Five takeaways from Indiana’s win over Evansville

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Indiana moved to 6-1 with a comfortable 77-46 win over Evansville on Tuesday night in Assembly Hall. Here’s a look at five takeaways from the rout of the Purple Aces:

· Evansville’s offense never gets going: Led by D.J. Balentine, who entered Tuesday’s game with a scoring average of 29.6 points per game, the Evansville offense boasted some of the nation’s best numbers coming into Assembly Hall. The Purple Aces ranked in the top 25 nationally in both offensive efficiency and effective field goal percentage at tip-off.

When the final buzzer sounded, the Hoosiers had limited Evansville to a season-low in points (46) and a season-high in turnovers (15). Balentine finished with 14 points on just 5-of-17 shooting. And the nation’s top 3-point shooting team managed to hit just 3-of-16 in Assembly Hall. Evansville coach Marty Simmons had a pretty simple explanation for why his team his struggled.

“They just executed their defense well,” Simmons said. “They did a lot of good things and we just weren’t patient. Their communication, they switched up some things on us and got us stagnant. We just have to do a better job.”

· Hollowell’s career-night: There will likely be better performances down the road in the career of sophomore Jeremy Hollowell. But Tuesday’s performance was Hollowell’s best from an offensive standpoint in his young career and he did it coming off the bench for the first time this season. In 17 minutes, Hollowell scored 18 points on 4-of-8 shooting from the field and 8-of-9 free throws.

Hollowell was replaced in the starting lineup by senior Jeff Howard and said afterward that he didn’t view coming off the bench as a big deal.

“Coach made his decision, Jeff came in, he did a great job,” Hollowell said. “He capitalized on his opportunity, and it was coach’s decision and we went with it.”

· Vonleh gets back on track: After a scoreless performance against UConn in the 2K Sports Classic championship on Friday, freshman Noah Vonleh bounced back with his fifth double-double in seven games.

Vonleh scored 13 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in just 19 minutes. Judging by his performance and his postgame comments, the UConn game is squarely in his rearview mirror.

“It was a great learning experience (against UConn),” he said. “I’ve just got to pump my feet more on the screens and just have my hand straight up when I’m playing a guy and don’t put my elbow up into the defender arm because I got an offensive foul today like I did in the UConn game.”

· Howard’s spot start: While he’s unlikely to become a fixture in IU’s starting lineup with a road trip to Syracuse on the immediate horizon, senior walk-on Jeff Howard started his first career game on Tuesday and finished with two points and three rebounds in 15 minutes.

Howard’s numbers don’t jump off the page, but he made solid plays from the get-go as the Hoosiers opened the game on a 12-0 run. The Westfield product said he didn’t find out he would be in the lineup until right before tip.

“Coach did what he did for his reasons and I just came in and brought to the team what I bring to the team and that’s pretty much it,” Howard said. “I just try to talk a lot, being a senior, helping some guys out on the floor, defensively, a lot of stuff like that. Just energy, little things. Obviously I’m not going to score a lot of points but I have to defend, rebound and talk.”

· 3-point shooting still a struggle, offensive rebounding still a plus: The Hoosiers entered Tuesday’s game shooting just 28.6 percent on 3-pointers (279th nationally) and that number will fall even further after a 4-of-16 performance from the perimeter.

The Hoosiers did, however, once again dominate the offensive glass as they pulled down 47.5 percent of their misses and scored 19 second chance points.


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  • Bleeding Crimson

    And what did you read and where? Just Curious.
    I thought he was trouble and we fans didn’t want him??????????
    But we do need him….how does that work out?
    Plus then we will be over-signed and here we go again.
    Funny how things seemed to have worked out just fine.
    Good Job CTC and Co.

  • 3AM Burrito

    Nah this was way back in my college days at BTown, we would hit up La Bamba for some burritos as big as your head after the bars closed. It is now sadly closed but they had a sweet mural of IU basketball players withburrito heads on the wall.

  • Bobby34

    Random or not, the comment you made was still a meatball statement. I remember it because it was so outrageous and had no place in reality. If you don’t want people to make comments on what you say, perhaps you should stop commenting. Just some friendly advice…

  • Ole Man

    I agree that I’d love to see him develop that floater.

  • TomJameson

    Milla, do you go to any Aces games? Just curious, I’m a Newburgh guy and go to all their home games.

  • Ole Man

    Noah, Will, Devon, and Troy are all over 50% thus far.
    I’d rather more easy two shots than 38% or less, with the others on the 3’s.
    I get your logic. However we can work inside out to get better 3 point shots, as we did last year. We don’t have to just jack them up.

  • SCHoosier

    I don’t Milla..not sure I’d “have the stomach” for that name:)

  • HostileHoosier

    OK I will start by saying I have no insight as to what Yogi is trying to do at a certain moment in game. (as I would guess no one but CTC does) That said I think the young man has done a OUTSTANDING job so far this year! You have to understand the pressure this young man is under! With a very very young team that Yogi is leading I am sure there are times (UCONN game perhaps) that he fells like he needs to do more to help the team pull out a win. Lets not forget the mulitude of passes that SHOULD have been cought from Yogi that went bad for unready hands.

    Yogi has to pull up and take that unbalanced shot! He has to in order to keep his driving respected! I say this. Yogi keep doing what your doing with this beyond athletic team and keep being the coach on the floor and things will continue to get leaps and bounds better!

  • MillaRed

    Now you’re random crazy guy. Are you in my backyard? Happy Thanksgiving buddy. Try to be happy.

    Bobby doesn’t think coaches get technicals to get the refs to back off in the event they are not getting calls. This is “outrageous” to crazy Bobby.

  • MillaRed

    Here in Madison on State Street we have a La Bamba. A drunken night on State Street is called “the crawl.” The La Bamba 3 AM “big as your head” burrito is a tradition. Been there done that X 100.

  • marcusgresham

    Not before my day—-I was born in ’70.

  • marcusgresham

    I still have hopes for Jurkin contributing. I don’t think that his leg is 100% healthy. He has a good looking mid-range shot, blocks shots, and has an improving understanding, so health is the only logical explanation why he hasn’t seen more time in some of these blowouts.

  • marcusgresham

    Hanner can be Dennis Rodman. I don’t even really care if he scores much—just rebound and shut down the guy he’s guarding.

  • kaponya44

    To reply to the critical reply on CTC using too many guys I totally disagree on it being unwise. Last year IU played 8 guys with two JH and Remy looking totally lost at times and big time dropoff using the bench.This year there might be youth and no proven core but there are ten guys who can play and little to no dropoff.Its also not as easy to game plan against IU given the dramatic contrast of style from last season to this season.This team has the physical tools and components to solve the zone without having to shoot 45% or better from deep.Once they do figure out how to attack a zone uts going to be alot of fun watching our athletes abuse man to man looks and wear out opponents.This looks alot like one of CTCs mentor’s MSU teams and we have saw how they ultimately fare from year to year.We’re a couple shooters away from complete but at least this teams weakness ( 3s) plays right into the hands of its strengths(rebounding and playing at the rim on both ends).If CH or AE crack the rotation if for nothing else to stretch the opposing D then it is only going to be a good thing.I hope Stan can get healthy and Luke keeps making progress as he gets closer to 100%.IUs D looked energetic late and a lot of teams will have trouble running with us for 40 mins.So to get to my point AE ,CH,and PJ being emergency options in B10 play is not a scary thing with these rule changes.Add them to WS YF NV TW JH EG DD LF HMP &SR and there are 13 capable players with only 3 being “situational” subs.The walk ons even look better than our past walk ons.The overall talent level seems to have skyrocketed from CTCs first few years.Good heavens I sure dreamed about this when we went 6-20 something and had baseball players logging minutes.And to address the reply to my hoping Troy will end up living up to Evan Turner comparisons that pointed out Turner hogging and 4 other guys watching – that was on the OSU coaching staff.One thing all teams have that are equal is the ammount of pine for guys who mess up team chemistry.The best coaches use it to teach and Thad Matta could have done that with Evan.CTC however just showed the power of the pine to us on Tuesday with JH.

  • Ole Man

    I was in Cambodia in ’70. Glad you can remember Kent. Makes you a super IU fan in my book.

  • MillaRed

    I was there last year to see IU. My dad has season tickets. I get down there about once a year but it doesn’t look good this season. I have seen 100 otherwise in my life. Still a trip to see Roberts Stadium leveled.

  • 3AM Burrito

    Agree, Hanner needs no plays run to him and never give him ball on post up. Just board, play d, and score on put backs

  • Ervin Harris

    This team is better than I thought but a long way from being where they could. Turnovers have to stop. I would like to see better fundamentals as well. No excuse to not be able to catch and handle the basketball. Offense has to work off of other guys other than Yogi. This team looks uncomfortable at times as well. I think once they begin to understand each other and create some fluidness on offense they can make a little noise this season

  • marcusgresham

    That looked weird to me, too, last time I was down there. Of course going on the west side is mind-blowing enough to me. When I was there it was nothing but fields from Red Bank to USI.

  • marcusgresham

    I know there were others but the first game I can actually remember watching was the ’76 championship game, which would have been a couple of weeks before my 6th birthday.

  • Ole Man

    I was fortunate enough to watch that one in person, in Philly.

  • kaponya44

    Oh and to add to the Evan Turner subject that guy was a career 50 Percent FG shooter.That is one of two shots.Not to mention his 4 assists per game career average.6 boards ,1.6 steals .Yes 3 TOs Hughes still + so given the body of work it is fair to say others should have been benched to teach them.Again all on their staff regardless and my opinion is supported by the stats.Besides,I honestly feel that Troy will be much better than Turner someday and the longer he stays @ IU the higher the chances of it coming to pass.What do you think on this Milla? Am I foolish to project this? Anyone?

  • kaponya44

    With? I didn’t type Hughes.Stupid auto correct.heheh

  • kaponya44

    Oh my ..
    .I need a new phone. 🙁

  • Ole Man

    LOL! Great observation about the NBA line. And excellent suggestion on the Cook Hall floor.

  • Jakedipo

    Well… I’m wondering if Coach Crean is telling Yogi to let it fly with the way we’ve been rebounding the ball on offense. I’d be curious to know what percentage of Yogi’s misses turn into offensive rebounds and second-chance points.

  • Southport65

    I believe it was an article on this site shortly after he backed out on Louisville between him and Coach. Also if you click on the recruitment icon at the top of the page updated 11-19-2013 he is listed as an IU target. Also all the major sites except ESPN have IU listed as a school he might go too.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Again, I’m not defending Yogi’s decision-making or his penchant for shooting early in the shot clock. I am just kind of surprised (although I don’t know why) that the majority of comments only talk about how selfish Yogi is playing and there’s very little about how good our defense was or how we continue to excel at rebounding. I’d just like some positivity with the negativity, a mix, a balance, etc. but that’s just my preference.