Jordan Hulls works out for Pacers, Bulls

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IUPUITH0003Former Indiana guard Jordan Hulls isn’t anywhere near ready to say goodbye to his basketball career.

Hulls, who earned his Masters Degree in May and exhausted his NCAA eligibility this past season, is in the process of working out for various NBA teams ahead of this month’s draft. Hulls worked out for the Indiana Pacers on Monday and the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday.

He said he and his agent have three or four more planned for the coming weeks, though he’s not sure when and where those will take place.

“I’m just doing as many workouts as I can and see what happens with that,” Hulls told Inside the Hall on Thursday. “The plan is to try to get on a summer league team. If I’m fortunate enough to have that happen, that would be great. Make a roster, awesome, I get to stay here. But if not, I’ll go overseas and play and make some money that way. Playing basketball is not too bad of a gig in my mind.”

In his interview with Inside the Hall, Hulls also talked about the way last season ended for he and the Hoosiers. Hulls injured his right shoulder in a third round win against Temple, and he struggled in his last collegiate game against Syracuse in the Sweet Sixteen.

Hulls was held scoreless on 0-of-6 shooting in a 61-50 loss to the Orange, and he was frustrated and disappointed afterward about the way he went out.

On March 30, Inside the Hall reported that Hulls played through a level 1 AC shoulder separation against Syracuse. Speaking about the injury for the first time since the season ended, Hulls admitted he wasn’t nearly himself after the injury.

“It hurt quite a bit,” Hulls said. “In the Temple game, it didn’t hurt as bad because I got a lot of adrenaline going. The doctors gave me some stuff to help ease the pain. I was just trying to do my best, and it didn’t hurt too bad until I dove on the floor in the Temple game after I already hurt it. That kind of messed it up a little bit.

“The Syracuse game, it was hurting me pretty much all week. I tried to rest it as much as possible. I could shoot the ball, obviously not as well as I wanted to. But once I got in the game and started having to defend guys, it was a little bit of a different story. It was hard for me to put a lot of pressure on it, getting caught in screens and stuff like that. It was hurting quite a bit, but it was gonna have to be a lot worse than that to keep me out of my last possible game.”

Hulls returned to the floor and was a key reason why Indiana came from behind to beat Temple. He played 26 minutes against the Orange.

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  • skotchie

    Though I’m not much of an NBA fan if the Pacers signed Jordan as a FA, and sent him here to the Fort for experience and PT I would finally have a reason to attend a Mad Ants (D) League game.

  • Michael Shearer

    No way Hulls is an NBA player. He’s too slow and can’t guard anyone.

  • Mike James

    Hulls was great at IU, but too slow for the NBA, however he can play overseas and the pays in gernerally good.

  • superhoops

    I really hope Jordan makes a roster. I think he can play in the NBA. His quick release, beyond NBA range and accuracy makes him a threat. And if he doesn’t make it, it won’t because he’s slow, because he is quicker than people give him credit for. Defense may be an issue. I’m curious to see what he measures out to be height wise. Not sure he’s a legit 6′ w/o shoes. I hope Jordan proves his critics wrong. Best of luck to him and thanks for being a Hoosier, Jordan.

  • thrawnjan

    I always played for the Mad Ants in NBA 2K13, you should have come watch me 😉

  • Dagwoods

    Lets let him determine that.

  • Wherever you end up–Indiana, Illinois, overseas, best of luck to you Jordan. Don’t give up on your dreams of the NBA even if you don’t make it this year.

  • Michael Shearer

    He was a defensive liability at I.U. and it’s only going to get worse in the NBA. He’s a one dimensional player and just being able to shoot the “3” won’t get it.

  • Jesse

    Michael, I am glad he has never listened to anyone like you throughout his career!! Obviously the Bulls, The Pacers, The Pistons and the Cavs have shown interest and have invited him to their camps. If I were you I would leave it up to them. I think they know a little more than you. Jordan has always proven people like you wrong……

  • PV Mike

    Go overseas Jordan. I think he will run into the same challenges in NBA as Steve Alford did. Remember when local fans were up in arms that the Pacers took Reggie instead of Steve? The rest was history.

  • Debbie

    Good Luck Jordan At least you stayed in the team you loved Best of luck in the future

  • IU Mama

    According to Jordan’s closest roommates, he is NOT finishing his Masters at this time as he is busy working out with NBA teams. He may/may not complete his Masters degree at a later time.

  • Earl Scheib

    Ragging on the guy who played the most games for Indiana and is the poster boy for Hoosier basketball integrity, heart, and can do attitude, and fiery competitive spirit is not cool. However flawed Jordy’s game may or may not be, this kid gave his all for Indiana basketball and to criticize him as he tries to go to the next level is totally out of place here. I loved watching Hulls play for the Hoosiers and support his efforts to play professionally. Don’t count this guy out. He’s always been a winner and there’s a chance someone out there will appreciate his talents.