Pick to Click: Northwestern

  • 01/19/2013 1:38 pm in


Rules are here, for those unfamiliar.

Cody Zeller was the pick to click winner for Iowa, Christian Watford was the winner for Penn State, Zeller was the winner for Minnesota and Zeller was again the winner for Northwestern. Full standings will be posted after five games.

Pool for Northwestern: All players are eligible to be picked.

Picks are due by 12:45 PM ET on Sunday.

A few reminders:

· State the name of the player (not a nickname) that you’re picking. If you use a nickname for a player, your pick will not be counted. Also, please state who you are picking as the first thing in your comment. We’re tracking hundreds of picks per game. It’s more difficult to keep track of everyone’s pick if it’s not the first thing in your comment.

· Please make sure you are using a valid e-mail address if you are not registered.

· Please make sure you are using the same name each time to pick if you are not registered. We are tracking wins by the name you use to submit your pick. If your name changes on a game-to-game basis, credit for your pick will be given to the name used to submit the pick.

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