Video, Quotes: IU players react to win over Kennesaw State

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Yogi Ferrell, Will Sheehey and Luke Fischer met with the media following Indiana’s 90-66 win over Kennesaw State on Sunday at Assembly Hall.

Watch their postgame comments in the media player below:

A transcript is available after the jump.

Q. Yogi, what is building the consistency with your scoring?

YOGI FERRELL: Well, I think it’s just pushing the ball really. I’m trying to find different outlets and just find different ways to score.

I’m kind of just playing the game really. Just trying to make the game as simple as possible.

Q. Talk about how you’ve seen Luke develop on the court.

WILL SHEEHEY: It starts in practice. He’s more comfortable in practice, really been more aggressive. And that has really been translating into the game. He is posting hard, playing hard on defense, which translates into offense as well. Maybe he had a block or steal on one end, ran down had a dunk on the other end. If he continues to do that, he’ll be a very good player for us.

Q. What do you like about where this team is and where do you have to get better to be successful?

YOGI FERRELL: I like so far where we are. Being young doesn’t really play a factor into it now. We have a lot of games under our belt. A few things we need to work on. Of course, taking care of that ball. That definitely starts with me and Will. We’re definitely going to get on guys a lot harder. We can’t afford to give teams the ball in the Big Ten.

WILL SHEEHEY: Yeah, pretty much going off of what Yogi said. It starts with us two. They see us do certain things, they seem to do it. I know for myself personally the past four or five games I’ve been careless with the ball, turned it over way too much. It starts with me, then goes down the line. We have to take care of the ball first and the rest will follow.

Q. Luke, is it comfortability thing, a conditioning thing? What’s been different for you?

LUKE FISCHER: I think ever since this past week started, coach really had us running full in practice. That’s just translated to games. We’ve been doing it all week long. Just been working these past two games. So I think that’s the main reason.

Q. What did it mean to get the ball inside today?

WILL SHEEHEY: The game is easier. We play better when the ball goes in the paint. So we’re just going to continue to do that. If our post guys post hard, set good screens, good things happen for them. It starts with them. They must demand the ball. If it’s open, we’ll throw it in to them.

Q. Nine days off until the next game. Especially for the young guys, how important is this break?

LUKE FISCHER: I’m looking forward to it a lot. For a lot of us, this will be the first time going back home since school started. It will be nice to see our families and stuff like that. Also give us a break before the Big Ten season starts and the real action begins.

Q. How hard is it to control the turnovers when you’re playing as fast as you are? How do you balance that?

YOGI FERRELL: Doing that is making the simple pass. Coach always talks about don’t try to make home runs, just make one simple pass that can lead to another even simpler pass either for a layup or a jump shot. With us playing fast, where we want to go, we just got to make the easy pass and not try to make the highlight or home run pass.

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