• Joe B

    I always lean to liking players who don’t do the stare downs and showboating.. and this guys does that but not so much that it defines him. This guy can be defined as “intensity”. This is the type of player this program needs; NBA Athlete, rim defender, high motor. Think of Goodluck next to Vonleh, Williams, Hanner, Robinson.. talk about athletic and getting up in down the floor. Go get em CTC.

  • HoosierTrav

    This is a good kid as well by all accounts. I dont mind the stare downs and all that jazz. I like intensity and fierceness during competition. If you havent heard the story behind how he got his name Goodluck, you should go to youtube and watch it. Pretty neat.

  • I don’t like these one and done’s. Does anyone else agree that this Calipari style coaching is ruining the college game? The college game is being ruined by the nba in my opinion.

  • Nathan Elliott

    I don’t think he’s being called a one and done. He’s only ranked #34, and while he’s got the athletic ability, I’m not sure we’ve seen much of an offensive game other than being able to dunk the ball. From what I’ve heard, he’s maybe more polished on offensive end than, say, Hanner was as a Junior. But I don’t think there’s any evidence that he’s a shoe in to leave college after a year.

  • SCHoosier

    Lot of “hop” and athleticism..and a little attitude (which is good if its a “little”). Kid can reject it out..and throw it down…but can he put it up? Certainly looks worth the effort.
    See nothing yet that even suggests he could be a one and done.

  • james

    haha i was just about to post the same thing, Troy Williams getting swatted

  • achurt

    How is he defined as a good kid?
    From the video… seeing the stare downs… i’d tend to think he probably isn’t that good of a kid.
    Act like you’ve been there before etc…

  • WhatsUpKnight

    i think it’s more that he’s adjusting to the one-and-done culture as opposed to creating it. until something changes with the rules, it’s a sad reality that all elite programs will have to deal with. we were lucky that cody stayed another year.

    i keep hearing this 3-year commitment rule (go straight to nba or stay in school for 3 years) being brought up, and i’m all for it. pUKe’s freshman class last year is a perfect example why it’s a good idea. imho, those kids couldn’t have cared less about playing college basketball. it was simply a vehicle for them to showcase their talent for nba scouts.

  • cdog

    I saw the same kind of highlight videos of Hanner dunking on everyone in HS. The only difference is this kid has a better knowledge of the intensity of the game than Hanner has. We really need a big man in the 2014 class and I think Goodluck is a lot more realistic option than Cliff Alexander (a lock for either MSU or Kentucky). I like this kid and would welcome him in a heartbeat. He has a little VO nasty to his game and he looks a little like Nerlens Noel.

  • HoosierTrav

    Coaches, Other players, Scouting Services who’ve had the opportunity to evaluate the kid. How in the hell does staring a kid down after a nice play qualify him as a kid with low character? You have a serious problem, if you’re judging the character of a KID by this criteria.. Its competition! Ever had the opportunity to win? It can get fierce. Nothing wrong with showing emotion on the court. How is this any different than Victor Oladipo dunking on someone then staring down the defender? Or throwing up the “Nomee” symbol? The greatest competitors in the world wear their emotions on their sleeve. You want your rim protector to have an edge, an attitude, an ability to get inside the opponents head when he wants to come into the paint for a bucket. Don’t let yourself write a kid off for something as innocent as a him/her having an attitude when competing. Judge them by how they carry themselves in the handshake line and off the court.

  • HoosierTrav

    One thing that you look for in an elite rim protector is how quickly can he go from flat footed to the peak of his vertical. This kid has an uncanny ability to explode from a flat footed position. He also gets well above the rim and has impeccable timing. Having this kid and a more polished Hanner could mean trouble for opposing offenses.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Looks good, and looks like the big man we could use. At this point, hopefully the class looks like

    I saw recently that JBj changed his twitter bio from “6’3″ IU commit” to “6’3″ guard”. I doubt that means anything, but if he does decommit, I imagine we go at Phil Booth much harder.

  • calbert40

    I would love it if the NBA adopted the 3-year rule. MLB does this, and it works very well. A player has the option of declaring immediately upon HS graduation, but if he chooses to go to school, he can’t declare for the draft until his class has completed 3 years of eligibility regardless of his eligibility or playing status.

    And I think you are right about dealing with the new reality. In order to have a successful “blue chip” program, you must recruit a mixture of 4 year players and one and dones. I think CTC has done a really nice job of this…better than Cal, honestly. Sure, Cal got a banner last year, but I think the likelihood of winning championships with 5 freshmen, all of whom intend to leave for the NBA after the season, is quite low.

  • PDXHoosier

    looks like a type of player we haven’t had in a looong time. shot blocker.

  • calbert40

    I have liked what I’ve seen from him…a lot! It seems as though we may be a little late to the party, though, as about 15 other schools, some of them big names, have already offered him. I wonder what our chances are?

    The ’14 class is pretty loaded. If we had a 4 man class that includes Blackmon, Exum (I think the next to commit), and hopefully Pinson, we would probably want to go big after them. Goodluck seems like a great fit. And I agree with others who have said Alexander is probably a no go. I think he ends up playing for Izzo.

  • With his hair, and Lyle’s everchanging hair and JB’s hair wow, IU would be styling.

  • sheldogiu

    This type of play is just so over blown by our fan base it’s silly,
    the kid swatted a shot and stared down the guy he did it to…so what . Why do we always have to be judging players by every single mannerism they do…Doesn’t that get exhausting? Just play ball, love the kid love the play, you can tell he will be in the NBA soon, and I want him at IU

  • iuoiu

    Wow, that 3-year option would be incredible. The true superstars could jump right in after HS and the others would get 3 free years of college and a real shot at having a degree if they leave after 3 (like VO). It’s a great idea and would really improve the college game without holding back the guys who are truly ready out of HS (which honestly are few and far between).

  • Joe B

    In regards to my first comment, I’m not judging the kid, I really have no idea about his overall character. I just stated that I like to leave most of the showboating off the court. However, to say his on court character(or any player in general) doesn’t matter, is way off base. Bottom line, if a kid comes to play at Indiana, he represents this University. And that is part of the reason I feel we can be so proud of the team this year, the way they carried themselves ON and OFF the court was second to none. So I agree, that we do tend to read into mannerim’s a little too much, however I still think on court behavior is key when it comes to representing this University properly.

    P.S. I want this kid at IU too…

  • achurt

    For some reason my original response was deleted. I don’t think I was over the top…
    Anyway… I always hated when Vic stared people down.
    I don’t think I have a serious problem based on my judging somone by their actions. I’ve played ball with many guys that stared people down, and in general played like punks. More often than not – they weren’t gentlemen off the court. I just don’t think there is a need to show up the competition with mockery. Let your play show them up.

  • calbert40

    I think he looks more polished…or perhaps less raw…than HMP did at that age. I still expect great things out of HMP too. Not every recruit tears it up as a freshman, and I’m certain none of us would argue that point.

    I am impressed by two things with his shot blocking ability: he can block on ball as well as off ball. Yogi can block a player off ball. The great ones can block facing up a player. Secondly, he keeps the ball in bounds when he blocks it. That is another thing you see with great shot blockers. The swat happens and leads to a fast break opportunity.

    I am with you on the other things. But I think he could find the floor if he can rebound and block shots regularly. It would be nice to have a guy like that. It’s been awhile.

  • Daren Collentine

    I saw Trey Lyles posted on his wall about IU fans being hard on Zeller for going to the draft and Blackmon retweeted it. Hopefully we aren’t scaring players away by being so critical.

  • And_One

    I caught that too! Don’t know if it was Troy, but he had his hand out like, a little help here? Dude was like, Nope!

  • Love that 🙂

  • b_side

    That’s not what would happen though – you would still see plenty of non-superstars declaring knowing they would have to stay in college for 3 years. Even when there wasn’t a rule, for every LeBron (or even Al Harrington), there’s a Korleone Young or Leon Smith.

    You look at it as getting 3 “free years of college” and a chance of having a degree. They, more likely, would see it as three years of not earning any income. Notice the increased amount of early entrants in 2004 and 2005 (8-9 those years vs. an average of 2-4 normally) when the 1-year rule was agreed upon starting in 2006.

    My prediction is even more high schoolers would declare, especially with the increasing use of the D-League where NBA teams can stash the high schoolers while still paying them well above the average salary of a normal player in the D-League.

  • HoosierCruz

    that did look like Troy, hah

  • HoosierCruz

    Totally agree here. I really think that Cal got lucky last year for #1 getting prob the best college player since Lou Alcinder and #2 that AD was such a team player, down to earth kinda guy.

    Now Cal has yet another ‘historical’ freshman class (just like this year)… of which two of them think they can beat 90’s Michael Jordan one-on-one.

    Lets see him win with that kind of arrogance! I think Cal is going to turn out more teams like this year (road gets tough, kids crack, and just quit and wait for the NBA).

  • Sam Hollan

    If IU fans have learned anything it is highlights of dunks and blocks are great but tell you little about a players overall game. Show hm making a move in traffic. Show him blocking out. Show me something that says he has a basketball IQ. The dunks and blocks are great. He has the physical skills. But we have seen a lot of the same from others with no translation to a real game against real opponents.

  • HoosierDawg

    Seeing as how HMP failed to complete a single dunk this season, I think you’re being too generous.

  • Kelin Blab

    LOVE the stare down and edge. Any time you dunk on a guy and you do nothing it is a waste of a dunk. Kids show emotion very different than the days of Ol’ Bobby. Stare downs are innocent yet send a message. Hope to see more of it which is an indication of guys playing with some emotion, fearlessness, and edge.

    Have NO problems being in the minority on this….

    Goodluck seems to be extremely athletic, similar to Hanner. I have not given up on Hanner and want guys who can play above the rim at Indiana.


    im convinced…..sign him up

  • This guy definitely looks like he has some attitude, which could be refreshing to see on a Hoosier team lately.

  • CB

    Man is that guy bitter. He is the one that rescinded.

  • Kenneth234

    Perhaps that would be the case, but eventually the players who go to college will at least begin to have skills sets that would make some of those high level high school kids slip further in the draft forcing the next classes elite to really consider what their best option truly is. At least I believe that, and the 3 year college player will be more prepared to earn playing time on an NBA team as well.

  • Kenneth234

    Perhaps that would be the case, but eventually the players who go to college will at least begin to have skills sets that would make some of those high level high school kids slip further in the draft forcing the next classes elite to really consider what their best option truly is. At least I believe that, and the 3 year college player will be more prepared to earn playing time on an NBA team as well.

  • Kenneth234

    I don’t think that it will be smooth sailing for pUKe next either. After watching their top recruits in the McD’s game and the Jordan Brand Classic tonight, I am not sold that one ball will really be enough for them all to share for 30 + games. Add in the players that have already said they are returning this year, and they will have a hard time finding continuity with so many players. I think the main reason that Anthony Davis’s team was able to win it all is because they were really only 7 players deep. They knew they would be on the floor, and who they would be surrounded by; that allowed for them to become a true team.

  • Kenneth234

    I could be wrong but it looked like the ball was going to the other end of the floor, that is not the time to help a player that you swatted to get back to his feet. It is time to head down to the other end in case they break stalls and your team can have an advantage in the half court.

  • Gbwoolman

    Like what I see and I’d love to see IU land him. Regarding the other posts regarding what the NBA has as rules and how Blackmon changed his profile, yes I’d like to see the one and done end! But let’s NOT get down on our kids leaving early, CTC is helping them to get a great education, develop leaders, and improve their games for the next level. I see nothing wrong with that and I can’t blame them to make ridiculous amounts of money by leaving. Let’s hope Blackmon isn’t getting cold feet and we fans can actually help by not being critical if they take advantage of the current system, as weak as it is for the betterment of college basketball.

  • He could possibly make a sick front court tandem with Fischer in a year. Maybe a taller (and hopefully less injured) version of the DJ White/Marco Killingsworth tandem from 7-8 years ago.