana scored less than 60 points, yet allowed the fewest points in a Big Ten game in Crean’s tenure — the fewest since a 65-43, Jan. 23, 2008, win against Iowa.

“I think a lot of us have a better sense of how each of us are going to play, where we’re going to be out on the court,” sophomore Yogi Ferrell said. “We’re definitely trusting each other a lot more, I feel like, than we did before.”

The Hoosiers credit that newly-gained trust simply due to games played as a team. They have been in low-scoring struggles before, and they have also been in back-and-forth battles, epitomized by recent wins at Penn State and against then-No. 3 Wisconsin.

Before Illinois, they weren’t able to execute as consistently in a low-scoring affair. And in the first half against the Illini, the Hoosiers turned the ball over eight times and shot only a 39.6 effective field goal percentage, barely holding a 26-24 edge.

In the second half, however, Indiana found that offensive efficiency it had been lacking all along. Behind 15 Ferrell points, the Hoosiers shot a 48.0 eFG% and turned the ball over only five times. And in continuing to build its identity of getting the ball into the paint, despite perhaps a slower pace, Indiana had 14 points in that category in the second half alone.

“Where a week ago we might have tried to force the issue a little bit, we might have gotten stagnant, today we continued to have great movement,” Crean said. “We continued to play out of corners. We continued to make the next pass. We didn’t force action, turnovers.”

As Indiana built its confidence on offense, its defense kept the team ahead. Utilizing a mix of defenses, including a 2-3 zone that Ferrell says works “great” for the Hoosiers, Indiana held Illinois to an 18-for-54 clip from the field and a 5-for-23 mark from beyond the arc.

And even with all those misses, the Illini had only four offensive rebounds on the afternoon. Though this season they average a 33.7 offensive rebounding percentage, on Sunday, their percentage was only 10.8.

Vonleh, despite scoring only four points, had 11 defensive rebounds and led the Hoosiers’ defensive effort in allowing zero second-chance points.

“Us being young isn’t a factor at all,” Ferrell said. “It just comes down to us being patient, really. We’ve got to have more of a defensive mindset.”

Indiana’s players have been hearing the same message from Crean all season: play smarter and play hard. On Sunday, the Hoosiers did just that. “Games like this exponentially raise their confidence level,” Crean said.

And with 11 games remaining on the regular season schedule — seven of those against teams with a conference record at or below .500 — the Hoosiers have plenty more opportunities to build on Sunday’s success.

“It just gives us confidence knowing we’re right there (in the Big Ten), and win a few more games, and we’ll be right in the mix,” sophomore Austin Etherington said. “I think that’s a big confidence builder for us as a team to go and move forward on it.”

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  • THRyan

    It seems to me that iu is on an upward trend (easy to say after a win I know). Improvement isn’t linear, and we had head scratcher games the previous two seasons too. The emergence of ae and Howard as hustle guys off the bench gives us a toughness that was lacking. Stan could become our #3 scoring option (that guy gets to the rim). And Jeremy and Troy seem more productive with smaller roles. It’s a fragile season and next week we could be talking about how it all fell apart (like Illinois is now), but I see some light at the end of this interesting season.

  • IUfanToby

    I think our biggest issue this year is the lack of a true 2 guard that can stretch the floor. This team is going to be a force next year with RJ and JB coming in, and an offseason for the rest of the team. Really hoping for more out of HMP next year too.

  • THRyan

    I thought it was an interesting experiment essentially starting 3 small forwards to play the 2,3,4 spots. It didn’t ultimately work out because will, troy, and Jeremy are too similar of players (not the same but similar). None of them were an effective 2 guard offensively. Stan is a better fit because he can beat other 2 guards off the dribble and is a tough defender. the addition of some good shooters next year will complement their emphasis on playing inside-out that they are learning this year.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I’ve said it a few times lately. I can no longer blame the lack of offense on the coach because I’m watching their offense move without the ball, set screens, cut to the basket, get open or semi-contested layups, get open jump shots, and . . . . simply miss shots!

    You can improve shooting over time (ala VO) but it’s not possible to teach someone to shoot overnight and that’s what this team would need; someone to wake up tomorrow with a jumper and able to knock down big shots! It ain’t gonna happen, but at least they play hard defensively and rebound the ball well so they’ll stay in a lot of games!

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    Completely agree on the travel comment.

    Often, tt seems like the referees just don’t quite understand the complexities involving this little thing called a pivot foot…..

  • SCHoosier

    Exactly right..and while I’d like to see him take some jumpers around the key..he’s do damn good on t he boards that taking those shots probably eliminates him from rebounding for the most it is what it is I guess.

  • kbb247

    SCHoosier and Adam, I am not advocating for Hanner to get 20 minutes. I think 8-12 is about where he needs to be. Just MO. I will say again that I have no idea how HMP, JH, or Howard look in practice. JH particularly has had a very long leash. I do not agree with taking a guy out who just made a good play. IMO a good play should earn you a few more minutes, not a trip to the bench. Howard probably played as well as he is capable of Sunday. Nothing wrong with that, and agree that Howard does deserve a few mintues (4-5). It is a risk vs. reward thing with HMP. I think if he plays well he can give us way more than Howard, but he can also give us a lot less than Howard, if he plays poorly. HMP is a hard guy to figure out for a coach. It can go really well, or it could be a train wreck. I will say this, Howard is the safe play, because you pretty much know what you are getting with him.

  • David Macer

    The refs did call a lot of blocking fouls when UI would jump our dribbler. That contact would not have been called at all last year.

  • David Macer

    Howard’s tip-in was pretty amazing. Almost Pritch like !!!

  • David Macer

    But Milla, they scream the loudest and we buy into it !!!!

  • David Macer

    Dawson played against IU. Didn’t play in MSU’s next game.