Announcement primer: 2014 forward Goodluck Okonoboh

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Tonight during halftime of an ESPNU college football broadcast, Indiana, Ohio State and UNLV will learn where class of 2014 forward Goodluck Okonoboh will play next season. Okonoboh, a senior at Wilbraham and Monson Academy in Massachusetts, will announce his intentions a little after 9:00 p.m. ET (assuming the first half of the Louisiana-Monroe and Western Kentucky first half doesn’t run long) from a studio in Bristol, Connecticut.

Here’s our primer for the announcement with everything you need to know:

The Essentials

Forward/Center, 6-9, 220-pounds, Wilbraham & Monson Academy (MA), Mass Rivals
247Composite: 4-star (24); ESPN: 5-star (21); Rivals: 4-star (32); Scout: 4-star (37)
Schools: Duke, Florida, Indiana, Ohio State, UNLV
Official visits: Indiana, Ohio State, UNLV

The Primary Contenders

Okonoboh has five finalists, but he’s only taken three of his available official visits. That means it’s a safe bet to assume he’ll pick between Indiana, Ohio State and UNLV despite also listing Duke and Florida. For a long time, Indiana was widely considered a school to beat for Okonoboh, but opinion among national recruiting writers, most notably Evan Daniels of Scout and Jeff Borzello of CBS, has the Hoosiers on the outside looking in.

· The Indiana recruitment: Indiana really picked up the intensity with Okonoboh last spring with a visit to the Wilbraham and Monson campus, where Tom Crean and Kenny Johnson offered him a scholarship. A close friend of Noah Vonleh, Okonoboh visited Bloomington the weekend of Sept. 13-15 with his parents.

· The Ohio State recruitment: The Buckeyes joined the pursuit a bit later, offering Okonoboh in July after the adidas Invitational, but were front and center for most of his games throughout July. Ohio State received his second official visit on Sept. 27 for a football game against Wisconsin. LeBron James was also on campus.

· The UNLV recruitment: The Running Rebels also offered Okonoboh in July, but like Ohio State, have apparently made up significant ground as of late. UNLV was his final official visit, which took place immediately after his trip to Columbus. Khem Birch, who transferred to UNLV from Pittsburgh, is also a friend of Okonoboh.

The Timing

Okonoboh apparently saw what he needed to see in his three visits because he’s announcing less than a week after concluding his trips to Ohio State and UNLV. Like many recruits who wait until the fall to decide and embark on multiple official visits, Okonoboh appears ready to lift a giant weight off of his shoulders and move on with his final year of high school.

The Fit

· At Indiana: Indiana has Luke Fischer, Hanner Mosquera-Perea and Peter Jurkin on its roster, but Okonoboh would bring a different element because of his unique shot blocking ability.

· At Ohio State: In Columbus, the Buckeyes will feature two senior centers for the 2014-2015 season in Amir Williams and Trey McDonald, but Okonoboh would certainly challenge for minutes from day one.

· At UNLV: The Running Rebels staff is no doubt putting the hard sell on Okonoboh as being a player who can come in and compete for a starting job from day one and the fact that Anthony Bennett just left the school as the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft probably doesn’t hurt, either.

Okonoboh highlights

How to follow the announcement 

Tune in to ESPNU at halftime of the Louisiana-Monroe vs. Western Kentucky football game tonight (kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. ET) to hear Okonoboh’s announcement.

In closing, please remember this is the college decision of a high school kid. Please adhere to the comment standards that have been set forth over the past six years here on Inside the Hall regardless of the outcome.

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  • Ole Man

    Where did he hear that? GO won’t go to UK.

  • cdog

    If you subcribe to the experts on 247Sports then GO has already committed to OSU. RJ was a close race on 247Sports. GO is a landslide in favor of OSU. I have never seen them wrong with that kind of margin. I really hope NV is still here in 2014 as we are really thin up front for 2014. Hopefully, we can come up with a late 5 star add of our own that will make up for this loss.

  • Wet Vette

    The rumor is when GO took his visit to IU the first part was great but later took a turn for the worse as a comment was taken out of context either by him or someone else I believe he left with a sour taste for IU,this again is a rumor from a reliable source and if its true GO isn’t coming to Indiana and I sure hope its not true.

  • calbert40

    The Crystal Ball said IU had a 12 percent chance on Johnson and 70+ for UNC. The only people who know are Goodluck and anyone he has already told. Nobody really knows outside of that group.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    all of a sudden, everything i’m reading doesn’t seem to bode well for iu. unlv boards saying it’s gonna be osu, osu boards saying it’s gonna be osu. iu boards saying it ain’t gonna be iu.

    anybody else heard there may also be some negative recruiting going on? from our friends across the river?

  • Jeff

    Long time IU fan but not a fanatic. If GO is only a one year player I say let him walk. I refuse to go with the new movement of one and done. That would be like rooting for UK. A combination of top 100 players with other lower level players with heart makes for a better team. If you look at teams that give us fits, it’s usually the guy[s] that aren’t highly recruited that kills us.

  • Ole Man

    GO is not a one and done. Don’t know where you got that idea.

  • Ole Man

    39% Buckeyes
    29% IU
    26% UNLV
    They took down my other comment, so I can’t source it. But I just read it.
    Lebron played a huge role if this turns out true.

  • bfblog

    Someone was there on behalf of ITH, though, right?

  • hoosier1158

    Hmmm, never went to college, but at OSU to help with recruiting. That just doesn’t sound practical. It would be different if he went to OSU.

  • Rie

    Your username is the answer.

  • Jeff

    Just reading up on him over the past few weeks..played with Noel, better shot blocker than him…same mold as Anthony Davis..both of them one and done same size and abilities..would be hard to stay more than that since Noel got drafted high with a bum knee. Being touted as best shot blocker in country. Just what the NBA looks for.

  • Perry Smith

    I never root for IU to fail. I try to keep things in perspective. I don’t see the point in people flocking to this website pumping up every recruit that puts IU on his final list, when the truth is only a few kids are gonna pick IU. We need to get real about who’s really coming and who’s not instead of living in a fantasy world.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    Dingleberry Smith at it again. Good to hear your objective POV as always.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    c’mon devin robinson! haha!

  • CreanFaithful

    It’s probably because you too “flock” to this site, seemingly more than anyone else, to post negative comments with no more information than the rest of us. Although you always have confidence behind your statements…

  • CreanFaithful

    Perry/Larry/Kerry always has one upvote from a “guest.” LOL. Seriously dude? You care that much to logout and upvote your own material? WOW. Just wow…

  • Earl Scheib

    He’s a douche. Pure and simple.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    That’s awesome. Literally laughed out loud when I first read it.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    Watch it’ll be Duke outta nowhere.

  • Corey Dunigan

    I was hoping you were dead….

  • And_One

    My theory is that there’s a tiny part of him that regrets not having the college experience. Ohio is his home, and so he affiliates with OSU. I kind of feel sorry for him, as sorry as it’s possible to feel for a multimillionaire whose hobby seems to be recruiting for a rival school.

  • Oldguyy

    I’m smelling the same odor as the Whitehead transaction.

  • Corey Dunigan

    Systematic hording of one and done(s) based off of nothing less than position rankings is not the same as going after some that could be… not that GO is.

    Crean recruits character and good fits….

  • Corey Dunigan

    I dont get it either.. I picture a guy that spends his time alone in a dark room with nothing more than a computer and a house full of cats.

  • Corey Dunigan

    Lebron seems to use OSU as a mechanism to regain fans he lost when he left the Cavaliers… Not Jordan, not my King as I live in America

  • Redleader

    Peter Jurkin

  • BlakeD1223

    He’s wearing red. Is it IU or OSU!?

  • BC

    Seems everyone has a source and a rumor to go with it these days.

  • Corey Schroyer

    hey nobody penciled in seton hall for whitehead……..never know….

  • KraigIU

    Rob Johnson tweeted GO is going to IU?

  • KraigIU

    And no….

  • jon

    I’ll see him in HELL!

  • Gregory Spera


  • KraigIU

    So who is next in line in terms of big men?

  • jon

    a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlakeD1223

    Pissed! I will say I’m glad he didn’t go to OSU.

    I think the fact that we already have Hanner, Jurkin and Fischer hurt our chances.

  • jon

    not even a blow job from king james could get him to O$U

  • BlakeD1223

    probably the ones we already have….. we have to get Hanner playing better. If Hanner improves then Goodluck may have been backing him up for two years.

  • doodle777

    If RJ really tweeted G.O. to I.U I hope this isn’t any sign of what we got with him. He must feel silly!!!

  • Perry Smith

    Crean the master recruiter is all I keep hearing. We only have 1 player and he still has time to decomitt. Signing day can’t come fast enough!

  • BlakeD1223

    The fact that they are even considering us says something about Crean.

  • reaganbetter

    Goodluck Okonoboh from what I heard inside was offered more money to attend UNLV in his scholarship offer. He was all so more of a fit being a shot blocker. He was rejected from Duke, grades from what I heard the issue. Ohio State it was the system. Indiana he was nervous about playing time.

  • Chris

    Very interesting but where did u hear all this?