Notebook: Recruiting updates, Big Ten single plays, more

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042413aThis weekend marks the final of two April evaluation periods for college coaches to watch prospects and today is the final day of the April recruiting period where schools can make in-home visits with 2014 prospects and watch younger prospects work out at their schools.

The Indiana staff has been active this week, with the following reported stops:

· Associate head coach Tim Buckley was in Florida Tuesday watching 2014 guard D’Angelo Russell of Montverde Academy and 2014 guard B.J. Taylor. Russell has an offer from Indiana and took an unofficial visit to Bloomington two summers ago.

· Tom Crean watched 2015 Bolingbrook (IL) guard Prentiss Nixon, according to Illinois Wolves coach Mike Mullins. Nixon visited Indiana last October.

· Crean is scheduled to have an in-home visit with 2014 Evansville Bosse guard JaQuan Lyle today and also watch 2014 guard Brandone Francis and 2014 forward Dante Buford of Arlington Day in Florida, according to Justin Byerly. He also, according to Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star, checked in on 2015 Cathedral guard Jalen Coleman.

Lyle is considering six schools: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisville, Ohio State and Tennessee. Francis (pictured) won the MVP in the 17-and-under division of last weekend’s adidas Exclusive Run in Dallas.

· The Twitter account for the Mass Rivals AAU program tweeted earlier that assistant coach Kenny Johnson is expected to stop in on 2013 signee Noah Vonleh and 2014 target Goodluck Obokonoh on Wednesday.

Big Ten single plays to be announced soon

The Big Ten has already made its decisions on conference single plays for next season and based on a report by Scott Dochterman of The Gazette in Iowa, an announcement is expected soon.

“I can tell you on the men’s side, that each team’s four single-play opponents will come from the seven teams that they played home and away last year,” Big Ten senior associate commissioner Mark Rudner, head of scheduling and television administration, told The Gazette. “What we tried to do was look at match-ups, look at single plays that may have not scheduled for a period of time for whatever reasons just to try and catch up.”

Indiana will play Illinois, Nebraska, Northwestern and Wisconsin home and away next season.

IU’s four single plays will come from these seven teams: Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State and Purdue. Based on Rudner’s comments, the most likely single plays for IU appear to be Iowa, Ohio State, Minnesota, Michigan or Purdue.

Here’s a listing of the possible single play opponents and when IU last had a single play with each school:

·  Iowa: 2004-2005
·  Minnesota: 2006-2007
·  Ohio State: 2006-2007
·  Michigan: 2008-2009
·  Purdue: 2008-2009
·  Michigan State: 2010-2011
·  Penn State: 2010-2011

Indiana’s 2013-2014 non-conference schedule will include a game with Notre Dame at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Evansville at home, a road game in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge and two games in Madison Square Garden in the 2K Sports Classic.

Other bullets

· Cody Zeller will be represented by Sam Goldfeder, according to Draft Express. Goldfeder also represents Luke and Tyler Zeller.

· The start of practice this season could be either September 27 or October 4, if the NCAA’s Board of Directors approves the move in a vote scheduled to take place on May 2. It’s a change that Crean favors, according to

· With finals rankings released from ESPN, Rivals and Scout, Indiana again has the top ranked recruiting class in the Big Ten.

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  • CreamandCrimson

    A single play against Purdue would be unfortunate….not because I think they will be two easy victories (I think they will be quite improved next season) but because I would hate to not have the traditional home and home against them because we are playing someone like Nebraska instead.

    Of the options listed, I think it would be ideal to get single plays against Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State and Iowa. We’ll see soon I suppose.

    Also, wonderful job by Tom Crean and his coaching staff for having back-to-back top recruiting classes. It doesn’t automatically accomplish anything but consistent elite recruiting is how you build a championship program.

  • Benhyoung14

    A single play with MSU, UM, or OSU would be helpful this year.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    It takes a village nowadays, and Crean has assembled an elite player development staff featuring proven skill guys like himself, pros like Cheaney, and an athletic trainer like Je’Ney Jackson. The recruiting staff is also becoming quite the story as I feel comfortable saying the only team consistently signing and being involved with better players is Kentucky; We say coach Crean has an eye for talent, and I guess that goes for coaches as well. We questioned it at first, but Kenny Johnson is really starting to make a name for himself in recruiting circles.

    I also like how involved Johnson is with the fans. about 4 days ago he made several tweets about how he was getting hoosier nation “something to feed on”, then basically asked which players the fans wanted. That’s just plain awesome. this morning Alex retweeted him saying,
    “Been busy since last we spoke… the results will show.”
    That’s direct. He’s trying to let us in on as much as possible without breaking any rules, which I appreciate; he knows we’re dying for news. And hopefully that quote means we’ll be seeing a commit sometime in the near future, who knows.

    tl;dr coach Crean, an elite player developer and recruiter, has surrounded himself with a very, very high level staff that works hard and respects the fans. Crean is doing this exactly how you have to in order to foster consistent success.

  • From our friend Kyle Neddenriep: “Tom Crean, Steve McClain and John Groce in today to see Cathedral guard Jalen Coleman (2015).”

  • calbert40

    The last two seasons, I thought we had to have had the worst single play group in the league. I too hope that Purdue isn’t one of the single plays. I think we should play them home and home every season. If they go strictly by who we have played home and home with for the most consecutive seasons, we’d play Iowa, Minny, OSU and UM once next year. THAT would be awfully nice!! I suspect that they wouldn’t group OSU and UM together though. I figure they will include PSU as one of the group.

  • calbert40

    The 2014 class is ridiculously good, so our targets are amazing. I still have my doubts that Lyle considers us in his top 2 or 3. I think UL, Florida and OSU are ahead of us. Reportedly, Pitino called Lyle from the locker room AFTER they won the national title. THAT has to be a pretty solid pitch: “Hey…we’d love to have you here celebrating with us in a couple years after you help lead us to a title.”

    I really like Russell’s game. Again, I think we are about 3rd or 4th on his list, but he is smooth. Still, my “perfect” 4 man class would include Blackmon, Exum, Pinson and Goodluck. But I wouldn’t be upset with Russell or Lyle coming to town either. What a talented class!

  • Just the fact that we are out-recruiting Tom Izzo is impressive.

  • SCHoosier

    Well Izzo got the l as two Indiana Mr. Basketballs (Harris and Zak he’s not doing badly.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Zak Irvin is going to Michigan, not Sparty.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    I think the ship has sailed with Russell and Lyle is down to UL, UF, and UI imo. But honestly, I’m fine with it, I’d rather have Exum and Pinson any day.

  • marcusgresham

    1.) For god’s sake, at least win one of the damn Wisconsin games. I’m sick of losing to those oafs.
    2.) Seems like a LOT of guards on that recruiting list.
    3.) Raise your hand if, after reading the surname of Cody’s agent, you sang it to the tune of a James Bond movie.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Dear Lord, a seven-man class?! That seems insane.

    According to Rivals, Boo Williams (Troy’s uncle) was Allerik’s AAU coach, so there’s another connection.

  • yimyames

    UM fresh played lots of minutes from day one, that plays a huge role in the development. If HMP and JH were forced to play those minutes from day one we would have seen different players by the end of the season. Mitch didn’t impress me until two thirds through the season, and Robinson still don’t impress me all that much. I wouldn’t trade Yogi for any of their freshman from last season.

  • SCHoosier bad…Time we recruited another one though!

  • enickman

    Wisky twice? Ouch!