Film Session: Offensive execution

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The Hoosiers pumped in 1.22 points per possession against a stingy Ohio State defense en route to their 81-68 victory in Columbus on Sunday afternoon. Victor Oladipo (26 points), Cody Zeller (24 points) and Christian Watford (20 points) led the way. While Zeller got plenty of scores and trips to the line via post-ups, he also was the benefactor of some buckets out of a two-man game with Oladipo.

A look at both these scores as well as one each from Oladipo and Watford in the latest edition of Film Session:


The Hoosiers come rumbling down the court, as Will Sheehey looks to get in the paint. Unable, he comes back and passes to Christian Watford. Watford looks to make a move into the paint himself:


Cut off, Watford finds Hulls on the right wing. Hulls passes it up top to Oladipo:


Zeller sets a ball screen for Oladipo:


Oladipo finds a tiny pocket between Trey McDonald and Lenzelle Smith Jr. and makes the pass to Zeller:


Deshaun Thomas does a great job of coming over from the left block and rotating over for help defense. As he sets himself to draw a charge, Zeller is able to go around him a bit left:


He draws minimal contact as he scores the bucket, resulting in a no-call:


Ohio State didn’t give Zeller and Oladipo a whole lot of room to work with here. But the two (likely) future NBA players simply took the space that was given, adjusted and made a high-level play.



Here the Hoosiers are doing some standard weave action on the perimeter as Hulls hands off to Sheehey:


Sheehey hands off to Oladipo:


And it’s back to Hulls:


Here’s where things get interesting. With Zeller on the right wing, he sets a pick for Oladipo and he beings to curl around to the basket. But Smith Jr. sniffs out what’s happening and spins out of the contact to try and stick with Oladipo:


Hulls makes the pass as both players race to the right block:


Smith Jr. actually comes quite close to getting a hand on the ball as Oladipo catches:


And as he often does, Oladipo slips to the other side of the rim, making sure that’s as close as Smith Jr. will get as he puts it in for two:


Again: Ohio State does a relatively good job defending on this play. It’s just Indiana is able to out execute them once again.



Oladipo grabs a rebound and the Hoosiers head down the court:


Oladipo turns and finds Watford filling the left lane and heading to a comfortable spot on the left wing for a potential trailer 3-pointer (In his postgame comments, Oladipo noted: “We just know each other tendencies. I know Christian’s always going to be in that trail.”)


But Watford senses a defender behind him and opts against it:


He passes to the trailing Hulls, and he gets the ball in a spot that’s not out of the question for him to pop from assuming he steps into the shot. But with Ohio State’s defense still sorting itself out — both Oladipo and Sheehey are options in the corners — Hulls passes to Oladipo:


This draws the much bigger Evan Ravenel out to him, and Oladipo goes to work on the mismatch:


Oladipo goes with his right, puts the ball behind his back left and takes a lane to the hoop. As he does this, Zeller seals off Aaron Craft in another mismatch:


As Oladipo goes up for the shot and draws both of their attentions, he passes back to Zeller:


Craft offers little resistance and Zeller scores easily:


Indiana could have launched a 3-pointer earlier here. But by Hulls surveying the options in the halfcourt and sensing Ohio State’s imbalance, it allowed for Indiana to get an even better look at the hoop from Zeller.



The Hoosiers are again pushing the tempo with Yogi Ferrell bringing it across midcourt and Sheehey, Zeller and Watford filling lanes:


Watford again receives the pass on the left wing as Smith Jr. is at the 3-point line:


But as Watford catches and collects, Smith Jr. sinks back anticipating drive:


So this time Watford takes advantage of the extra space given and connects:


Watford connected on 4-of-5 from distance on Sunday and when he’s able to catch in rhythm and shoot, he can be quite deadly.


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  • CutterInChicago

    Always appreciate these posts. That first one is really nice. Great pass by VO and great control by CZ.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    Love these posts.

    And I love Wat’s J. Not exactly textbook (takes forever, starts with the ball down around his knees, lands about a foot forward of where he takes off), but it just looks cool.

  • Film sessions are my favorite part of insidethehall. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • IUHoosiers23

    Does anyone have an opinion one way or the other on who IU needs to win tonight vs. Michigan and Michigan State for us to have a better chance at the conference title? Instinct says we don’t want Michigan stealing a road game eventhough we are currently tied with MSU in the standings. Thoughts?

  • PDXHoosier

    I think MSU has a tougher schedule to finish up, so it probably benefits IU more if MSU wins. Personally, I hope they both lose tonight.

  • kennygeorge

    I’m ok with either winning, because I gotta believe the guys are gonna win out. I’ll be honest with all of you, since the big started, whenever I watch a game, they lose, if I tape it and watch later they win. I’m taping the rest and will watch later. I love ya’ll too much to jinx it again.

  • xCowHoosier

    The Hoosiers did a tremendous job of pushing the ball yet being patient to find a high quality shot…only a few times during the game did I think “that was a bad shot”

  • CreamandCrimson

    Best bet is rooting for the two to split their season series. That would probably mean an MSU win tonight and Michigan beating the Spartans in Ann Arbor. Michigan’s schedule is pretty easy (by Big Ten standards) after today and before the season-finale against us.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    Always root for the home team unless the road team is a cellar dweller.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    Always root for the home team unless the road team is a cellar dweller.

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    It really doesn’t matter as long as IU takes care of business. If you believe that IU will lose 1 more remaining Big 10 game, then a MSU loss assures IU of at least a share of the Big 10 title. If you think they will lose more than 1 remaining Big 10 game, then IU probably doesn’t deserve to be Big 10 champions, IMHO.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I thought Indiana was taking a few too many 3’s in the first 8-10 minutes of the game. At one point we were something like 1-8 from deep. However, after that trigger-happy start (not that taking a lot of 3’s is bad for this team, I just thought we were settling a bit), I think we really settled down and ran a lot of good stuff. I particularly loved play #3. It was a perfect example of what we did for most of the game. Getting ourselves good shots and then turning that into an even better shot and then finishing the play.

  • plane1972

    I agree. When he graduates, Wat’s face should be painted at that very spot on the floor in the Hall. He will forever own that real estate. Smart gets the baseline, Jay Edwards gets the top of the key, and Alford gets about every thing else.

  • Between play #2 here and Oladipo’s near world-stopping alley oop attempt against UM, I think we’ve learned one thing for sure: Hulls is terrible at throwing alley oop passes. I mean wow, both of those were so far off the mark, and Vic turned them into spectacular highlights.

  • chiswede

    Well if I don’t watch, they lose, so rest assured I’ll be on my couch tomorrow.

  • Kenneth234

    What Cheaney can’t get some real estate? I am thinking give Smart one baseline, but Cheaney has to has the other, the whole free throw extended area and some space on the wings.

  • Kenneth234

    This is true, my question is why have we not seen any from Yogi?

  • Kenneth234

    I think Michigan and Michigan St will protect their home floors. However, I am much more confident thinking that Michigan St is a better team and is more likely to sweep the season series. However, it is too early to want Michigan to beat State in Lansing based on the remainder of their schedule. Michigan St has a far more balanced team, and I think are better defenders. It would take a very special and efficient game from Burke to pull the upset tonight.

    Burke can easily get 25+ and Michigan lose because the combination of Robinson, Staukus, and Hardaway depend on him getting them going and not the other way around. I think Nix and Payne are going to be too much for Michigan to handle tonight, and I think they match up defensively well with Michigan’s wings and Appling can play respectful enough D on Burke to keep Michigan St’s defenders home to make it harder for Michigan to flow effectively; in a similar manner to what the Hoosiers did. The one deficiency that Michigan St has that the Hoosiers didn’t was that if Michigan can get their pic action going for Burke by utilizing Nix’s matchup, Nix may not have the foot speed that Zeller has to keep Burke in front of him. This may cause the rest of the defense to collapse and get open looks for Michigan’s shooters.

  • HoosierCruz

    I think that all the guys on the team have gotten way better at not forcing anything and letting their shots come to them (esp Watford). It seemed that against OSU that Yogi didn’t get a look at any high-percentage looks for himself, but there were definitely a few times that I was really wanting him to finish his drives with a layup!

  • plane1972

    No Cal gets his beautiful mug on the backboard. That guy used the glass to perfection.