HD Video: IU players react to win over Florida Atlantic

  • 12/21/2012 10:49 pm in

Hanner Mosquera-Perea (four points, 10 rebounds), Victor Oladipo (16 points, eight rebounds) and Cody Zeller (24 points, six rebounds) met with the media following Indiana’s 88-52 win over Florida Atlantic on Friday night at Assembly Hall.

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Cody Zeller

Talk about where this team is ten days away from Big Ten play?

“We have been playing fairly well. We need to get better in a lot of different area, individually and as a team. We will get right back to work once we get back from break. The Big Ten is tough, and we need to be ready.”

How important was tonight and against Jacksonville for getting the chemistry down low with Peter and Hanner?

“It is different playing in practice and in games. Both of them have done well trying to catch up. There is a lot of things for them to learn, just because they haven’t played much. All of them have done well listening to what other people have to say, especially the coaches and vets trying to help them along.”

Victor Oladipo

Talk about the Hanner’s play today?

“I thought he did a great job. He went out there, played defense and rebounded at a high level. That’s what we’re going to need him to do in order to win. He just needs to keep doing that consistently. We have a lot of confidence in him. When he catches the ball, we expect a highlight dunk. We are looking forward to seeing more highlight dunks down the road.”

How important is it to keep up the intensity during games?

“It’s real important. We can’t have any let ups, no matter what the score is. We can’t play to the score. We have to keep playing at a high level so we can get better in games. I believe that when we do that, we will get better down the road. We have to play at a high level for 40 minutes.”

What has caused the team to shoot much better in these past two games?

“I think we are playing better defense. I think our defense is a big reason why we play so well on offense. I feel like we have a lot of weapons, we have Cody inside and we have a lot of shooters. We have different players that can do a lot of different things. When we play good defense and get out on break and get points off turnovers, that’s when we shoot well.”

Hanner Mosquera-Perea

Are you starting to feel more comfortable out on the court?

“The last few games, I have made some mistakes. I have talked to the coaches and my teammates and they gave me some advice. They have been pushing me to keep going. That has helped a lot. Today, I felt more comfortable going for the ball. I am getting ready.”

How have your teammates who played a lot of minutes as freshman helped you out with your play?

“It has helped a lot. Seeing them able to go out there and do what they do has helped me to build confidence. I just say to myself that I can do the same thing. I just go out there and play.”

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