Five-star forward Devin Robinson picks Florida

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After completing official visits to all four of his finalists and taking a couple of weeks to mull over his options, class of 2014 Christchurch (Va.) announced on Wednesday that he’s headed to the SEC.

In a press conference in the boardroom at his high school, Robinson picked the Florida, giving the Gators their third verbal commitment in the class.

Robinson, the No. 21 prospect nationally according to the 247Composite, also considered Indiana, Notre Dame and Oklahoma State.

The 6-foot-8 forward, who can play multiple positions, visited Bloomington earlier this fall for Hoosier Hysteria.

In the months leading up to the decision, there was little chatter on where Robinson would ultimately end up as he stopped doing interviews.

Florida, which received Robinson’s fourth and final official visit, ultimately won out.

Indiana has two commitments for the class of 2014 – guard Robert Johnson and forward Max Hoetzel – and remains involved with JaQuan Lyle and James Blackmon Jr., who will announce his decision on Thursday. Blackmon Jr. is expected to choose between Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan.

Australian star Dante Exum also has Indiana in his list of five finalists, but will likely declare for the 2014 NBA Draft.

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  • Corey M

    One thing a lot of us are not thinking about is how these recruits look at the current roster for each school.. The roster we have right now could easily stay intact for a year or two after this season and these kids are looking at it like do I want to compete with Noah Vonleh, Williams, Hollowell, Stan Robinson, Luke Fischer, Perea, and Yogi for playing time. We dont exactly have a clear line to the court like we have had during CTC’s era

  • yimyames

    Funny, I was talking to my UK friend the other night. He says, “Willis is going to replace Wiltjer”, bragging about him being good. I said, “he is good, a real nice talent, but if he’s replacing Wiltjer then I guess that means he will be transferring”.

  • Kelin Blab

    Two things….didn’t IU land a solid recruit this week? I wish Robinson would have chose IU, I really like Max, and maybe we are all in with Jaquan….

    Also, if you joined the premie forum you would know exactly why Devin picked Florida.

  • ForeverIU

    The trend in predictions supports what you said about Jaquan Lyle. Interestingly, Cliff Alexander’s latest predictions are Illinois and DePaul. So have Cliff and Jaquan decided to stay in their respective home states?

  • TheDirtyHoos

    I 100% agree. As IU becomes a powerhouse once again, we have the ability to draw 5 star recruits and should always contend for the best players that we can. However, these kids are hard to get! We have to compete against every other major program, especially those that seem to cater to 1 and dones. Even though it hurts seeing a lot of these guys head elsewhere, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. And it most definitely does not mean there is something wrong with our program, at least in my eyes.

  • hoosier1158

    I was being a little sarcastic since so many people were kinda negative toward Max.

  • hoosier1158

    IU shouldn’t be losing out on recruits to UNLV and Florida, seriously.

  • TheDirtyHoos

    Florida is a solid program and Donovan is a more-than-solid coach. UNLV is definitely up-and-coming, with Rice making it to the tournament both years as coach and getting good recruits since joining. Not to mention he sent a “big” guy to the NBA at #1. I think both of them, especially Goodluck, could have thrived at IU. But Florida and UNLV are both good programs and maybe Goodluck and DRob made the right decisions for themselves.

  • bfblog

    the part that’s even more fun is that most of the folks predicting him to IU have solid track records of predition accuracy. One is 33 / 4, another 88 / 27. ABoz’s isn’t bad either. Cool then–Jaquan is going to be a Hoosier and everyone will feel silly for freaking out about Devin Robinson and another high school kid with a surgically repaired knee.

  • G-Rob

    I think we will have a small strong recruiting class for 2014. Robert is a rising 4 star recruit and before Max steps foot in beautiful B-Town he will probably be a 4 star recruit. Lyle seems to have a really good relationship and trust with Crean if nothing else pops up and steals Lyle attention I think we get 5 star Lyle. I’m real happy with just R.J & M.H but if one more talented player wants to sport the candy stripes I’m good with it.

  • AgentaAllstar7

    Its easy to get a little disappointed after all these misses but recruiting isn’t an exact science and alot of players fall short of expectations while others exceed them.Recruiting being followed so closely now has some big draw backs.The biggest one is making these kids into divas when they’re 15 and 16.I liked it better when they just showed up but my feelings now would be different with more success.I think we will all love RJ and I think Montana Max Hoetzel will develop nicely and be a staple for the program.

  • Hoosier heritage

    Watch a high school highlight reel of Devin Robinson and then watch one of Troy Williams. The SF spot is taken at IU. If Troy goes to the 2 spot, Hollowell takes the starting 3 spot. This kid knew he was only going to be getting around 10 min/game maximum next year at Indiana. IU is going to be stacked next year. Another guard spot is pretty much the only place IU will be offering up minutes and Johnson is going to fill that void.

  • AgentaAllstar7

    Any other Southern Indiana Hoosiers out there? I just want to say that the media down here is such a joke!!! The talk radio around here are such hacks.The espn radio and the good shows have been removed so that you get UofL shoved down your throat on multiple stations 365-24/7. The Louisville and Kentucky fan bases here are truly the worst part of an otherwise nice place to live.As I was saying about the media …For those of you that don’t know how biased,blind and utterly incompetent and uninformed they are as a whole ,consider yourself fortunate.They have made an Army L1C4 idiots down here.Uk gets a little attention and IU gets even less..They toss a bone now and then and it’s usually negative and paper thin with no research at all.

  • AgentaAllstar7

    Alex Bozich, we here in Southern Indiana need some hoosier love! Contact me if you’d like to work with me to do a radio show and destroy these Homers and maybe save The elder Bozich while we still can 🙂


    Evidently I’m trying to read too many sports sites cause I can remember something about ” Crystal Ball ” on a site somewhere but can’t quite remember which one it is on. Help a fellow fan out ?


    Me and you both Marcus, me and you both.


    If Willis sees the floor for anything other than mop up minutes it will be because several of the other freshmen are on strike for better pay.


    Cause practice makes perfect.

  • Jklu

    What happened to dante exum? Is he not being recruited anymore because he is for sure going to the NBA?

  • Miamihoosier

    That comment is one of the best I’ve seen so far this year. Unfortunately, with the Blackmon story tomorrow, few people may take the chance come back on this story and see it.

  • TorontoHoosierFan

    Very well said. Let’s focus on what we have, not what we’re hoping to get.

  • BallCW3

    Disappointed by this loss but excited nevertheless for the future of the IU program.
    If this had been a year where we were losing 5 guys like last year, we might have picked Robinson up. But we have a young, talented, athletic but raw team and we only lose 2 scholly players for next year.

    In the next few years I see us contending for both the B1G title and the NCAA Championship again.

    I am content with the signings for this year(I don’t see IU getting either Lyles, Blackmon Jr., or Exum) and I like how Crean is signing 3 and 4 stars because he knows that these are guys that are going to come in, work their tails off and be here for more than one year, as opposed to a 5 star who is only coming for one year. It is better for the program long term.

  • BallCW3

    You forget Billy Donovan won back-2-back NCAA Championships. And UNLV just had the #1 overall pick in the NBA Draft.

  • WisconHoosier

    A solid recruit? I hope so, and we’ll find out eventually.

    On one hand, he’s a 3-star who was rated the #60 at his position (not sure that even puts him in the top 250 for the class nationally). People are hoping he’ll be a great shooter. Based on *just* his admittedly dated videos, he seems a bit slow, playing against smaller competition, with an odd looking flat shot.

    He reminded me of a short Robbie Eggers. And that’s not good.

    On the other hand, some respected big schools either showed high interest, or outright offers, right at the end. He’s supposed to be a late bloomer. Crean knows a lot about evaluating talent. There’s even a chance that Crean seeing him in person told him more than me watching an old video told me. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s possible.

    If he thinks Hoetzel is the kid who can help lead us to a national title, then let’s lace ’em up and play.

    Go IU.

  • BallCW3

    I would still choose IU, but thats just me… Not just being an IU fan but a guy who likes putting in extra hours and the competition I would have to go up against in practice. It would make me a much better player. I don’t think most kids realize that. There have been a ton of stories where guys don’t start until their junior/senior year and dominate because they had to back up great players for a few measly years.
    Ex. Thomas Robinson.

  • Snookafly

    Where is Aaron Harrison going? To play along side Deshaun Thomas in France? ‘Cause they won’t both be first round picks.

  • BallCW3

    We have so much talent that we should be happy he didn’t go here, as odd as it sounds. Now we get to watch our current players play more because of more playing time. I love the guys we have and know that they are putting the time and effort into bringing IU banner #6. I just want the season to start. I can’t wait to watch the Hoosiers in action!

  • Snookafly

    If you make the Final Four and get caught, you will face a penalty. If you win the title there will be no punishment. Think about all of the obvious cheating that has been caught and even admitted to after the fact, but nothing has been done to unseat the guilty party once they have that trophy. The NCAA knows it’s like pulling the thread on a sweater when you try to cross out titles and they just won’t do it.

  • Snookafly

    I don’t think people appreciate how special the talent we had was last year in the grand scheme of IU basketball. They were a once in a decade type squad, and you can’t let that kind of opportunity go to waste. In ’75 and ’93 you couldn’t argue because it was an injury, but last year left a lot of legitimate questions about coaching.

  • Snookafly

    If Okafor signed tomorrow, and Tyus Jones followed suit just to hang out with his pal I’d take it all day.

  • Snookafly

    Agree about the playing time. If I was a five star player, I wouldn’t care who was on the depth chart because I’d be convinced they couldn’t touch me.
    I’m ready for the 5-stars and banners just as much as you. While it’s not realistic to think you can guarantee a title through recruiting or coaching (a lot of luck involved — seeding, officiating, the way the ball bounces), I think Final Four appearances are reasonable expectations. I know most coaches sort of hold that as the standard for ‘elite’ programs, and why Izzo is so revered despite only one title run. I like Crean, but he might never have a better opportunity than last year. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what shakes out.

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    Good post, Ole Man……

    It’s especially nice to read you giving Coach Crean some credit and acknowledging that he’s human, despite your current aggravation. I agree with many of your posts, but sometimes, it seems you’re in the camp hell-bent on taking shots at him every chance you get. Don’t mean that in a negative way, but it does seem that way at times. So, like I said, it’s nice to see you understanding that Crean is no different than any other coach on Planet Earth – sometimes, he’s going to miss.

    As far as this class goes, though, I don’t call it a “miss.” That’s where we disagree on this one. I honestly believe that a couple of years from now, we’ll be very pleased with both RJ and MH and this 2014 recruiting season won’t look near as bad as some on this board are making it out to be.

    Regarding the reason we’ve missed on some recruits, I just chalk it up to the natural recruiting process. In the end, Coach Crean has to sell the Indiana program as best he can when he gets the opportunity, and I believe without a doubt he’s doing exactly that. At some point, it just comes down to the decision of a teenager and each kid is going to make the decision that he feels is best for him. You’re going to win some and lose others. All you can ask for is a coach that puts your program in the discussion as much as possible and let the chips fall where they may.

    I think that’s exactly what we’ve got.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I believe the “Crystal Ball” thing is on a site called It’s kind of an aggregator site that gets an average ranking for recruits and has predictions from “experts”. For what it’s worth, the crystal ball had us getting Theo Pinson up until commitment day, had us getting Goodluck until late in his recruitment and had us landing Devin Robinson until late in his recruitment. So…I don’t put much stock in that thing when it predicts us to land Lyle (which would be great because he is very, very talented).

  • Blair McKee

    Keep aiming high!

  • IUDan

    You convinced me Kelin – I’m moving to the premium for better info and a higher level of discussion …


    Yea Willis is an example of a player NOT choosing a high major where he was pretty much assured of big minutes and instead choosing the school where he will struggle to get minutes. I am good friends with a very savvy bball person who knows the family and has a son that got a full ride and played against him several times and he said all along that 1) he would decommit from PUke, 2) he would try and get a job at pUKe and 3) he would do that because he, and his dad, both think he is a lot better than he really is.

    I guess using the word school in context with what I was commenting about was pretty much a slap in the face to all real schools. I profusely apologize to all REAL schools.


    Thanks !

  • Jamie Rund

    I would not, I am an Indiana kid and my life long dream would be to play for Indiana. It is that simple to me. It used to mean something to grow up in Indiana and play for the state school. If all the in state players would stay in state we would win a ton of championships.

  • Jamie Rund

    I agree. Next years draft is so good, that some of these kids that people think are 1 and done’s will stay in school causing either mass transfers or team turmoil.

  • Jamie Rund

    Yep, more and more of these kids that go early better get used to playing overseas. Because they are so 1 dimensional that the NBA wants them developed and a lot of the college coaches today just let kids play without giving them the instruction they need.

  • adam

    you know, playing where your dad went to school isnt exactly being a traitor. kids will go to where they feel is the best fit. stop knockin em.

  • calbert40

    First off, thanks. I appreciate the kind words. Secondly, for last season, a Final Four was not an unreasonable expectation. A very lofty one, yes, but not unreasonable.

    The issue I have with making the Final Four a goal and expectation is that all but 4 teams are going to have a “disappointing” season. Last year, (without doing any research), I’d guess at least 10-15 teams could have “realistically” set the Final Four as a goal.

    I LOVE the NCAA tourney. It is the best two weeks of the sports calendar. However, the NCAA tourney is about more than just showing the nation who the best team in the country is. It is about matchups, travel, injuries (as all older IU fans can attest), etc. Once we get to the 2nd weekend, a bad matchup can end your season on a sour note…just like ‘Cuse did to us. All of a sudden, we go from having a storybook season to having a disappointing one, and I don’t believe one bad game in a bad matchup should accomplish that. Maybe I’m naive?

    My main contention point with the posters above was suggesting that a B1G Title and two consecutive sweet sixteen appearances was “not getting it done.” Considering where this program has been in the very recent past, I feel like this program has experienced a great deal of success in the past two seasons. I just get a little touchy when some suggest the past two seasons have been “not getting it done.”

  • calbert40

    So, one recruit picks another school means that we aren’t “getting it done?” Then no school is getting it done.

    Suggesting otherwise is a slight overreaction, don’t you think?

  • AZIU71

    Read Robinson’s comments, some of these recruits only care about their path to the NBA. Academics, atmosphere, ect. are less important. If they see someone ahead of them on the roster forget about it. It’s a different world.

  • Erik Holm

    Ha Ha Ha. Welcome to a comments section on the Internet. #newbies

  • Bruce Clark

    Though I was a bit disappointed by Devin Robinson going to Florida, looking over the rosters, it makes good sense why he went to Florida: immediate playing time. With Indiana, I have to believe more than a few players on the current roster are going to be here for 3-4 years.

    Regardless, I like our team and wish Robinson all the best (and look forward to meeting Florida in the NCAA tournament!)

  • calbert40

    Happy I could give you a condescending laugh this morning. On most sites, you’d be right, but on ITH, I’d say most of us strive to be a little more mature than that. Only on the Internet would someone brag about being reactionary and immature. Whatever floats your boat.

  • Erik Holm

    I didn’t know Garry was bragging about being reactionary and immature.

    I do know that several people tried to explain to you that people have differing views, ways of reacting, expectations, etc.

    Only on the Internet would someone accuse someone of bragging about being reactionary and immature. Whatever floats your boat.

  • calbert40

    I was saying you are being reactionary and immature, not Garry. You’re just trying to tweak me, and if that’s how you get your giggles, fine.

    I gave my opinion, in what I believe was a logical manner. It doesn’t mean it’s gospel truth, but I gave you a lot more than “get a clue” and “#newbie” responses. If you want to roll that way, be my guest. As I said, whatever floats your boat.

  • hoosier1158

    Back to back a few years ago, not much before or after.