Film Session: Defensive lapses against the Irish

  • 12/16/2013 11:55 am in

II. Just before half, IU assistant Kenny Johnson sees a near identical setup on an inbounds play on the opposite side of the floor. And he calls it out just like Sheehey:


This time Gordon is fully impeded by the first screen as Grant gets around Knight:


Seeing that Grant is free, Garrick Sherman fakes the second screen and then cuts to the hoop. Both Devin Davis and Hanner Mosquera-Perea cover him and that means Grant is going to be wide open:


Gordon follows Knight to the hoop as Davis tries to close out and Johnson’s frustration shows:


Johnson can’t even look as Grant rises and hits:



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  • Steve Fischer

    We will have to win several Big Ten Games in a row before I get over the disgust at this loss. The last two non-conference games are meaningless. I don’t care who has great stats and how well we do-the games are irrelevant to our diminishing chances of getting into the tourney. On the other hand if Crean is just experimenting around with different substitutions so he will know what works for the Big Ten-fine .. but i tend to doubt it.

  • Iumick22

    This is Sheehy’s fault. As soon as the ball leaves the in bound guys hand Will should have been in the paint. His man is irrelevant at this juncture. Will in the paint stops inbounded from cuttin under the basket and also clogs up the drive.
    We do not defend well against inbounds passing nor do we know how to execute inbounds passing of our own. I’m from Indiana, and in the fourth grade we had five different out of bounds plays. Pathetic.

  • JJ

    Riddle me this: Why is HMP only playing 3 minutes? I like Fischer, but he has shown absolutely zero touch around the rim and literally doesn’t even need to be guarded outside of 4 feet. HMP is doubling his stats in a minute less playing time. Fischer has shown he can play against the likes of North Florida / Evansville, but also that he hasn’t belonged on the court in either consequential non-conference game. Free HMP…at least for more than 3 mins.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    It’s funny, you could ask me about baseball, soccer, etc and I could give a rats @$$ but when it comes to IU bb it totally consumes my life, my habits, attitude, actions, the list goes on. I know we are all huge fans on here but sometimes I think we need to slow down before we make some of the comments that we do.
    The reason I say that is that we know this is the #1 IU Blog and kids do like to read about themselves…I would hate for us to make a comment that could make a kid react in any negative way. I’m just as guilty as the rest but if we take a breath and wait before we type while we are upset than our real thoughts might come out a little more positive…not that we can’t express, our thoughts but our feelings are sometimes getting in the way.
    Point, it’s been mentioned just recently that most of us was saying how this was going to be a roller coaster year due to our youth and lack of experience and lo what we are getting and the sky is already falling in many eyes. We just reloaded two years in a row and next’s years class ended up just fine.
    Give these kids a chance to learn and make mistakes. CTC had two great years and would of had three if we didn’t have all of those injuries three years ago.
    Things are still looking bright and we will be a tough ball team this 25 maybe not but we have 11 frosh/soph..maybe we are expecting just a little too much at this Stage.
    I will just be glad if we make some noise in the B1G and make the dance for this years squad. Just my two cents and you know what that’s worth.

  • AZIU71

    Two great years…what? I’ll agree 2 years ago was great, Ky misses a few free throws in the tournament and who knows possible final four. But last year #1Seed lucky to beat Temple knocked out in the sweet 16=not great. They ran this same play at the end of the half and everyone collapsed to the middle leaving a wide open 3. Not good, in fact terrible,seems pretty basic/fundamental .

  • IULore

    Lots of people in our condition too and lots of basketball left. Don’t give up yet.

  • HoosierGrampy

    Maybe some of the guys logging serious minutes need someone to tell the truth about their lack of energy, almost no show of emotion or enthusiasm, and inadequate communications. Knight sat guys while CTC seems to reward them with minutes. HMP, DD, TW and SR deserve more time on the court…Yogi ain’t close to being the reincarnation of Isaiah and needs to stop jumping into the air as he searches in vain for a teammate. Next time down the court, the guard(s) who fail to involve Noah should sit and watch what happens when he becomes involved in the offensive set…

  • shknqk

    With all of or experience and talent, wasn’t over helping a problem the last couple of years?

    I guess I shouldn’t expect less from this nursery school bunch. Still painful to watch… Just like when a toddle stumbles and cracks his head on the coffee table.

  • Zonebuster

    Last 2 years we have led all big ten teams in time of possession. While in a man to man our free throw percentage goes up as opposed to a zone. So I do not see why we ever go zone. Last point..if we cannot control our transition threes while maintaining our dribble drive offense I see no alternative but to play a 1-2-2 zone in 2nd halfs. Just my opinion..go Hoosiers

  • Hoosier in GA

    Jeremy should be off his man and sliding to help deny Knight the ball. That is poor positioning by the Hoosiers (and by Hoosiers I mean Jeremy in this instance). We don’t want to guard the guy after he catches the ball 4 feet from the basket. We don’t want him to CATCH the ball 4-feet from the basket. Let ND throw a lob pass out to mid-court and then let’s guard them from there. That is a pretty basic mistake for our third or fourth most experience player. If we don’t get set up in better defensive positions when it is a dead ball, then we will never compete in the B1G.