Video: Stanford Robinson National High School Invitational highlights

  • 04/08/2013 1:52 pm in

2013 IU signee Stanford Robinson recorded a late steal and a block to seal his Findlay Prep team’s 57-53 win over Montrose on Thursday in the National High School Invitational. But Robinson’s 13 points on Friday against St Benedict’s came in a loss (60-57), one that snapped Findlay Prep’s remarkable 54-game win streak.

A look at Robinson’s highlights from both games:

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  • nate91

    This is a left handed- mini Vic. He kept Findlay in that game against St. Benedicts, multiple defensive stops and timely baskets/free throws. Going to Findlay this year really hurt his rating this year, but he is going to be so much better for it. I just hope that Vic is around another year to show this young man how to work.

  • VerdellJonesIV

    Crean has showed that he is best suited to develop this size and skill set so it’s really fortunate that we have a recruit like Stanford for our future.

  • calbert40

    Every video posted of Robinson makes me wonder why he isn’t rated higher. Oh well…everyone else’s loss is our gain. He is going to be a stud, and he may push for immediate minutes.

  • AZIU71

    Love this guy, 4 years of energy. We need a lights out shooter though.

  • shknqk

    I wonder how much time Vic will be in btown even if he does go pro. I sort of imagine him doing workout layovers in cook hall as he travels from California summer league back home to DC. Not sure what a new pro pre rookie calendar looks like but I sure hope there are some stops back in btown this summer so he rubs shoulders with the incoming folks.

  • HoosierGrad07

    So do most teams. IU was very fortunate to have shooters like Hulls and Watford the last 4 years. It won’t be something that we always have to fall back on. But it will probably work out ok, now we’ll have superior athletes and we can work on toughness, defense, and rebounding, the things that ultimately led to our demise this season.

    With that said, hopefully a healthy Colin Hartman can continue to get his shot back into form. At 6’6″ he could be that shooter we need. He’s certainly capable if he keeps working hard all summer.

  • HoosierCruz

    Oladipo in the making!!

  • nate91

    Don’t forget about Etherington either, he could come in and hit some shots too

  • VerdellJonesIV

    Am I the only one who expects Austin to be a causality of the the scholarship situation over the summer?

  • baukev55

    Reminds me of a quicker Remy. Good finisher/energy.

  • Check out videos of Colin Hartman. We’ll be fine.

  • HoosierTrav

    He will be better than you think. His defensive ability is very much like Vic’s. He does have above average athleticism but isn’t nearly the project that Hanner, Peter, or Remy was. He can come in right now and defend at a high level and he is excellent at distributing the ball. He will get big minutes. His ranking is garbage. Remind you of anyone? He dropped 40 spots for absolutely no reason other than the scouting services didn’t spend much time tracking him. He played winning basketball against elite high school competition. The same competition that is going to be translating to the college game very well. I realize this seasons recruiting class fell way short of expectations and hype but you cant just lump everyone else in the same breath as them just because. Stan Robinson will get big minutes next year bc he’s capable and he fits a need.

  • KevOMG

    I’ve felt the same since the beginning of this season.

  • calbert40

    Very well could be the case. Personally, I classify him as a 2. He has good size for the 2, but a little small for the 3. Plus, he seems to have a good handle on the ball, good court vision and awareness, and seems to be very comfortable out top on the perimeter moreso than on the wing. I’m certain he can play that position well too, but seems to be a 2 in college. Good thing…we need a strong 2 now.

  • MillaRed

    Looks like he def has the strength to contribute immediately.

  • nate91

    Going to Findlay hurt his stock, he didnt have as big of a role there so he could not really stand out.