• 11owenst

    That is a pretty funky hat he picked out lol.

  • Chronic Hoosier

    Yo, can we get some vid of the Troy blocked punt? 2nd best thing I saw on ESPNU tonight.

  • Weaz

    Man this just made my week… stayed home sick feeling like I was going to barf all day. A JBJ to UK decision and I would have tossed the cookies… NOW I feel great, just means I have to go to work tomorrow I guess…. Thanks for staying in state JBj Another Mr Basketball hopefully to IU

  • Drew

    Love getting JBJ back. I also love winning a recruiting battle against Kentucky.They were the heavy favorites too! Indiana is a blue blood program and this should only help confirm our status in college basketball to more recruits in the near future. Welcome back, Mr. Blackmon!

  • DarkRyu

    i am with u Weaz this made my week also.. now let’s see who we get next.

  • Andrew Walker

    That won’t be the last time you see Max Hoetzel, Blackmon and Johnson on an ESPN graphic. GO HOOSIERS!!!!

  • “Indiana is no longer a team rebuilding, but reloading.” LOVE IT