Announcement primer: 2014 wing Devin Robinson

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On Wednesday afternoon, Florida, Indiana, Notre Dame and Oklahoma State will learn where class of 2014 wing Devin Robinson will play in college. Johnson, a senior at the Christchurch School in Christchurch, Va., will announce his intentions at 3:30 p.m. ET in his school’s boardroom.

Here’s our primer for the announcement with everything you need to know:

The Essentials

Forward, 6-8, 178 pounds, Christchurch (VA.), Richmond Squires
247Composite: 5-star (21); ESPN: 4-star (28); Rivals: 5-star (20); Scout: 4-star (24)
Schools: Florida, Indiana, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State
Official visits (in order): Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Indiana, Florida

The Primary Contenders

Robinson has four finalists and he’s taken official visits to each school this fall. He initially had Connecticut on his final list but canceled his trip to Storrs a couple of weeks ago. Robinson hasn’t done any interviews since August, which has made it extremely difficult to get an idea on the direction he’s leaning. His high school coach, Ben Thompson and AAU program, the Richmond Squires, have handled the majority of the media requests for interviews.

· The Florida recruitment: The Gators got the final crack at Robinson as Billy Donovan, assistant Rashon Burno and staff hosted him and his family for an official visit the weekend of Oct. 11. The timing for the visit was interesting as there was no football game in Gainesville and no public event for the basketball team. The visit consisted primarily of time spent with the staff and players and also included several opportunities to observe practice.

· The Indiana recruitment: Indiana really turned up the heat on Robinson over the summer, offering him a scholarship on the night of the 2013 NBA Draft. His visit to Bloomington was for Hoosier Hysteria, a prime recruiting weekend for the program. Robinson was also able to observe practice in Bloomington.

· The Notre Dame recruitment: The Fighting Irish pushed heavily for Robinson beginning last spring, offering the five-star wing a scholarship in May. Assistant coach Anthony Solomon is, like Robinson, a Virginia native, and did a solid job building a relationship with both the player and his family. Notre Dame was the second of Robinson’s four official visits.

· The Oklahoma State recruitment: Oklahoma State received the first official visit and was aggressive in its pursuit as members of the staff reportedly showed up in his hometown shortly after he arrived home from his visit to Notre Dame. With Marcus Smart and LeBryan Nash likely headed off to the NBA after this season, the Cowboys pitched Robinson on the opportunity to come in and make an immediate impact.

The Timing

The belief is that Robinson has been torn with the decision as his official visits wrapped up more than two weeks ago and he’s taken some time to make an announcement.

A lot of the early buzz in his recruitment was with Connecticut, but the Huskies are no longer in play. More recently, Florida and Indiana are the two schools who have received the most attention in the 247Sports Crystal Ball, with the Gators getting a late charge of picks.

The Fit

· At Florida: The Gators have had success sending wing players to the NBA and a decent comparison for Robinson might be Corey Brewer, who won a pair of NCAA titles in Gainesville. As for where he fits on their current roster, Robinson’s ability to shoot and handle the ball fits well into Florida’s system.

· At Indiana: Indiana’s player development is hard to argue with as the Hoosiers just put two players in the top four of the latest NBA Draft and Tom Crean has developed Steve Novak, Wesley Matthews, Dwyane Wade and others for prosperous pro careers. Crean loves players who can play multiple spots, which is a big part of Robinson’s game.

· At Notre Dame: The Fighting Irish pitched Robinson on being able to play some games closer to home with their move to the Atlantic Coast Conference. Notre Dame hasn’t produced a ton of pros under Mike Brey, which might have hurt its pursuit with a player who clearly aspires to reach that level.

· At Oklahoma State: Oklahoma State assistant Butch Pierre developed a solid relationship with Robinson and his family and having two future pros in the program in Smart and Nash was a positive factor for the Cowboys. Oklahoma State also plays an uptempo style that would suit Robinson well.

Robinson highlights

How to follow the announcement 

We’ll have a quick story posted as soon as the announcement is made and you can also follow us on Twitter at the link below to get the news quickly. We’ll also be sure to add any video streams if they become available between now and tomorrow.

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In closing, please remember this is the college decision of a high school kid. Please adhere to the comment standards that have been set forth over the past six years here on Inside the Hall regardless of the outcome.

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  • Sigma Gator

    Yeah, but there’s only been three, and the first two went to UF, haha. Think we have a decent shot at it again this year. Every sport is ranked right now but football oddly enough.. I can definitely believe that’s how it went down. A lot of us have been spoiled by winning NCs in a lot of sports to the point that its like adding to a collection and becomes something that they actually just expect to happen annually. “NC in gymnastics? Cool. We’re Florida. Way it should be.” I would love to see the reaction of two separate groups of both of our fan bases after winning the men’s NC in basketball. I have a feeling yours would be way different.


    I agree with a lot of what you’ve said but as far as how many times you are on ESPN/2 or CBS goes you have to remember that, per your count, we are on close to as many times as you are even with us having a conference only affiliated network on cable.

  • Ole Man

    This offseason sucks! Thankfully, the games are starting.

  • MillaRed

    When my circle thinks Florida football it thinks Urban Meyer. It will take more time to get that out of our heads. I like Donovan. But I am wondering if he is waiting his turn in terms of a Tomfoolery. Sorry the college just has a bad rep. It just does.

  • Sigma Gator

    Our university has a bad rep., huh? Says who? You? Your “circle?” Are you speaking on behalf of the entire Indiana fan base? Inquiring minds want to know. And you should probably get over this Urban Meyer grudge you seem to have, since it’s pretty awkward when an IU fan still has one going when everyone down in Florida has moved on from theirs. Urban Meyer is Urban Meyer; he’s not UF. I don’t like Crean, but you don’t see me connecting said dislike with Indiana basketball or your school as a whole. And Meyer isn’t close to being like Calipari either. UF doesn’t use agents or pay players, regardless of what you personally believe. Heck, I can name plenty of recruits we’ve missed out on due to shady dealings in recruiting we didn’t want anything to do with.

    So, my question to you is are you going to offer any value to the conversation in your posts, or are you going to continue rambling off silly shots at my school, its program, and its fan base without any credible argument and simply based on your personal disdain for UF and Urban Meyer?

  • Wet Vette

    Playing time won’t be hard for DR to get at IU with the talent he has he could easily work in the rotation.I believe CTC believes DR will go to FLA. or he wouldn’t have gone for Hoetzel so fast but who knows IU might get both and as for JBJ he should watch out for Karma cause its around the corner.

  • dtfreed

    Interesting FL invited him for a weekend without B-ball or f-ball event? maybe in the F-ball state there’s not that much fandom during the fall for b-ball.

  • drewheck

    not getting my hopes up but if he comes and if Jaquan Lyle comes we will be siting pretty even tjough we would be oversigned it would all work out

  • Hoosiergirl

    He retweeted “Indiana is lame.” I know he is a kid, but that does not seem his interest is high on the Hoosiers. Also, I don’t know if anyone has seen, but Blackmon has Michigan as warmer interest than IU and UK warmer than Michigan. So people I know we have all been hoping, but I would say both are done deals.

  • hoosierdoug

    Just seen on the crystal ball that Jaquan Lyle is now picked to verbal to the Hoosiers..our own alex is picking IU to get him also!

  • CreamandCrimson

    The crystal ball has at one point picked us to get Theo Pinson, Devin Robinson, Dante Exum and others…the crystal ball is rarely right. Let’s see who’s wearing the cream and crimson once signing day has come and gone.

  • hoosierdoug

    that’s true but gotta hope it holds true

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    Wow……that would be quite a development. If it turns out to be true, that would be a fitting end to this 2014 recruiting soap opera.

  • MillaRed

    Dude, why are you in here??? Seriously.