Film Session: Yogi’s dimes

  • 12/23/2012 9:04 am in

Indiana freshman Yogi Ferrell tallied a career-high nine assists against Mount St. Mary’s in Wednesday evening’s 93-54 win. The Hoosiers shot 70.6 percent for the game and Ferrell’s assists aided in the strong shooting, as several led to looks at the bucket or open 3-point attempts.

A look at three such dimes in the latest edition of Film Session:

I. Kristijan Krajina sets a ball screen for Rashad Whack:


As is usually the case this season on a ball screen out on the perimeter, Zeller hedges. He gets a hand in on Whack:


Whack puts the ball behind his back to avoid Zeller’s hands, but Yogi is behind him and gets the steal:


From there it’s just a simple pass ahead to Zeller:


Who dunks it home:



II. This play starts on a Christian Watford block on a 3-pointer: 


Ferrell grabs the ball and Victor Oladipo is already heading down the court before Ferrell even begins to advance it:


Ferrell has Watford and Oladipo ahead of him as potential options on the wings:


But with nothing doing, he sees Zeller coming from behind, who begins to fill space in the middle. He waits and then throw a pass with his right hand around the defender to Zeller:


Who gets another dunk:



III. Off a Mount St. Mary’s made 3-pointer, Ferrell gets the ball inbounded to him:


Ferrell splits the defenders once across the timeline and has both Watford as a trailer and Sheehey — who’s noticing the defense falling asleep on him — as options:


Sheehey cuts to the rim and Yogi knifes a pass between the defenders and in to him:


He throws down a reverse dunk:



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  • Remy Willing and Abell

    I have been impressed with Yogi this year , the thing I like the most about him is his mental toughness , and discipline . He has the discipline to not do to much , to do the things he can do and not try the things he can’t YET do .

  • unclekerfuffle

    What is Yogi’s A/TO ratio at this point? Regardless of the answer I expect it will improve over the season. He appears to be the kind of player/student who only has to experience something once to learn from it–much like Jordy.

  • His A/TO ratio is roughly 2 to 1 at this point…it’s actually a little lower than I thought it would be. If we could throw out the Butler game, it would probably be around 3 to 1, I’m guessing. He is definitely improving, but I’ve just got to see IU play at a high level away from Assembly Hall before we talk about anything else. Love to see them pound Iowa and Penn State on the road to start B1G play!!

  • mike

    Yogi has to reduce turnovers for the team to remain elite. He has had a huge adjustment to make in terms of the size of opponents, and turnovers, defense and shooting percentage are the two areas this affects most. These things have cancelled out all the good things so far, but we can already see his shooting and decision-making improving. Now his first road game and also Big Ten game comes New Year’s Eve. He needs to perform at a high level to win that one. Iowa’s guards will take advantage of the small stature of IU’s backcourt. Hope I’m wrong, but I have a bad feeling about that game

  • yimyames

    I’m not worried about Yogi right now, come March he will be a beast and be the piece we didn’t have last year. Next year he’s the best point guard in the nation.

  • SCHoosier

    Agree about the TO’s..I’m hoping Yogi sees the same kind of season long improvement that Teague did for UK last year. First third of the season Teague was not very better middle portion..and then “point guarded” them to the NCAA championship. Yogi really needs to be on that time table if IU is going to make the final four. He certainly has the talent.