• He looks like will sheehey with oladipo type athleticism. If he develops a 3 point shot and mid range game like sheehey, he could be a monster. I see Troy coming off the bench behind sheehey at the 3 spot

  • This is very encouraging. Troy has a lot of capability and a very high ceiling. Once he develops a consistent shot he could be a VERY dangerous player. Syracuse loss still stings, but I’m already looking forward to another exciting year of IUBB. With some improved offensive sets we could make another run.

  • Hoo Hoo Hound dog

    Troy is showing alot of athleticism here. A CTC system type player for sure. Im telling ya Hoosier Nation you are gonna see a big change when CTC can put 3 or 4 of these type guys on the floor at one time. We gotta have athletes to play CTCs game and they are on the way. GOOD TIMES ARE COMING OUR WAY!!

  • nate91

    Troy looks better every time I see him, hope he keeps it up! I think Will is going to really push him this summer. Also I am so excited about Stan Robinson, I think he is way underrated. In the game he had today, he really kept Findlay in it with a handful of forced turnovers and some timely buckets. He looks like a mini Vic out there sometimes, just hope he has the same work ethic.

  • MillaRed

    Two Words……..Jason Richardson

  • M Lewis

    I’m dreaming of a frontline of Vonleh & Zeller, with Luke & Hanner as the back-ups. I might be crazy, but I think the Big Handsome comes back. One more year, he gets his degree, he washes away the taste of this past season’s ncaa exit and forms as formidable front court as there will be in all of the country…

  • I agree – imagine the following starting lineup —


  • One thing I immediately notice is his raw, not give a damn, confidence on the court. Not timid in the slightest. He’ll be special at Indiana.

  • Hoosierfan2335

    He’s got a certain tenacity and size to get to the rim that we didn’t have much of this year aside from vic. I think he’s a better ball handler than oladipo too. Since zeller and dipo will more than likely leave, there will be tons of pressure on vonleh and troy to score. I also expect hollowell to step up some and blossom into the scorer he was in high school. Will and yogi’s leadership will be key.