HD Video: Cody Zeller at the NBA Draft combine

  • 05/16/2013 2:09 pm in

CHICAGO — Indiana All-American Cody Zeller didn’t participate in the day one drills portion of the NBA Draft combine at the Harrison Street Athletics Facility, but he did meet with the media and will participate in Friday’s strength and agility tests.

Inside the Hall was there as Zeller fielded questions from the media on Thursday afternoon. Watch him address a number of topics, including stepping out on the perimeter, his wingspan and more in the embedded media player below:

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  • SCHoosier

    Check out TC’s twitter comments today on Cody. He mentions all the offensive weapons Zeller has..strange the Coach couldn’t get Zeller to use them when IU needed them most. I mean..Crean is a non-stop hype machine..of Academy Award stature for his players….but.. Geez.

  • I am not a Crean hater by any stretch of the imagination, I usually am defending him. However, I could not agree more with your statement. He mentioned that on average Zeller went 47 of 52 on the 5 minutes shooting 3’s drill they do. Why in the world didn’t we see more of that from him in an IU uniform then? Not 3’s but at least more 15 footers. We could have used that against Syracuse, no doubt. We all knew he could shoot, he won the 3 point shootout at hoosier hysteria I believe. I just don’t get it.

  • SCHoosier

    I’m a big Crean supporter also..but glad you understood my point.

  • SCHoosier

    I really didn’t care about Cody shooting three’s..just wish he had used the pick and pop..turn around from the key, jump hook..fade-away..all of which he showed sparingly. I know TC wanted to get him on the FT line..and against the marginal teams that was no problem. Totally different approach was needed for Cody’s offense in the conference and post season. I’m still frosted that nobody had the stones to ask Crean about this during the season. It was like a “taboo” subject..especially since TC bragged about Cody’s face the basket game in the pre-season. Go figure.


    I think I know exactly what you are saying and how you are feeling…..like I am. My appreciation for CTC has done to bring IU bball back is only matched by my bewilderment as to why he didn’t have Cody show more of the face the basket game that he went on and on about. Again like you said he didn’t have to step out and launch a barrage of 3’s over the season but at the very least he could have had him shooting the shots that you mentioned. Doing this would have only helped in getting him to the FT line (IMHO) as his defender would have had to respect that part of his game as well. The company line was that there were so many other outside shot threats that is wasn’t necessary or needed, but I’ve yet to see a team, regardless of how many good shooters there were on that team, that wasn’t a better team if their 5 could, and did, step out and knock down the mid range jumper, or yes, even the occasional 3. If fans could have voted on a single question that was never asked but that they wanted asked of CTC, and have it legitimately answered, I feel sure it would have been, ” the question”, that people would have wanted answered.

  • RONB

    IUMike1, I see your point but Cody was the leading scorer,
    leading rebounder, played the most minutes, beat all other big men down the floor for easy buckets and shot a .562 field goal percentage. I think we got all Cody could bring every game and we needed him to be our force under the basket because we had Hulls,Watford and Vic to shoot 3 points shots. Sure in hind sight it would have been nice to see him shoot a few 15 footer’s but I think from hearing Cody talk about his year, he did what he thought was best for him and the team.

  • GirlToni13

    Poor kid, had to answer the same question about talking to his brothers 3 different times. Were the reporters simply not there when the question was asked previously. I think by the third time, he was even getting a bit tired of his canned answer. I think Cody is going to do great!! He’s a great kid with lots of ability and support. I’ve never been an NBA fan, but am truly looking forward to the draft and following both Cody and Vic!!

  • Jerad95

    Crean actually tweeted that he averaged 47 to 52 3’s in 5 minute shooting drills. “In our 5min. 3pt.shooting drills with 1 ball and 1 rebounder, Cody Zeller made 47 to 52 on avg. That is REALLY GOOD. He will be just fine.” Just to clarify but I still understand your point.