Indiana offers 2014 Phoenix big man Michael Humphrey

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072013jcjxchIndiana coach Tom Crean watched class of 2014 Phoenix Sunnyslope (Az.) big man Michael Humphrey for the first time last weekend at the Reebok Breakout Challenge in Philadelphia.

He must have liked what he saw.

Less than a week later, Indiana offered the 6-foot-10 Humphrey a scholarship. Associate head coach Tim Buckley is in Dallas this weekend to watch Humphrey and his Arizona Magic AAU team, and he was the one to make the offer via text message.

“We’ve been talking about how the games have gone and how I played, what I did wrong, what I need to improve on,” Humphrey told Inside the Hall on Saturday. “During the (text) conversation, he was like, ‘By the way, we’re gonna offer you a scholarship.'”

Even though Crean was the first one on the Indiana staff to see Humphrey play live, Buckley has been recruiting him from the beginning. He began sending him handwritten letters some time ago, which helped the Hoosiers get involved in his recruitment.

“It’s definitely gotten a lot stronger,” Humphrey said of his relationship with Buckley. “We started off just kind of talking here and there, and things have definitely picked up. He seems really nice and really easy to talk to. I really like the relationship we have.”

Humphrey also has offers from Arizona, UCLA, USC, Texas, Vanderbilt and Virginia, among others. We did an extensive story on Humphrey just two days ago, in which we discussed the reason why he has flown under the radar until this point.

Humphrey wasn’t ready to say where Indiana ranks among his suitors.

“It’s a school I’m very interested in,” he said. “I really haven’t even started to narrow my list down. It’s obviously a great school that I have a lot of interest in.”

A source close to Humphrey told Inside the Hall that Indiana will “definitely” get one of Humphrey’s official visits this fall.

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  • Miamihoosier

    So many big names that our coaches put a lot of time and effort in to, are
    now off the board….if Exum is a no go, I still think we need another top 30 type guy to pair with Blackmon, to make a title run in 2014. Leron Black and Okonoboh are probably our last two swings at it…..but we definitely need players like Humphrey….without the injury he’d be at worst a top 100 guy…we are filling out our roster now with guys in that 40-100 range who will likely be with us 4 years….this is the model I see us using to win championships……pair 1 or 2 early entry NBA studs with 3 or 4 Juniors and Seniors who were top 40-100 as freshman, and most teams aren’t going to be able to deal with that blend of talent and experience…..we really started doing this with the 2012 class, and by 2015, the model should in full effect, as Hollowell and Perrea become Seniors, and Fischer, Williams and Robinson Juniors, you basically have a starting 5 of top 100 guys to blend with whatever top 20 guys we can get that year………it’s better than the Kentucky model for a million reasons, but still makes us just as lethal, probably more so.

  • Ole Man

    Let’s see; hmmm. That’s only about 50 scholarships we’ve offered for 2014. And we only have one. So no problem.

  • thrawnjan

    I am still confused how it cannot be an issue to have a bazillion offers out there. What if 5 centers accepted their offers tomorrow? Or 5 guys that are not taller than 6’2″. Or only 4 stars, when you were planning on also adding top-10 recruits. Are these conditional offers?
    “Everything will work out” has not convinced me yet.

  • semohoosier

    I not sure if coach is trying that cast a bigger net and u shall catch more fish thing but we sure have a boat load of offers. Pun intended.

  • SCHoosier

    I feel your frustration….

  • Hardwood83

    It is bewildering, but if it makes you feel better it is common. I am no recruiting junkie, but read a little and it’s amazing how many offers many of the top teams have out. Definitely not unique to IU.

  • Kelin Blab

    Here is how offers work:

    IU offers a kid and says one of the following….

    + We are offering you a scholarship and anytime you want to accept we would be thrilled…(ex.) Goodluck or Gary Harris.

    + We are offering you a scholarship, we would like an answer by _____. (once that date passes usually a school moves on)

    + We are offering you a scholarship, we are going to continue to recruit and get to know you. We are looking at other players but have a interest in you. We would like to schedule an official visit in the spring and at that point talk about an commitment.

  • thrawnjan

    Yes, I do not mean to criticize the process (because I think I don’t get it), I would rather like to understand the process better.

    To me, these offers cannot be carte-blanche invitations for the recruit to simply say “Ok, I commit” and then it’s a done deal. If that was the case, there is no way the participating parties would behave as they do. Not every single (in the 2014 case) of the lower-ranked recruits would just wait this long to commit to IU. Likewise, the top ten players would not wait so long to commit, as they would have to fear that the spots at the top universities would be taken as soon as the offers fly out.
    How come there is so little information on this issue?

  • thrawnjan

    (wrote this just as Kelin replied above)

  • thrawnjan

    Thank you! I totally get options 1 and 2, those are straight forward.

    But option number 3, is this really a scholarship offer then? Online I found information that they are only legally binding in written form. Is a text message a written offer?
    My guess is that there are really two kinds of scholarship offers. The first two options you listed, aka real offers. And then the third option, a glorified “hi, we would like to ask you out on a date to dance on our campus” statement, which is just called an offer to make it sound more amazing to the player.
    Would that come close to what’s going on there?

  • marcusgresham

    …and then Otis Day and the Knights show up and dance with them even though you invited them.

  • semohoosier

    I guess i don’t even think for a minute that i know everything that goes into recruiting but i can see where having a lot of offers on the table is good. We seem to be headed in the right direction. That is why Crean does what he does and I do what I do.

  • Rick Myers

    It’s not a perfect world! I’m sure it’ll all work out, have faith! Go Hoosiers!!

  • Slojoe

    There are no NCAA rules about “verbal committments”. In basketball a player is not legally committed to a team (and vice versa) until he signs an agreement with the school to accept a scholarship during the signing period. The signing period is set out by NCAA, and there are two. The first is 2 weeks or so in November of a recruits senior year and the second is the following spring.

  • Ole Man

    I may be “wrong” on this, but I believe the NCAA does not allow colleges to offer “conditional” scholarships. If you offer, then the kid accepts, you’re in; unless you totally withdraw. And such a move would really hurt you’re recruiting. You are allowed to rescind the offer IF the kid has not accepted.

  • thrawnjan

    I have to say that in my opinion that’s a pretty awful attitude towards authority. But maybe that’s just me being German (most of us have developed a tendency to be wary of blindly following the leader “who knows what he’s doing, solely because he is in charge and in this case paid a lot of money”, since hundreds of hours in school are spent on how the horribly designed political system made something like the Third Reich possible in the first place). And no, I am not comparing anything to Nazis, I am simply explaining where I think many Germans have developed the sentiment of questioning leaders and decision making processes.

    I cannot possibly see how simply asking questions can be seen as negative? If that becomes a cultural imperative, it is indeed a dangerous mindset.

  • thrawnjan

    So that means any offer can be revoked by the university before the November of the respective senior’s year? That would be the emergency exit that explains the universities’ behavior.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Just go to espn recruiting site and look up 2014 recruiting….just the top 25 kids. AZ, Baylor, KY has offers to almost every kid…it seems like everyone is doing it….first come first served but It seems like IU is more selective in kids needed instead of every top level player regardless of position…just take a look.

  • Katie M.

    I would much rather have this kid than Goodluck, but that is just me. He looks to be a much more rounded player. Not saying that Goodluck wouldn’t be welcome, but this kid sure can shoot!

  • HoosierTrav

    You are wrong. Look at BeeJay Anya last year. Scholly rescinded.

  • HoosierTrav

    How has this not convinced you when its worked out every time. We can speculate all we want into the Ron Patterson situation and some others but nobody has anything concrete. It keeps working out. Every year, like clock work, people piss and moan about the offers…..and every year, like clock work, everything works out. Lets be honest with each other. The same people (Pessimists to their core) are going to piss and moan if he offered only a few schollies to blue chippers and we missed out on everybody. “That Tom Crean shoulda had a contingency plan!” “This program would operate much smoother if I were runnin it! After all, I did run my 3rd grade Y ball team to a bronze medal.” LET THE MAN DO HIS JOB!!!!!! He’s pretty damn good at what he does!

    It would be nice to know that we are locked in to getting 3-5 four and 5 star recruits year in and year out…. but we aren’t quite there yet. I’m sure the same people would piss and moan about not recruiting 4 year guys. Its comical really.

  • HoosierTrav

    In regards to the tweeting…… Its more like kid tweets he’s commited to IU…..Alex Bozich retweets….. Kid now has 12021641231505048704780 followers…. The power of Alex Bozich my friends.

  • thrawnjan

    See reply to HoosierKen73. I want to understand how it works, and maybe other people would like to as well. Nobody is pissing, where do you even get this from?
    Why do you not want to understand why it works out?

  • HoosierTrav

    Copy that! I did not see that. I just get frustrated with all of the pessimism. My apologies sir.

  • thrawnjan

    “And no, I am not comparing anything to Nazis, I am simply explaining where I think many Germans have developed the sentiment of questioning leaders.”

    It is getting pretty frustrating to see that so many people just read what they want :/

  • thrawnjan

    Since you claim to be German: Have you also noticed how CEO’s, sponsors, directors of tournaments, or coaches are applauded when they take the stage in American sport arenas, while in Germany they will be booed by the majority of people? I always thought that was a very interesting cultural difference.
    And since I know what you probably want to respond to that: I don’t prefer one over the other, both behaviors are understandable and fine by me.

  • SCHoosier

    If this kid is from AZ..let’s get him up to campus before the snow flies. Since he’s was a high school QB..maybe show him how Coach Wilson’s offense is developing and a nice b-ball/campus tour during Indiana’s beautiful Fall?

  • Ole Man

    No; BJ never accepted the scholarship. We did pull back the offer, because we were getting Vonleh. So, no, I am not wrong.