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Thoughts on an 88-52 win against the Owls:

I. This was the performance from Cody Zeller some were waiting for. Getting the ball early. Attacking. Making moves in the post and looking to finish strong. Even hitting a 16-footer. Couple this with his typical scores on the break, and it lead to a season-high 24 points in 22 minutes. To top it off? The Washington product, who has had some early-season struggles from the line was near perfect on the evening (12-of-13).  (Aside: Zeller did get his shot blocked somewhat emphatically by smaller players twice.)

Christian Watford also played a particularly aggressive game out of the post and connected on 2-of-4 from distance on the evening to score 17 points.

 II. Welcome to the floor, Peter Jurkin. It appears any talk of the Sudan native redshirting will now be laid to rest. (Jeremy Hollowell on the other hand? He sat the full 40 for a second consecutive game.) Jurkin’s hands were at issue in the preseason — if you remember, his elder buddy, Derek Elston, came up with the idea of playing baseball catch with him — and it reared its head early. Jurkin mishandled a rebound off a Florida Atlantic free throw and it fell out of bounds. Jurkin also had a smaller Florida Atlantic player make a move and score over him. But this much is certain about him: He’s tall. Really tall. (Analysis!) If he’s able to work into the speed of the college game and find his groove a bit, some decent reserve minutes may still be in store for him. You can’t teach that size and length.

Hanner Mosquera-Perea made his third appearance this evening and threw down his first dunk — with authority — off a pick-and-roll with Watford. He also had a nice tip-in. But here’s the key number: The freshman had 10 rebounds in 13 minutes. He’s an excellent leaper and  it allows him to get up high and snatch misses off the rim. If the trust is there come Big Ten season, this sort of skill could certainly come in handy in close games for the Hoosiers, allowing for second chances on the offensive end and closing out opponent possessions on the other side of the ball.

There’s still a lot of teaching moments with these guys. In the second half, Jordan Hulls fired a pass into Mosquera-Perea that led him toward the rim. The freshman didn’t get his hands on it. He was subbed out. Kenny Johnson stopped him before he sat down on the bench and looked to be instructing him on what to do next time around. There were also times when their teammates had words of instruction for them during stoppages in play.

III. Indiana has had large leads against inferior opponents at home for much of the non-conference season. And still, Tom Crean will have his Hoosiers pressing and trapping in the second half; he will play his starters deep into the game. I often wonder what the opposing teams think of this, if a quiet rage is bubbling inside, and if it’ll spill over in a nasty way on the court with a cheap shot or two.

I don’t think any of this was the culprit at all tonight, but there was a little more chippiness in this one than usual. Yogi Ferrell lost it in the first half on a tie up. Owl coach Mike Jarvis got a technical foul called on him after he complained about Victor Oladipo’s 3-pointer which hit the top of the backboard and fell through the net. And Zeller was the vicitim of a hard two-man foul in the second half, one that had him falling awkwardly on his right wrist and his elbow splaying out oddly.

IV. Greg Gantt looks like Devan Dumes, no?

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  • marcusgresham

    I had no idea HMP had 10 rebounds. I know that one guy whose shot got blocked was dumbfounded that he actually got up high enough to get it (with a swat, no less.) He needs to work on his hands, too, though.
    There was no plan to play Hollowell–he was in sweats on the bench.
    I still want to see Cody power-step and go up off of both feet but he was far more aggressive this game.
    Cody’s FT % will even out and he’ll end up about the same place he was last season when all is said and done.
    Yogi’s starting to pile up TO’s. That has to stop before conference play. If this team has as many against Iowa as they’ve had the last two games it could be a problem.
    Unlike the dude from CCSU that put up 40, Gantt’s 25 wasn’t that impressive; he shot 42%, which isn’t great.
    Watford played well (and I loved seeing him post up,) but how did he not record a single rebound? He did, however, block two shots.
    IU also got some ridiculous home cooking from the refs. Ted Valentine was not in the building.

  • Agree strongly on the home cooking.The big ten is too good to play streetball which is apperently the plan. I’m worried. This team is about half as good as the some of it’s parts

  • tcglover

    Very impressed with Perea; obviously some chemistry issues, but those will work out in time. Elston was rusty, but nothing to fret about. I didn’t see enough of Jurkin to really conclude anything. Just give it a little bit of time for everything to mold together and this team is insanely dangerous.

  • marcusgresham

    Yes. The thing I found odd is that it wasn’t the same sweatsuit that Mo and Austin were wearing. I don’t know if there’s anything to read into that, but thought the inactive players always had the same stuff on.

  • KevOMG

    Perea looks clumsy at times, and not as natural as I expected him to look. Great boards however.

    I saw Jeremy on the sideline in full sweats. I’ve been checking ith more frequently (from normally every 15 mins to every 5) for more information.

  • Alex

    Just got word from BTownBanners twitter account that Jeremy is under NCAA investigation for eligibility issues.

  • BlakeD1223

    I was really disappointed with Perea’s hands. He definitely looked clumsy out there. It’s going to be really fun watching him improve over the years much like it has been with Olidipo though.

    I’m also interested to see what is going on with Hollowell. He’s either not performing in practice and being punished for it or just being out played by the other players. I don’t see him sticking around and being ok with being a role player. I think he’s the type of person that needs the green light at all times. There’s always the possibility of a transfer. Could be an interesting situation a brewing.

  • Abellham Lincoln

    This concerns me. Both on the court and for our program’s reputation. Hopefully it is minor and will be quickly resolved.

  • HoosierPat

    I don’t necessarily trust the information passed on by BTownBanners. Not saying it’s wrong but I don’t really trust the information unless it is passed on by ITH or the University itself.

  • Dick_Pepperfield

    This is simple. Hollowell is in constant coast mode. I saw it in the Indiana/Kentucky all star game. If you have ever coached a high school kid in any sport you can spot it instantly. The kid that’s “too cool” to try hard. This is Jeremy. Period. No more, no less. Crean is playing the kids that actually put forth effort. Hollowell is simply pouting right now and its time for him to decide if he wants to be a man and “get it” or stay in immature mode as a talented player that never quite puts it into that next gear that it takes to play at this level against any competition, let alone Big 10 competition. I saw this coming after the all star game that I attended in Freedom Hall. It is pretty obvious since this started after Hanner and Pete came back. You can end all speculation of whats wrong with him.

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    I grabbed 10 rebounds in 14 minutes!!! Which ITHer questioned my ability to influence the game with Butler???!! R U kidding me?? I am the beast that I am! The best part is I am just getting started!!!

  • I am impressed. Thirteen comments and no one has complained about the Butler game.

  • SCHoosier

    Good effort from Zeller..tried do do the things he needs to do. Perea showed his has potential to help on defense and the boards..Jurkin showed he’s about a half a cut above Bawa and Tijan but at least seems to understand he’s on a b-ball court…too bad he couldn’t be redshirted. I’ll forego the cupcake discussion given it is about money and tickets sold..but have to say that one problem is that any tough work the Hoosiers need to get in the half court offense goes begging as soon as the lead hits 20 pts. Second part of the first half was basically run and dunk or one pass and shoot. That will help us a lot in the conference. IU averaging 17 TO’s in the last two games….that also will play well in the B-10. Whatever .But somebody please tell me this..and it is a serious question. With one player just returned from injury..2 others out (Mo and AE)..JH int he twilight zone.. and the kind of teams we’re playing using a “hack attack” on defense..WHY did we still have 3 starters in there at the 2 minute mark with a 30 pt plus lead? Happens a lot with the cupcakes….what am I missing here?

  • SCHoosier

    Look like Jarvis told his team at half..”Hey as long as they are gonna get all the foul calls..get your moneys worth with the foul” They did. Lucky Cody can walk today.

  • ScooterMcPooter

    I hate to tell you this, but coaching a peewee team in Carmel doesn’t make you an expert on a kid (you don’t know) just because you don’t like his demenor, yes he doesn’t look (on tv) like a classic bob knight so he must be a punk, shut up, you are not Tom Crean, you are not Brad Stevens you are a guy bashing a kid FOR NO REASON, Jeremy has come out and contriubted, kid has ice in his veins and I like that, do you want a over-emotional player? This is strange, this kid seems to rub old school fans the wrong way……and he’s done nothing but come in and contribute as a frosh, grow up guys who have never been outside the state of Indiana

    and as an actual grad. of the school stop talking about our program.

  • PDXHoosier

    Shortly after that hard foul Cody took from those two guys, he actually lowered his center of gravity in the post and banged hard into that goon that was guarding him. Great to see him be a little physical in trying to clear some space to get the ball, even if it was just because he was pissed.

  • PDXHoosier

    I think CTC’s philosophy is to never let up, always have your foot on the gas. I like it, but I agree it is a little ridiculous to be full court pressing with our starters in so late in the game with a huge lead.

  • PDXHoosier

    DE and HMP are going to be huge by the end of the season (if HMP can stay calm enough to catch the ball). PJ probably wont see much playing time. but I still love him

  • marcusgresham

    Maybe she’s a sales representative of Metamucil

  • SCHoosier

    I’m more unimpressed by only 26 responses thus far..of course the live feed last night expressed boredom by many of the…