• CreamandCrimson

    Whenever Jaquan Lyle gets discussed on ITH this seems to be the general feeling. People are torn because he has ability but they don’t like his attitude or he isn’t “an IU kind of guy” or he doesn’t fit into Crean’s culture or some going as far as saying “he’s not a good kid”. I’m not disagreeing with you about his attitude, I really have no idea. I saw him play twice on TV and he looked very impressive to me and I saw nothing to indicate that attitude is a problem. I don’t know enough about him to make that indication though.

    I’m just wondering, what are the concerns about his attitude or work ethic actually stemming from?

  • SCHoosier

    What I really hadn’t noticed about Lyle until this tape is how “thick ” he is. Big butt and strong legs..yet he has a good handle and a very quick first step. Shooting a work in progress..but with that size and heft..the kid should be the kind of slashing, back-em down, rebounding guard that TC’s offense wants and needs. I still don’t see IU has the leader for this guy..but let’s h ope the home state pull means something in JQL’s situation. Not so worried about his attitude..he’s young..maturing..and in the IU culture his teammates would take of that situation REAL fast.

  • kennygeorge

    I honestly feel that IF he chose to attend IU, he will be fine. He seems to be on communication terms with incoming guys. Some of us go through substantial changes when becoming a senior and I expect he will too. IF IF IF he comes to IU he will befine and I HOPE HOPE HOPE he does.

  • Brklynhoosier

    Lyle 10, Gordon 0.

  • HoosierTrav

    I wouldnt worry about drawing a blank in this class. If there has been one constant in Coach Creans tenure, its been recruiting. No one thought Troy Williams or Noah Vonleh was coming. Then BAM they commit. Wait for the visits to play out. Goodluck may be infatuated with Duke now but wait until he visits IU during a packed house and sees all of the resources IU has to offer. Then he will have something to compare to Duke. Once a kid sees Assembly Hall explode for the first time, its a game changer. I remember when Troy Williams was a UNC LOCK and Noah Vonleh was most likely a Syracuse signee. We will have a good class. I don’t even get as worked up about IU recruiting anymore bc it has been so unpredictable yet successful. I just sit back and become pleasantly surprised to find out who I’ll be rooting for soon. This 2014 class is not as good as the 2013 class is either. There isnt that much program changing talent in the 2014 class. I’d love to have Lyle and Bluiett.


    Come on C&C, you don’t get your IU flavored flour at the Indiana rumor mill ? Nothin’ but the truth ground out there.

    I have wanted this kid to sign on with us for long time now. As far as the attitude thing goes, I have to believe that if it was a concern of amount Crean would have stopped recruiting him. There was a period of time where it seemed like we had stopped recruiting him. Then there was an article on him that quoted him as saying that Crean had told him some things that he didn’t really want to hear and that he felt wasn’t right. He also said that at a later point he seen that Crean was right & was right to point them out to him. Believe he was also quoted as saying that he was glad that he did point those things out to him & that it had made him a better bball player.

  • Mikey IU

    depends on how you define “program-changing” 2013 probably has more 1-and-dones right off the bat, but do those players “change” programs? I see a lot of very high-level talent in 2014 that would likely be in college for 2-4 years. Those are the kids that change programs IMO. To have a player like JBJr, Lyle, Blueitt, Goodluck until their sophomore or junior years could be HUGE! Imagine them as the counter piece to our 2013 class when they are Jr/Sophs and then on. Pretty good program if those guys can develop and stick around.

    Exum on the other hand could be a “program changer” in 1yr as well.