2014 guard JaQuan Lyle says relationships are strongest with Crean, Pitino

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071712It’s been a busy couple of weeks for class of 2014 Evansville Bosse guard JaQuan Lyle.

On June 1, Lyle worked in a stop at Indiana while in town to watch a friend compete in the state track meet and followed that up with an unofficial visit to Louisville on June 9. In between, Lyle participated in practices and a pair of exhibitions for the Indiana Junior All-Stars against Kentucky.

Speaking after the Indiana Juniors dismantled Kentucky 86-73 on Saturday at St. Xavier, the five-star guard said that out of the head coaches recruiting him, he has the best relationship with Tom Crean and Rick Pitino.

“They just care about you as a person first before they care about you as a player,” Lyle said. “That’s what I really like and I think that’s what I really need.

“Coach Crean is a great person. He cares about you as a person and that’s what I really like.”

Indiana was the first school to offer Lyle in late 2010 and are one of the final seven schools he’s considering along with Louisville, Ohio State, Tennessee, Illinois, UCLA and Florida.

He said he plans to follow up his most recent visit to Bloomington with another unofficial next week after he returns from the NBPA Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I just went over, talked to Coach Crean, watched film and watched them workout,” he said of the June 1 visit. “Pretty much just talked to them and had fun. I’ll probably take another visit this month, like an actual unofficial and play up and down with them.”

The next couple of weeks for Lyle will be full of travel as he’ll play in the Indiana Junior-Senior All-Star exhibition games, attend the NBPA Top 100 Camp, the Nike point guard Skills Academy, the LeBron James Skills Academy and play in front of college coaches at the EYBL Finals at the Peach Jam.

In early May at the Hensley Memorial Spiece Run-N-Slam Classic, Lyle talked about making a fall decision, but said in Louisville that he doesn’t have a definite timetable.

“I don’t know yet. Whenever I think it’s time, that’s when I’m going to make it,” he said. “I didn’t get to take the ACT this morning because there was something wrong with the paperwork, so I think I take it in like two weeks.”

Lyle said that close friend and AAU teammate James Blackmon Jr., who committed to Indiana in September of 2010, continues to pitch the possibility of joining him in Bloomington for college and singled out Noah Vonleh and Yogi Ferrell as two current IU players he has good relationships with.

“He’s recruiting me all the time,” Lyle said. “He just tells me to make the decision for me. And if it’s IU, he’ll be happy with that.

“I know Noah from a lot of the camps last year. We’re real cool. He committed to IU. We talk all the time and I just ask him what he likes about it, why he committed there. He’s a cool guy. Yogi, I know him through basketball and we’re cool.”

While Lyle figures to be in line for a healthy amount of playing time from day one at whichever school he chooses, none of the schools recruiting him are making any guarantees in that regard.

“No school is really making promises,” he said. “They just tell me if I want to play right away, I’ve just got to come in and work. It’s not going to be easy.”

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  • unclekerfuffle

    Seems to me that if an Indiana kid is an elite player and can meet the academic/character standards to play for IU and CTC, then it is a no brainer that every effort should be made to put him in candy stripes.

    With that said, hopefully all those pieces are falling in place in regards to JL and he decides to come to B’town.

    Admittedly, with UofL’s recent success, recruiting against Patino can be tough. I suspect that kids today place less value on playing for their state schools than those who played 20+ years ago.

  • Haystacks

    Tough decision for the young man, Lville or IU will get a good one and really think its down to those two. IMO, he probably wants to see what Exum will do and I’m not real sure if Exum will decide in the fall or wait till spring.

  • Suspensions in high school have me concerned about his character. Even things like paperwork problems with the ACT are things that wouldn’t happen with players like zeller or vonleh. sure people can change but the odds aren’t in his favor @ that age and environment.

  • Caleb Moore

    Have a feeling it’s going to be tough to pry him away from Louisville, but I like that we have the connection with JB and he already knows Noah and Yogi. He probably also knows Devin and Colin fairly well as well as Jeremy. I we could land him and Exum (probably truly a one-and-done talent) and Goodluck to go with JB that would be an excellent class considering we missed on our #1 target.

  • HoosierTrav

    Hard to really judge character from a distance. Not really fair either. We don’t know any of the circumstances surrounding the issues you mentioned. I know i wasn’t an absolute professional or adult when i was 17. The fact that he realizes that he NEEDS a guy like Coach Crean in his life speaks volumes of his character. At least he has somewhat of a vision of the man he would like to become. He got into a fight with a kid in school and he has a very fiery attitude on the court. I’m sure he would take the punch back but maybe the kid deserved it. I can think of a few names of top that deserve a punch in the face. They would have gotten it when i was 17 too. Kids are still kids and we shouldn’t judge them for childhood mistakes that they make. Honestly…. Jaquan seems to be a kid who works diligently on his game, stays out of legal trouble, and thoroughly denounces anything that could potentially disrupt his bright future. He isn’t getting caught possessing weed or even getting minor consumption charges, like many of kids his age do. Lets give this kid some space. Let him be a kid w/o having his character judged by adults on a message board or twitter. I think your concerns are understandable but they should be dismissed considering the fact that we don’t know enough about the circumstances surrounding these slip ups. Lets let things play out and highlight the positives. There are a lot of positives in this kids character and certainly his game does too.

    I’m not attacking you by any means, I just hate to see unfair assumptions of these kids’ character. Lets give him a chance and applaud him for recognizing that playing for IU & Crean can turn him into not only a man, but a good man. I really would like to keep this kid in state. We sure as hell don’t need that pattern to repeat itself. He belongs in candy stripes.

  • HoosierTrav

    Agree…. with everything you’ve said.

  • MillaRed

    If the decision boils down to total facelifts between coach and wife, Pitino runs away with this thing.

  • Paul Emmerich

    “They just care about you as a person first before they care about you as a player.”

    Like when Malik Story and Ron Patterson were “Creaned”?

  • SUNY_RIT_IU_Grad

    I agree with HoosierTrav, JL belongs in candy stripes!

  • SUNY_RIT_IU_Grad

    I believe we have a troll here on a mission!

  • CreamandCrimson

    Thanks for writing this. I’ve replied to posts on other threads that basically say what Archer wrote…”I have concerns about his character”. Or worse, “he seems like a bad kid”. It seems unfair and presumptuous to me. I have asked what their particular concerns are other than generalities and no one seems to reply. Kids mature and if he displayed any red flags recently, I trust Crean to take that into account. If Tom Crean thinks he fits into his programs culture, it’s good enough for me and his talent is unquestionable.

  • skotchie

    Though I like Exum a lot, we have a 5 star recruit right here in our backyard who by the way already enjoys an excellent relationship with Blackmon Jr. To me its a no brainer. Come to IU Jaquan!

  • Jason Russell

    I don’t know why people harp on this kid’s character? I’ve met Jaquan several times and he’s responded to everything I asked him with yes sir or no sir! He seems very humble to me, and for those who haven’t even met him, quit judging him!

  • Cehlerding
  • Michael Crawley

    Can I get an “Amen” keep our guys in state.

  • VAHoosier

    I don’t blame him. We’d have a bit of a log-jam at the 2-spot if Exum and Lyle come, along with Blackmon. All three of those guys would probably command 25+ minutes a game as freshman. I know that’s probably a good problem to have, but from a player-development perspective it could be crummy.

  • Well said

  • Visit a local jail and talk to the inmates. You’ll have plenty of them responding to you with yes sir or no sir. I’m not saying Lyle’s a criminal, but actions define character more than words. If you’re on a public stage, being judged by strangers who have never met you comes with the territory. Not always fair, but that’s life. If a Kentucky commit punched someone in the face and got suspended, most people here would say “typical pUKe thug”.

  • MillaRed

    I just counted the minutes ITH’ers spent in the last year posting on other B1G websites and I came up with zero. It must be those things we call “lives” we are enjoying.

  • marcusgresham

    It’s also about as short a drive to Louisville from Evansville as it is to Bloomington (until they finish I-69, at least.)

  • Paul Emmerich

    That would be more believable if there weren’t 14 players signed for 13 scholarship spots when that went down. Keep turning a blind eye and spinning it how you want. See how that works out as more and more players, especially local ones, are Creaned to make room for higher profile guys.

    If this were happening anywhere else, you would be able to see it for what it is.

  • kennygeorge

    I finally have been silent long enough. So what? I want to see only the best available at IU and if that means someone moving on so be it. Golly doesn’t that happen in the real world like business? I’ve seen it a thousand times in retail. You don’t like crean and look for any excuse to criticize him. The man isn’t perfect but neither is any poster on this site including you and me. But the constant harping on old subject matter is a sign of someone who just can’t let something go and personally I prefer talking about newer subjects. so go ahead and ding me and retort back all you want. I’d rather you be harping at me than harping on someone else.


    Unless you are someone that has an incredibly good inside source or have access that allows you to legitimately make the kind of things you are saying facts and not accusations then you are doing nothing more than going off of assumptions & rumors. Usually someone that has a very good inside source or has the kind of access needed to make such statements the truth and not accusations doesn’t go on a public site and lay them out. If someone was making false accusations against you, that didn’t exactly make you look good, based on assumptions & rumors, something tells me you would think it was wrong for that person to be doing it. If you do in fact have the facts to lay these things out as the truth then by all means please accept my apology, but before I make my apology I would ask that you provide proof that what you are saying is not based on assumptions & rumors.

  • hoosier1158

    Yep, I don’t believe coincidences.

  • Old Timer

    We need Lyle more than we need a shooting guard. Lyle is one of the top passers, plus he is tall for a point guard. We already recruited James at shooting guard. 4 guards equal full court press.

  • Jeremy Pinnell

    They are to be finished with I-69 supposedly sometime next year about when he starts the fall semester in college. I have a friend whose son just graduated from Bosse. He said that he really has no idea where he might go. I am pretty sure JL still has it a toss up.

  • calbert40

    I’ll express a (possible) minority viewpoint here: I couldn’t care less where a recruit lives. I care about a player’s attitude, work ethic, coachability, desire to wear Indiana across his chest, ability to represent the university and program well, etc. If a player from Australia exhibits all of those traits, sign him up!

    I’m not saying that Lyle is NOT those things, and I’d LOVE to have him on our roster in 2014 and beyond, but I don’t think this is an “either or” proposition. Let’s get both!

  • calbert40

    Mike, attacking rumors and innuendo with commonsense logic is always doomed to failure. This is why “yellow journalism” sells so well; people will believe what they choose.

    You are obviously correct in everything you said, but those who are willing to believe baseless accusations will continue to believe them regardless of the facts of an issue.

  • Alex

    Hahahaha niceeee

  • skotchie

    OK then lets simply focus on the fact that he & Blackmon Jr have been teamates for a long time already.


    Sad but true. I guess every now and then I just have to purge my system like I did. Probably should work on that aspect. lol

  • calbert40

    Haha!! Purge, away! I am the same way. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself!

  • esapata

    They literally could not have picked a worst school than St. X to host.

  • MillaRed

    Mike and Calbert, you guys are always wrong. It’s sad, really sad.

    Tom Crean is clearly the anti-Christ. Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!


    LOL !!!!!!