Indiana to play Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio State and Purdue once in 2013-2014

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Single plays for the 2013-2014 Big Ten schedule were announced Tuesday afternoon and Indiana will play Iowa (home), Minnesota (away), Ohio State (home) and Purdue (away) just once next season.

In the past, the conference rotated single plays, meaning IU would have kept the same single play opponents next season but swapped venues. That’s unlikely to be the case in 2014-2015 as Maryland and Rutgers join the league. With 14 teams in the Big Ten beginning next season, teams will play five league opponents twice and eight opponents once, which could result in an extremely unbalanced schedule for some teams.

It is possible, according to Scott Dochterman of The Gazette, that protected rivalries could be enacted as early as next season, but the Big Ten has no plans to split basketball into divisions.

The complete 2013-2014 Indiana schedule won’t be released until later this summer, but in addition to the 18 league games, five non-conference games have already been announced. Indiana will play two of the following three teams in Madison Square Garden in the 2K Sports Classic: Boston College, Connecticut and Washington, at Syracuse in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge, Evansville at Assembly Hall and Notre Dame at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in the Crossroads Classic.

Up to eight additional non-conference games will be announced at a later date, two of which will be part of the 2K Sports Classic to be played at Assembly Hall.

Here’s a complete list of Big Ten single plays by team:

· Illinois: Michigan, Purdue, at Northwestern, at Minnesota
· Indiana: Ohio State, Iowa, at Purdue, at Minnesota
· Iowa: Purdue, Nebraska, at Penn State, at Indiana
· Michigan: Northwestern, Penn State, at Ohio State, at Illinois
· Michigan State: Nebraska, Minnesota, at Purdue, at Wisconsin
· Minnesota: Indiana, Illinois, at Michigan State, at Nebraska
· Nebraska: Wisconsin, Minnesota, at Iowa, at Michigan State
· Northwestern: Illinois, Penn State, at Ohio State, at Michigan
· Ohio State: Michigan, Northwestern, at Wisconsin, at Indiana
· Penn State: Iowa, Wisconsin, at Michigan, at Northwestern
· Purdue: Indiana, Michigan State, at Illinois, at Iowa
· Wisconsin: Ohio State, Michigan State, at Penn State, at Nebraska

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  • Did we just get slapped sideways? Looks like a tough schedule in the big ten.

  • Iowa got slapped sideways.

  • CreamandCrimson

    The good = Not playing at Ohio State or Iowa. Getting to play Nebraska, Penn State, Illinois and Northwestern twice (not that those are guaranteed wins though).
    The bad = Not getting to play Minnesota in Assembly Hall.
    The tremendously stupid = Only playing Purdue once (not getting to spank them in Assembly Hall). Way to go Big Ten (he says as he rolls his eyes).

    Is it too late to shuffle the Crossroads Classic, make ND and Butler play and we can get Purdue at Bankers Life Fieldhouse? Something similar was done about 10 years ago if I remember correctly.

    All in all, this is a pretty fair “one-play” schedule for our Hoosiers. We don’t go to the projected 3rd place team (OSU) or the projected 5/6 place team (Iowa) and we don’t host a mid-tier team (Purdue) or a mid to bottom-tier team (Minnesota). It just really sucks that Purdue is only on the schedule once. This is something IU and Purdue fans can agree on….we should always play at least twice in basketball.

  • Don’t like this. IU vs. Purdue should happen twice a year no matter what. Remember when the Big 10 was only 10 teams and everything worked just fine. Those were the days.

  • JP

    Playing PU once isn’t much of a rivalry loss right now. PU players showed they didn’t care last year. Even during the darkest IU days, the team played hard against PU. Until Painter gets better personnel who actually care about that uniform they wear, there is no rivalry there.

  • SCHoosier

    I would suspect things could even out in the post conference tournament if the seedings allow it. Rather than having two teams play a third’d think the schedulers would match teams that have only met once..again IF the records/seedings allow it. That said IU vs PU should be a two game series EVERY year.

  • Brad Norrington

    Why can’t IU play PU in the crossroads classic on years where they only play them once in the B1G? That would make the most sense…..

  • CreamandCrimson

    We will be playing Notre Dame in the Crossroads Classic. Butler will be playing Purdue. I’d love to see that get switched around and have the Hoosiers play the Boilers while the Bulldogs play the Irish. Probably won’t happen though.

  • PDXHoosier

    The format stipulates that IU and PU don’t play each other. damn contracts

  • PDXHoosier

    I totally disagree. We were down for a few years, now PU is down. They’ll get better and make the games close again. Don’t forget they own us in the head to head record- the more chances we have to beat them the better

  • PDXHoosier

    The new B1G schedule with 14 teams is going to be a major change. Imagine playing Nebrasketball twice in one year and PU, UI, UM, etc only once.

  • IU only plays PU once this season, but in 2014, Indiana will lose even more traditional rivalry games to make room for games against freaking Maryland and Rutgers. Yuck.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Exactly…a major change that I don’t think is beneficial for the conference or for the fans (not that what’s good for the fans has been considered in a long time). With 14 teams, IU will play 5 teams twice and eight teams once. That means there are going to be ridiculously unbalanced schedules and in my opinion, it will dilute the importance of winning the regular season title. It will still be important just not as important.
    Team A could play Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State, Minnesota and Rutgers twice and everyone else once (with maybe some favorable home/road splits).
    Team B could play MSU, UM, IU, OSU and Wisconsin twice and everyone else once.

    Obviously, those are extreme examples but something similar to that could definitely help decide the Big Ten regular season title and that’s a shame. All so that we could add the markets Rutgers and Maryland supposedly bring to the Big Ten. Ugh.

  • So obviously you’d like to see Indiana play the better teams in single games. I think Indiana’s draw is balanced, as is a majority of the other teams, except for Iowa. Man, they have to play the buckeyes, wolverines, spartans, and the badgers twice. Ouch.

  • calbert40

    It is pretty obvious that the B1G is trying to competitively balance the single games, and with just a couple exceptions (ouch, Iowa), they did a nice job with this. However, IU and PU should be a protected rivalry that ALWAYS plays home and home regardless of competitive balance issues. There is no excuse for the B1G on this issue.

  • calbert40

    I am bothered by the scheduling matrix for 2014 when we have 14 teams. Play 5 teams twice and the other 8 once? That could pose some real competitive balance issues.

    This may be an unpopular sentiment, but I think that the B1G needs to institute divisional play in basketball as well. If they went to two 7-team divisions, each school would play their divisional opponents twice (12 games) and the other 7 schools once for a total of 19 B1G games. I think they could add one more conference game without too much issue. This would eliminate the perceived randomness of the single play opponent system.

    The problem is how the divisions would be separated. If they used the football divisions, it would be intense: IU, MSU, UM, OSU, PSU, Maryland and Rutgers. THAT would be murderer’s row! The other division would be quite weak: PU, Wisky, Minny, Iowa, Nebraska, NW, Illinois.

    I think that IU and PU would HAVE to be put into the same divisions to make this work, so I would propose switching IU and NW.

    B1G East: MSU, UM, OSU, PSU, NW, Maryland and Rutgers
    B1G West: IU, PU, Illinois, Wisky, Minny, Iowa, Nebraska

  • JP

    What I meant about the rivalry being gone right now isn’t due to PU having a down year, it’s the fact that the current PU roster doesn’t really care about that uniform they wear. If the rivalry was there for the players, do you think they would be sitting on the bench laughing it up as they did while getting their butts handed to them this year? Yes, IU was down, but what was their attitude when a bunch of walk ons faced all American team vote getters with Johnson and Moore? In Creans second year, a 10-21 IU team lost by 3 points against an 8th ranked PU team.

    What about the current PU roster shows that they believe a rivalry is in place? I don’t follow PU much, but when I did catch quotes from painter it was complaints about practicing.

    From a fan perspective the rivalry will be there between the two schools, but on the court, nothing with the current PU roster shows me that a player rivalry is currently there. Players like Hammons are probably more concerned with showing up to the bus on time than the rich traditions of IU vs PU.

  • Having Maryland, Rutgers, and Nebraska in the B1G for basketball is totally worthless and it JUST PLAIN sucks. Absolutely NO other way to put it. Penn State wasn’t an improvement either.