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From the 2:49 mark onward, the Illini finished Thursday night’s upset on a 12-2 run (13-2 over the last 3:33). Beyond Indiana’s breakdown on the final play of the ballgame, the Hoosiers were also out-executed on D.J. Richardson’s back-to-back 3-pointers.

A look at these three plays, as well as Indiana’s final possession in the latest edition of Film Session:


On an inbounds play on the baseline, Tyler Griffey and and D.J. Richardson come to meet inbetween the left wing and the left elbow:


Griffey eventually gets a body on Sheehey, and Richardson pops out and starts to make a move and curls to the corner:


Griffey continues to get a body into Sheehey. Sam McLaurin is now involved. As Watford looks to switch and follow Richardson, here comes another screen from McLaurin:


He slides a bit and brushes Watford, giving Richardson enough space to catch:


Rise up and hit:


A little difficult to pick out IU’s goat here. This is a tough play to defend with so many bodies in the mix to create this sliver of space — especially with McLaurin setting what some may define as a “moving screen.” But if you look at the above five captures, Zeller almost never moves; he’s a statue.



Here we see the Illini — as they so often do — start this possession with a ball screen on the perimeter. Zeller switches and hedges onto Brandon Paul as Victor Oladipo switches and sticks with McLaurin on the roll:


The ball eventually finds its way back up top to Paul. An Illini assistant holds up a white board; John Groce points to it:


It’s another ball screen. Paul takes it from McLaurin; Zeller assesses the situation:


He again decides to hedge. But Oladipo has come over the top of the screen and tries staying with Paul. So Paul draws them right, stops, looks back left and sees the open McLaurin. He begins to pass the ball. Yogi Ferrell sees it all transpiring and pinches in off the corner to bring the help defense:


This leaves Richardson wide open in the corner. McLaurin makes the pass and Sheehey tries to rotate down:


He comes late, the shot goes up and falls:


With Zeller and Oladipo not communicating and both chasing Paul to right wing, this allowed the Illini to exploit Indiana’s D and cut the lead to two points.



Ferrell dribbles up top to drain the clock. As Hulls furiously waves both his hands for the ball, Yogi passes to Oladipo:


As Oladipo gets the ball, Hulls still appears to be ballhunting:


With Oladipo coming left, Tom Crean calls out the play:


Zeller eventually comes up and sets a ball screen for Oladipo:


Oladipo takes it right and Hulls comes behind him, seemingly looking for a potential handoff. Oladipo instead goes behind the back, as he has room in the lane, as detailed here:


But the behind-the-back dribble ends up getting away from Oladipo, and Richardson takes it the other way:


The coincidental thing about Hulls looking for the ball — remember: Crean was subbing Hulls on defense for offense here and you wonder if he just badly wanted to be involved — is that it allowed him to at least get in front of Richardson on his drive to the hoop. If he hadn’t come around to the back of Oladipo, it could have been ballgame before Griffey’s basket, as Oladipo may not have been able to chase him down without Hulls slowing him a tiny bit.



Here we see Richardson and Griffey coming to each other between the right elbow and the right wing. This appears to be the exact same play the Illini ran on Richardson’s first 3-pointer over on the left side of the court:


Again, Griffey finds a way to get his body in and Richardson comes free behind him once more:


With McLaurin again coming into the picture and setting a screen on Ferrell, he tries fighting through as Watford is trying to get to Richardson before it’s too late. Zeller is looking at Richardson as well. So we have all three Hoosiers paying attention to one guy and not communicating:


With Watford through, Yogi hidden behind McLaurin’s body and Zeller again staying statue-esque and looking at Richardson, Griffey begins to make his cut to the hoop:


He receives the ball:


And all five Hoosiers can only watch it unfold:


With all the attention going to Richardson — and perhaps rightfully so after he hit back-to-back 3-pointers, a stepback jumper to tie the game and then stole the ball and nearly scored the game-winner — Griffey was able to sneak behind for the score.


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  • IUHoosiers23

    I didn’t even want to read through this, but I couldn’t help myself. As painful as it was to disect, I do appreciate the analysis and screenshots. Thank you, Ryan. Great work on this as always.

  • CandyStripePatnsR2BigForHumans

    Did anybody else rewind the McLaurin pick to set up Richardson’s first 3 there over and over to realize this extremely illegal moving screen is what set up the chain of events to this loss. If that didn’t happen, the game would have been over by the 2:50 mark.
    Also, does anybody have a clue what Sheehey said to get his tech? Just curious.

  • bakedmcbride

    Great breakdown of a painful finish. I’m new to the site, but I’ll be back for more analysis of the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • I think this is one of those games that Coach Crean wll watch the tape over and over and over ….. and eventually think to himself, we have got to defend the 3 against big guards better. Jordy is a great shooter. But he causes all sorts of problems defending the 3 in these situations. As we see Jeremy Hollowell come into his own and see how impressive Will Sheehey can be, maybe the solution is to only have Jordan on the floor when Yogi is not. Then play some better defenders (and actually not much less effective offensive players). Just a thought.

  • SCHoosier

    Gee I wish IU could run some double screens like that for Hulls. Now there’s an idea??!!

  • wakajawaka

    The problem as I see it is that Indiana has trouble (to be kind) guarding an inbounds play. Ryan provides two examples of that in film session cases 1 and 4. There were several others in this game as well as in previous games. This is how we lost to Butler. When will we “learn and improve” in this area?

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    You do realize that Hulls wasn’t on the court for any of the defensive plays above right? Crean has been going offense/defense with his substitutions of Hulls at the end of games for at least the entire conference schedule. So not only has the thought been had (and a long time ago), you cannot blame Hulls for any of the late threes or defensive lapses in this one.

  • CandyStripePatnsR2BigForHumans

    Been thinking that all season. He needs to be running around on off ball screens all game. It would immensely help our halfcourt offense.

    But… also, I am sure the refs would not let us get away with that obvious moving screen that McLaurin did to start the Illini run. I can’t get over that, and Bruesewitz’s crazy illegally screens for Wisc which killed us. Off topic, but really bothers me.

  • JohnFromBeyond

    You’re right, that was very much an illegal screen. Not only moving, but that would be holding in the NFL. I’ve been noticing that illegal screens are rampant in the B1G this season.

  • InTheMtns

    Same here – every second was painful, but big thank you to Ryan. Ryan’s film sessions are the best, even when we don’t really want to see them.

  • InTheMtns

    I think the majority of Illinois screens were moving screens. And not just in this game against IU either. Lots and lots of moving screens in their home game against Wisconsin last Sunday.

  • WisconHoosier

    It looks like Richardson made his killer 3-pointers, then hustled back on defense without clowning around and pointing three fingers to his head.

    I wish IU had won, but it’s getting old to see individual plays celebrated instead of victories. It’s not always “playing with an edge.” Sometimes it’s just an immature loss of focus.

    I also think Will got the T in part because of antics in other games. Officials see those things, and the whistle on him was going to be quick.

    Just my opinion. Still grumpy over this loss. Go IU.

  • InTheMtns

    I agree. I know it isn’t part of CTC’s offensive scheme and he is totally dedicated to his scheme; but one would think he’d become convinced to include it after seeing how successful it is. He even praises other teams for using double and triple screens and mentions how hard it makes it to defend them. We run the first play here for Jordy when we need a basket and bingo, we’ve got a three.

  • Scott

    Any one else notice on Oladipo’s block that the clock stopped at 0.9 with the ball still in mid flight? Not sure exactly when it landed since the ball landed out of the picture. When should the clock stop? Isn’t it when the ball lands out of bounds? If so, there shouldn’t have been anymore than 0.4 at most on the clock for the end bounds play.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Ya, I agree maybe Im not as hard on the antics but I do agree if you want to get calls you have to show some respect to the refs and other team. It may not get you all the calls but if its border line you may not get it. Other wise if you want to continue with the in your face attitude, I have no problem as long as you back it up with big boy and big boy team play. Its not just Will either, the whole team except for maybe Cody and Jordan have been taunting all year. Its time to put up or shut up. Go IU and I will be grumpy from the Wisconsin and this loss all year.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Its not what Will S. said its what he did. Your not allowed to make a play and then show in your face aggression to another player. He yelled and looked Griffey right in the eyes. This was an obvious taunt. This is being enforced mostly because of last years Cincy and Xavier game I believe.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Yes and it will hurt the Big Ten come tournament time.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    YES bad bad officiating but we should have still put them away. Too many turnovers on the offensive side of the ball.

  • PDXHoosier

    i cant believe we dont get to play them in bloomington

  • PDXHoosier

    i cant believe we dont get to play them in bloomington

  • InTheMtns

    No argument from me that we should have put them away. I was just commenting on all the moving screens. Gotta play through bad officiating ’cause it’s gonna happen. I agree that the turnovers cost us the game.

  • CreanFaithful

    I don’t see how the three fingers to the head is a taunting move… I see this done at every level of basketball these days. It’s not just IU. Certainly, it is celebratory in nature, but there is nothing wrong with getting pumped up. If they weren’t getting back on D and maintaining focus, I would take issue. I just don’t see it that way.

    That being said, I could use a bit less of the Sheehey – in your face antics. He obviously has painted a target on his back which resulted in a “T” last game. No room for that…


    When something like that is happening over and over that is when Crean has got to ask the refs what their definition of a moving screen is and why he can see them doing what they just described and but they can’t. Every time that it goes uncalled he has to ask, a little more forcefully each time, why it continues to not be called. This is not years past when he knew he didn’t have the players and talent or the respect of the refs. Time for Crean to put on his big boy pants and get into the refs butt once in a while, even to the point of getting T’d up at opportune times once in a great while. Sometimes I think there is very little worry on the refs’ part about if they’re getting the call right cause they know Crean will just, at the most, tell them he didn’t think it was right and go sit down. If the refs know that are going to have a major bitch fest from a coach over a bad call or over a series of bad calls they are more likely not to do it, at least to a certain extent, it’s simple human nature period.


    See what you are saying but with the shot that they got it wouldn’t have mattered unless he had mishandled the inbounds pass a little bit before getting it out of his hand.


    If we are going to run an iso play for VO then would it not be better to maybe run something you have been saving for just such a situation, something that has been practiced extensively but never been showed where it could be scouted and prepared for ?

  • CreanFaithful

    While I agree with your statement, I didn’t have a problem going with the hot hand. They didn’t have an answer for the Oladipo iso earlier in the game, so I thought it was a solid idea.