• kwang

    Nice interview with CTC, he IS a really good coach.

  • The Balcony Seats

    Ok, I like what I HEAR during the interviews now, coach. Let’s see these points put into action tomorrow. Not trying to criticize our approach, but as everyone knows words speak louder…you get the picture.

  • I think you’re tryin’ to say ‘actions speak louder’… Sorry, just had to do that…

  • Are those guys all standing on the same level? Stan looks almost as big as Will… and Hanner looks so much bigger than Will. I mean is Will 6’7″ as he is listed?

  • drewheck

    We will see exactly what stans made of. Guard ingredients Harris or Appling if we don’t turn the ball over 20+ times we could have a chance

  • Frosch

    Haha yep. Hmm…I did have a couple margs last night.