Film Session: Good take, bad take

  • 01/23/2014 8:56 am in

Here’s one in the second half that doesn’t go so well. Robinson passes to Hollowell in some more weave action:


Hollowell looks to take advantage of an apparent mismatch with Kenny Kaminski and tries to go around him right. On the other side of the court, Devin Davis has set a screen for Evan Gordon and he’s coming across the lane:


This creates some spacing issues. Gordon has brought Appling over as Hollowell tries going left. Gary Harris has sagged off Robinson and is giving pursuit. Hollowell now has a Bermuda Triangle of Spartans around him:


Harris is able to knock the ball loose:


Hollowell recovers and gets his hands on the ball, but the tie-up goes to Michigan State:



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