Welcome to ITH 3.0

  • 10/30/2013 11:54 pm in

Hello and welcome to ITH 3.0 — our first overhaul to the product since 2009.

When Alex and I discussed a re-design earlier this year, one thing was clear: In an era where mobile readership only continues to grow, we were lacking a modern experience. That changes now. Our codebase has a responsive breakpoint for smaller viewports, which means no more pinching and zooming the full desktop site to read ITH content on (most) smartphones.

At present, our tablet look mirrors that of the desktop. It’s acceptable, but not ideal. We’re looking to give a stronger tablet experience at some point in 2014. But due to the reality of our business model — one that relies on fixed-sized advertising units that don’t play well on a fully fluid responsive site, let alone a separate tablet look — it’s a challenge. And we want to get it right.

While things look different here, you can still find every resource and recruiting link from the previous incarnation’s home sidebar in the new look’s home sidebar. And all pages and posts have come on over as well.

I was a one-man design and development team on this over several weekends and weeknights over the last few months. There are a few tiny imperfections we’re aware of and will continue to work on now that we’re shipped. If you find any bugs, please drop me a line.

That said, we don’t support Internet Explorer 7 or below. (And we barely support IE8.) So if you read ITH in Internet Explorer, we ask that you upgrade to the latest version if you’re able to.

Thanks, and happy reading.

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