Indiana preseason No. 20 in Lindy’s Sports, No. 25 in Sporting News

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Labor Day has come and gone, which means that college basketball preview magazine have started to hit newsstands. And as we mentioned earlier today on Twitter, Indiana is being touted as a preseason top 25 team by Lindy’s Sports and The Sporting News.

The Hoosiers are No. 20 in the Lindy’s Sports preseason top 25, which has a regional cover featuring Indiana’s Yogi Ferrell, Purdue’s Terone Johnson and Notre Dame’s Jerian Grant.

And in The Sporting News preseason rankings, the Hoosiers are slotted in at No. 25. The Sporting News regional cover sold in Indiana features Indiana’s Yogi Ferrell and Ohio State’s Aaron Craft.

Some more Big Ten and IU-centric notes from both previews are available after the jump:

· Five Big Ten teams made the Lindy’s Sports preseason top 25: Michigan State (1), Ohio State (6), Michigan (10), Iowa (17) and Indiana (20).

· Six Big Ten teams made The Sporting News preseason top 25: Michigan State (2), Michigan (7), Ohio State (11), Wisconsin (14), Iowa (23) and Indiana (25).

· The Sporting News ranked the top ten newcomers in the Big Ten and three IU freshmen made the list. Noah Vonleh was No. 1, Luke Fischer came in at No. 5 and Troy Williams was No. 6.

· The Sporting News picked Indiana to finish sixth in the conference while Lindy’s Sports likes the Hoosiers to finish fifth.

· Lindy’s Sports ranks Ferrell as the 19th best point guard nationally and Will Sheehey as the 24th best small forward. Lindy’s picked Ferrell as a third team All-Big Ten selection.

· The Sporting News ranked the top five coaches in the Big Ten as Tom Izzo, Thad Matta, John Beilein, Bo Ryan and Tom Crean.

· The Sporting News ranked the top ten players in the Big Ten, a list that didn’t include any Hoosiers.

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  • yimyames

    I didn’t ask you, thanks for the childish response though.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I’ll respectfully say I disagree. I really, really wanted that outright regular season conference title and I think it was a heck of an accomplishment. I am never going to forget winning at Michigan on the final day of the regular season in dramatic fashion and being able to hang the “Big Ten Champions” banner in Assembly Hall. National titles are the ultimate barometer but I like to think winning a Big Ten regular season title and getting to the Sweet 16 is more important to me than finishing 4th in the Big Ten and getting to the Elite Eight. That’s just my opinion though and I know there are a lot of different ways to measure degrees of success.

  • lolman

    Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

  • HoosierFan08

    That’s a good point…plenty of reasons for his little bit of success other than his coaching ability

  • dssnyder1

    not to drone about painters success seeing that this is an IU forum, but i’m not buying any of this. Painter has been named Big Ten Coach of the Year three times in the last six seasons, He is one of only five men to win the award more at least three times since its inception in 1974, along with Keady, To get the award i’m pretty sure he had to compete against the B10’s best coaches during that time frame.
    that’s all. i’m done.

  • yimyames

    It makes a good discussion. I bet Purdue would trade about seven of those B1G titles for one banner though.

  • marcusgresham

    A more likely scenario would see the prison guards asking for “Reechee” to give them an autograph.

  • marcusgresham

    The thing with that is, if the defense doesn’t have to extend because it respects the shooter, then it’s awfully hard to get the ball to the right position.


    That’s the way I took it, I’m just not convinced that that is the case. Hope you’re right & I’m wrong. Didn’t mean to come off as tho I thought you were some kind of dumba$$ if that was how you took it. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and that’s part of what makes it fun to put a different opinion out there. Enjoy reading almost all other opinions, even the ones that differ from mine.


    lol, hard ons from proving people wrong. I think that’s a pretty apt description for how some people get. Got an upvote from me on that one and I will personally see to it that you are given 100 points in the game of life as we know it.


    Hey, who’s that playin’ the axe in your pic ?


    Only in the state of Kantuckee would somebody like Reechee’s autograph be worth more cause he spent time incarcerated. You know you screwed up royally if you’re where he is and you still can’t beat the wrap.

  • drewheck

    No offense taken I completely agree the team won’t be as good in some parts of the game but better in other parts. Either way if the players all show up to playwe can make a run at it it will be tough though.

  • Ole Man

    I agree with you that both have the potential to be awesome.
    And defense does often come quicker than offense, IF you work at it.
    I do think they’re a year away, however, in being able to assert themselves game-in and game-out as Vic was able to do his last year.

  • Guest Hoosier 1978

    This year’s team does have a better shot to win a title. This year’s team is a 10,000 to one shot. Last year’s team has a 0% chance.

  • yimyames

    Jim James, front man of My Morning Jacket.