Film Session: 3-pointers after the break

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In Indiana’s forgettable first half against Nebraska on Wednesday night, the Hoosiers shot just 2-of-7 from beyond the arc. The second half brought stronger returns (6-of-9) as several players got in the mix and the Hoosiers ended the evening a cool 50 percent from distance (8-of-16).

A look at four such scores in the latest edition of Film Session:


We start this with a different angle from the Big Ten Network broadcast crew. Jordan Hulls hands the ball off to Remy Abell on the right wing. The Cornhuskers have shifted into a 2-3 zone after Brandon Ubel went out with his fourth foul:


Christian Watford sets a pick for Abell and he goes left:


And he swings the ball to Victor Oladipo. Oladipo immediately throws a skip pass to Hulls in the corner. The Hoosiers have the zone overloaded with three players on the left to Nebraska’s two defenders:


Hulls shot fakes and gets Shavon Shields up in the air and he moves inside the arc:


With Ray Gallegos having to help on Hulls, it leaves Sheehey open on the left wing:


And he nails the trifecta:


Make a move to get the defense out of balance, make the pass to the open man and hit.


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  • CreamandCrimson

    When Indiana’s offense is revved up and we are really in gear, I firmly believe there is no one in the country who can slow us down. I think the past two Film Sessions have been full of perfect examples of Indiana getting good shots and then turning that good shot into an even better shot (and more often than not, knocking it down).

  • BelieveinAJMoye

    the video on page 3 is the same as page 5