Film Session: Taking over Temple

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The Hoosiers closed out Sunday’s win against Temple with a 10-0 run which sealed a 58-52 victory.

It was both defense and offense during that run which has them heading to Washington D.C. A close look at two defensive stops and Victor Oladipo’s 3-pointer in the latest edition of Film Session:

I. #WatBlock

Nursing a two-point lead, Temple bleeds some clock in this possession. Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson brings the ball inside the 3-point line for the first time with 17 seconds left on the clock and passes to Anthony Lee:


But it’s brought back up top and eventually gets to — who else — Khalif Wyatt with just eight seconds left on the shot clock. Lee comes to set a ball screen for him:


But with Oladipo and Cody Zeller both blitzing and Jordan Hulls near the action as well, Wyatt is almost being triple-teamed and he looks for Lee, who is cutting to the rim:


Lee receives the pass, and here comes Christian Watford off the weak side:


The block happens …:


But this play isn’t over as Lee recovers the ball. Here’s Jordan Hulls being pesky and houding at the ball with just two seconds left on the shot clock:


Lee turns towards the hoop and has a tough angle with his left hand on the wrong side of the glass:


It’s a point blank shot, but with Hulls’ D and him having to turn quick and shoot from a tough angle, it doesn’t drop. Oladipo comes in and deflects the rebound, which Watford snatches:



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  • kenny george

    Great players make Great plays for their tea whenever needed. Wat did that along with Jordy. Kudos to them and the entire team on a hard fought win over a very tough competitor… Great job by coaches and players and fans equals a trifecta!!!!

  • MillaRed

    If Vic wasn’t the leader in Naismith voting before that late 3 and shutting down Wyatt in the end, he should be now.

  • And_One

    Wyatt was wearing Vic like a straight-jacket in #2.

  • This is a defining play of the game, most highly contested collegiate BB games possess a defining emotional moment, IU decided that they were not going to let Hyatt beat them, that their other 3 or 2 players on the court were better than the 4 Temple players. Hyatt made a great pass but Watford’s athleticism and effort desire matched the play and then IU didn’t give up with Hulls helping underneath, since Temple had decided to shorten the game each possession had little margin for error against the shot clock.

  • Wyatt was either totally spent or just “conserving energy” for a bigger moment, because he showed no gas in those clips. He just seemed to give up. Seems to me like Vic had the extra juice at the end and Wyatt was either too frustrated or not conditioned well enough to keep up the same energy.

    I wondered why Crean had so many different guys on Wyatt early (was he searching for something or by design?) but the brilliance of that decision really showed late.

  • The second play showed something else, Jefferson had a huge mismatch with Hulls and had the chance to dive to the rim and bailed out, this through perimeter pressure left Temple with a bad shot that failed to hit the rim. The clock also said 44.7 left with IU a one point lead.

  • Finally the timing on the down screen was perfect allowing Zeller to receive the pass while coming off the screen, Temple had decided they were not going to allow Zeller beat them at the rim, thus Zeller had three outlet options, Ferrell on his strong side if his defender dropped off, Wadford to Oladipo’s right if they were to close on Oladipo, leaving even a better straight up jumper….I actually think this play showed that Temple was exhausted, physically and emotionally, going back to the blocked shot and then air ball where IU’s game and bench eventually takes a toll on the legs in the final minutes.

  • chiswede

    He’s gassed. He played every minute of that game.

  • CreamandCrimson

    You would certainly think so. All I’ve heard though is “Trey Burke! Burke had 7 assists and hit a step back 3 and Michigan blew out VCU.” (completely ignoring the fact he had 7 turnovers and McGary, Hardaway, Robinson and VCU’s worst performance of the year had a much larger impact than anything Burke did).

    I think Burke is a really good player but Victor has been better in big moments throughout the season. We’ll see, I have a feeling it will be a very, very close vote.

  • Ole Man

    Unfortunately, I think most of the votes were in before the game was played.

  • this. if we aren’t unified on our social media strategy, how can we ever trend nationally?

  • In #1, when watching it live, I thought there was a rotation breakdown by Watford that left Lee open in the first place. Watford has generally been the first person I blame for these kinds of defensive breakdowns, because he’s been a step slow at times.

    But looking at the replay, I actually think the rotation responsibility for Lee belongs to Yogi, not Watford. At the time of the double team, Watford’s man is in the corner, Yogi’s is on the wing, and Lee breaks to the top of the key. Yogi is closest to the open Lee, but continues to follow his man as he slides toward the top and Lee cuts to the basket. It was Watford who bailed him out.

    Watford is on my list of all-time favorite Hoosiers. Anything he does from here on out is just gravy.