2014 guard Robert Johnson to take official visit to Indiana

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071413Richmond (Va.) Benedictine guard Robert Johnson told us in July that he would “definitely” take an official visit to Indiana.

The 2014 guard kept his word, telling Scout.com’s Evan Daniels on Wednesday that he will visit Bloomington the weekend of August 24.

Johnson also confirmed the visit date with Inside the Hall.

Daniels also reported that Johnson will visit Pittsburgh the following weekend, but Johnson later denied he had scheduled a trip to Pittsburgh on his Twitter account.

Johnson, a 6-foot-3, 190-pound combo guard, has been one of the nation’s fastest-rising guards this summer.

He also has offers from North Carolina, Miami, Villanova and Georgetown, among others.

“The last month or so, they’ve been recruiting him hard,” said Johnson’s AAU coach, Boo Williams, who is also the uncle of Indiana freshman Troy Williams. “He can really play now. He can play the 1, he can play the 2. He can really shoot. He just knows how to play. He’s got great footwork.

“Not a lot of people before this season knew a lot about him, but now almost everybody knows about him.”

Indiana has also recently started recruiting 2014 guard Quentin Snider, who decommitted from Louisville last week. Indiana has not yet offered Snider, but he has serious interest in the Hoosiers and is expected to visit the campus later this month.

Malachi Richardson, a 2015 guard with heavy interest in Indiana, will also visit Bloomington the weekend on August 24.

Welcome week, which kicks off on the official opening day for the IU campus, begins on Wednesday, August 21 and runs through Sunday, August 26.

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  • WisconHoosier

    If Johnson and Richardson scrimmage with the team, I like our chances. Our players sell the program better than anyone.

  • Mooks

    Players are definitely the best recruiting tool. Last Summer I saw Victor Oladipo countless times driving around recruits and their families on the little golf carts. It definitely helps. As a Jacobs School of Music kid, us musicians are the ones who really show the insight into culture and life-style.

    This is why Crean recruits kids with character. Because people with no character are a huge turn-off. (pUke)(Dookie)(Purdon’t)

  • Caleb Moore

    Alex/Justin/Others – Our take all along has been IU wants to add another guard……preferrably one that can handle the ball. So in your opinion are we looking at first come first serve for Snider/RJ? Or is it likely Crean would take both? Hold one off until the other decides? Just wondering your thoughts on how those two will play out.

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  • gerald

    Whats there to ‘What?” about his comment

  • slojoe

    Good question Caleb. It probably depends on what CTC thinks of his chances with Exum. If he thinks we still have a shot, he may only take one.

  • unclekerfuffle


    Sounds to me like you are on target about the “first come, . . .” Since they are both visiting very early with no football or basketball games to watch, I would not be surprised if a commitment from one of these two happens by the following Monday.

  • unclekerfuffle


    Something I have been wondering about Exum is what are the chances that he would enroll in college in December, 2013 and then declare for the draft in the spring of 2014. That way he could get national exposure with a team that has a chance to go deep in the Dance.

    If that is a possible scenario, it could make for an interesting situation as CTC implements his guard recruiting strategy.

  • Daniel Coffman

    Lol i liked the shameless music student plug-in there.

  • Mooks

    Thats was suppose to be a reply to @0e776ced2feb08ae38c23eaa004a3056:disqus, which is why I look really stupid right now. And yes @danielcoffman:disqus I am a shameless music student. Thought it would be nice to relate to something else for a change.

  • Mooks

    *Reply to Wisconsin Hoosiers*. Stupid computer.

  • slojoe

    Right now we don’t have an open scholarship for Dante to join the team at mid-year.

  • Jennifer G

    I think what I like about BOTH of these young men is that they both seem to really LIKE Indiana and both seem genuinely excited about being targeted by IU. I want players who WANT to be here. Who walk in to Cook Hall and are amazed by those who came before (remember Victor talking about his visit to IU? Oh- that’s Isaiah Thomas…) and then be BLOWN AWAY by the Hoosiernation and their dedication to our teams… to each individual player. Players who want to write their own stories in cream and crimson. I say bring on the GUARDS!!! (oh- and grab us a big guy while you’re at it!)

  • Justin Albers

    Either way, I think they only take one. It’s not really first come, first serve at this point because only one has been offered (Johnson). It looks like they will move on Johnson first, and if he doesn’t commit, then they move their attention to Snider.

    Personally, I think Snider may be a better choice. Johnson is quite similar to some guys Indiana already has (Stan Robinson) and will have (James Blackmon Jr.).

  • WisconHoosier


    In case the movie rights to any of my posts are ever sold, I want to be credited for my work . . .

  • SCHoosier

    Hey guys..don’t you think Miami-s signing of 4 star combo guard Newton out of Philly…gives IU one less competitor for Johnson? Let’s hope Boo W is in his ear about IU.

  • unclekerfuffle

    Yeah, that would be a problem–just brainstorming.

  • unclekerfuffle

    Based solely on the highlight clips, I would agree with your assessment.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    I love him on “Terraplane Blues”

  • unclekerfuffle

    I was going to mention “Come on in my kitchen” but thought it might be too vague of an allusion. Good one, NTRSE.

  • HoosierTrav

    There is rumblings that Quentin Snider is leaning towards going to Ohio State to play alongside his buddy D’Angelo Russell. Not sure how reliable this is but it definitely makes sense.

  • marcusgresham

    …but Kentucky might since they have 3 who haven’t qualified academically yet. lmfao

  • Oldguyy

    Don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve been reading that if Exum were to play college ball in the 2013-14 season second semester, he would be ineligible for the 2014 draft. Something about foreign players having to play a full year if they play at all.


    Yea, I would just hate it if that’s how it ends up being. DWS

    Calipayoff: Guys, guys, guys quit your worrying…two words, Derrick Rose.

  • BC

    How you can not qualify academically for that school is a mystery to me.

  • Ole Man

    Enough with the guards already. Goodluck and maybe Exum.
    That is all.

  • Hoosier4Life

    Looks like we’re gonna really have to go after Exum since Blackman Jr. decommited. CTC needs to quit offering to middle schoolers!!

  • Rie

    Or he just needs to continue what he is doing since it has been going so well since he has been here.