Film Session: Beating the Wisconsin defense

  • 01/16/2014 8:31 am in

A long rebound off a missed Wisconsin 3-pointer comes to Sheehey:


Gordon brings the ball up the court as Austin Etherington calls for it in the middle:


The pass isn’t there so the Hoosiers immediately hit up secondary action. Gordon hands off to Stanford Robinson:


A quick first step gets him past the defender and into an open driving lane, which Indiana found time and again against the Badger D:


All five Wisconsin defenders swarm the ball and it leaves Austin Etherington wide open near the right corner. But with Jackson set up to take a charge … :


Robinson simply makes a move right by him and scores with no resistance at the basket:


These four quick points in transition and semi-transition pulled the Hoosiers to within four before Ferrell and Vonleh re-entered the contest.


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