Video, Quotes: Gordon, Fischer react to win over Oakland

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Evan Gordon (26 points, five rebounds, three assists) and Luke Fischer (six points, six rebounds) met with the media following Indiana’s 81-54 win over Oakland on Tuesday at Assembly Hall.

Watch and listen to their postgame comments in the media player below:

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Where has the consistency come from?

Evan Gordon: You know, we’ve just been moving the ball as a team. I’ve stayed aggressive. But I mean, Yogi stayed on me to make sure I stayed confident in my shot, and our coaches stayed on me, and I’ve been doing extra work, so it’s all coming out.

Has that been from confidence?

Evan Gordon: Well, you know, when your team has confidence in you to make your shot, it gives you confidence.

Luke Fischer: I’ve been a lot more comfortable ever since that shoulder brace got off, it’s been a lot better, a lot more movement, and just feels like back to my old self.

Have you changed anything or is it just getting into the flow of the game?

Evan Gordon: I think if you watch the game you can see that the team is moving the ball a little bit more. I’ve gotten open. I’ve stayed a little bit more aggressive than I usually have been, but that’s about it’s just kind of the ball movement, really.

Have you changed anything or is it just getting into the flow of the game?

Evan Gordon: No, I haven’t.

Talk about Will’s defense tonight.

Evan Gordon: You know, I mean, coming into the game we knew Bader was the best three point shooter in the country, and Will has done a great job explaining things, helping out with switches, just having the whole team on the same page, and I’ve just stayed aggressive defensively, and we got a big win.

Talk about your defensive play the last 2 games.

Luke Fischer: A little bit of both of what he just said. A lot more emotion. The brace really restricted how high I could raise my arm because that was the main problem with it, and then also just the whole comfort factor where I just have full movement and I’m not afraid to re hurt it anymore or anything like that.

Could you talk about the team’s defense tonight?

Luke Fischer: I mean, it was fantastic. Holding the best three point shooter in the country to zero threes this game, that’s hard to do, and we did that. That was our whole game plan going into it, and we executed it perfectly.

What was the game plan for Bader?

Evan Gordon: I mean, honestly with a shooter like that we’ve just got to make sure we limit his touches and make sure he just doesn’t get a clean, open look when he does come off those screens.

Talk about Will’s defense tonight.

Evan Gordon: Yeah, you know, with our team, during practice he explains things that he’s done in the past, and he kind of makes sure that we run it right, and if we don’t, even if we get a stop on the defensive side, we’ll have to run it again, and he’s done a great job with that.

How have you seen the team’s rebounding develop?

Luke Fischer: It’s great. I mean, we still get yelled at in practice for not being good enough at rebounding, so that just makes us strive to be better at it.

How much of an emphasis was made to get Gordon the ball?

Luke Fischer: I mean, he was on fire tonight so we knew that we had to keep giving him the ball. It was just his night, and the ball movement was just spectacular right now, and he made his shots, and everything worked out for us.

Talk about the team’s ball movement.

Evan Gordon: I think, you know, we’re playing a little bit faster so we’re pushing the ball ahead, we’re throwing it ahead, and it’s creating two on ones, three on twos, and we’re able to just get an edge on the scoring a little bit, and it’s going from side, top side, we’re going to the baseline and passing it all the way out, so the bigs are doing a good job throwing it back out, and we’re throwing it back in. It’s touching the paint, and everybody is getting pretty good looks.

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