2014 guard LouRawls Nairn cuts list to three

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081413cjxLouRawls Nairn, a 2014 point guard from Bel Aire, Kansas, narrowed his list to Indiana, Minnesota and Oklahoma on Tuesday.

Nairn also scheduled official visits to all three of his finalists, with a trip to Bloomington set for Sept. 20-21. The Indiana football team will play Missouri that weekend.

Nairn’s visits to Oklahoma (Aug. 23-25) and Minnesota (Aug. 29-31) will take place before his trip to Indiana.

Nairn, who stands just 5-foot-10, is ranked 61st in the 2014 class, according to Rivals.com. He is unranked by both ESPN.com and Scout.com.

“Indiana is a great program with big time basketball and a great coach,” Nairn told Inside the Hall on Tuesday.

Nairn, who played for the MOKAN Elite AAU program, averaged 10.6 points, 4.4 assists, 4.0 rebounds and 0.8 steals per game in this year’s Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL).

He shot 43 percent from the field and 57.9 percent from the foul line. His 79 assists ranked seventh overall in the EYBL.

Nairn told Inside the Hall he talks to the Indiana coaching staff 1-2 times per week.

One of the factors in his college decision, however, is being able to step in and play right away. That may prove difficult at Indiana with Yogi Ferrell firmly in control of the starting point guard job.

Nairn becomes the fourth guard to plan a visit to Indiana in the next two months. Class of 2014 combo guard Robert Johnson will take an official visit the weekend of Aug. 24 along with 2015 wing Malachi Richardson.

Isaiah Whitehead, a class of 2014 shooting guard from New York, will be on campus in September.

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  • Ole Man

    Thank you! Finally, someone else says that Yogi is probably a four year player.
    I haven’t said it until now because I thought I would get hammered.
    But I’ve thought it.
    Kid might be a great backup; but do you think he will sit behind Yogi and wait for a chance to start?

  • james

    How did I attack first when all I said was “Well by your argument doesn’t that mean we never should have recruited Oladipo?” and you said “stop arguing” and that I “twisted” your argument. Maybe you are a bit too sensitive. And I have seen quite a few people disagreeing with you so great job with the four upvotes. Maybe you shouldn’t post if you can’t take people disagreeing with you.

    Now back to basketball and the “never another Oladipo.” What about another Will Sheehey? He too was a 3 star recruit that turned out great. Seems to me the IU staff is making this a regular thing.

  • Dagwoods

    I’m glad someone finally pointed out that Louisville won the championship with 2 – 6′ guards. They also beat Syracuse a few times during the conference. Size didn’t loose our game with Syracuse.


    Word !


    You & I have had, let’s just say somewhat different opinions, on numerous things in the past but I think Yogi ends up being a 4 year player as well. I hope he isn’t cause if he isn’t that bodes well for IU, hell I hope he picks it up to the point that he is able to go pro after this next year, but to me reality says, even if he turns it on he is at least a 3 year player IMHO.

  • semohoosier

    Ok even though i think asinine is a little over the top i can take that. Sometimes we don’t look at things the same way or we take each others comments out of context. I’m willing to be civil maybe if we understood each others way of thinking we could avoid some of this.Why are u so against using VO as an analogy ? The definition of analogy to me is a full or partial reference or comparison and i think i speak for most of us that use him for that know there will never be another one exactly like him but are making reference to his work ethic and potential and see absolutely nothing wrong with that .I would really like to know your thoughts on that .

  • semohoosier

    Absolutely right i think he has some potential but from what i see now i would say backup or maybe give us the spark Suhr used to give us.I think i spelled his name right. It doesn’t sound like this kid wants to be a backup though.

  • Ole Man

    I think you’re right to a large degree.
    I guess I’m “sensitive” to some of the lazy posting that goes on around here; but I should remember that others probably look at my posts and go:
    “What the heck??””
    BTW, I wasn’t referring to you when I mentioned lazy posting.
    One thing you may notice about my postings is that I rarely use cliches, newsbites, etal. That’s what I mean by “lazy posting”–regurgitating over and over the same things. Right or wrong, if I post I attempt to say what’s on my mind; often badly, but up front and open.
    I appreciate what you had to say and how you said it.
    The passion for the Hoosiers runs deep in all of us.
    “May the force be strong with this young team this year!”

  • Ole Man

    Honestly, for Yogi’s sake, I hope he explodes over the next two years and goes after three.
    I think that with this year’s young team, he might not get to demo how truly talented he is.
    But give him a Jr. year with a more experienced team, and I honestly believe he could be top ten.
    And thanks, Mike, for “tolerating” an old codger like me.

  • semohoosier

    Yes I’m really looking forward to seeing how this season turns out. I think the potential is high but also understand this could be a down year but i am more of a optimist.

  • r

    That may also explain why his visit is scheduled in late September when his other visits are both a month earlier. I don’t know this, but it is possible. If I was to guess, though, I would say IU has a strong interest to even offer him a scholarship. I may be wrong, but I doubt the staff feels the need for a contingency plan. They are not forced to utilize all scholarships, and an additional scholarship in 2015 may be more beneficial anyway. Again, I don’t know that either…just thinking IU is not loaded with juniors this year…and Gordon and Sheehey are the only guaranteed slots in 2014.

  • r

    If I was this kid, and I read these comments, I would never step foot on IU’s campus…unless it was in a Minnesota uniform in an attempt to prove so many wrong. If I was another recruit and read this thread of comments about a fellow recruit, I would strongly question the fanbase’s support of the coaching staff as well as the players. I know IU’s fanbase is among the best, but in my opinion, some of the posts under this article reveal one of its glaring faults. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and apparently it is how many feel about this recruit, but it is so unwelcoming that it makes me sick. I guess I am in touch with my own emotional sensitivities and would never feel good about myself for throwing a 17-year-old kid whom I have never met under the bus. I am underwhelmed by his stats, but I couldn’t care less about his size. It is true, someone his size is at a disadvantage…but that may be the driving force behind an exceptional work ethic that results in accelerated improvement. I have never witnessed one of his games as the IU staff has. Apparently there is something worthwhile about his game for Rivals to list him as the 60th best player in the nation…or for his name to be mentioned as the top candidate for Kansas’ Mr. Basketball. I guess I am too sensitive. Hopefully this 17-year-old is not. Yes, I understand Spud and Muggsey were two exceptions to the likelihood of basketball success for undersized players, but there isn’t a cap to how many future players may also be exceptions.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Im not on the coaching staff but if I were I’d be passing on this guy