Maurice Creek out indefinitely with right foot injury

  • 12/19/2012 5:02 pm in

creekRedshirt junior Maurice Creek has had his first three seasons in Bloomington either cut short (freshman and sophomore year) or completely wiped out (Indiana’s 2011-12 campaign) due to injury.

And with the news that Creek is now out indefinitely due to a right foot injury, it’s possible the rest of this season could be in jeopardy, too.

The full release from IU Media Relations:

Indiana University guard Maurice Creek will be out indefinitely after suffering an injury to his right foot Sunday in practice. Through 10 games, he is averaging 3.0 points and 1.6 rebounds.

“Maurice has been doing so much to improve and help our team,” said IU Coach Tom Crean. “Hopefully this is just a temporary setback.”

With Austin Etherington also out with injury, freshman Jeremy Hollowell could be in line for more minutes in a reserve guard/wing role the rest of the way — or at least until Creek returns.

Creek sent out a couple of tweets on Wednesday afternoon, shortly after IU announced his injury.

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  • jmoney

    Sucks. This just reaffirms the #1 rule about life: it’s not fair. It’s hard to see this continuously happen to such a good dude. We love you, Mo.

  • GaHoosier

    This kid can’t caught a break!

  • Horrible news. It’s difficult to think that his body can stand up to the rigors of college basketball at this point. It’s unfortunate, but at some point you’ve got to think about life after basketball. Injuries add up and can have a major impact on the rest of his life. Watching him run around through the first nine games, it seemed inevitable.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    OMG, no way. No. Way.

    This guy’s next life had better be a Michael Jordan type career, ’cause this one’s screwing him bad. Way bad. More than he should ever have to suffer. >:-(

  • IUeconAlum

    I’ve never heard of a guy getting hurt as much as him. I hope he gets better and can score a few more 3s before the season is over.

  • Ryan Holder

    I read this, and facepalmed….so terrible for this kid. Best wishes on any form of recovery.

  • chicohoosier

    Totally agree with you, I could tell watching him play briefly that he didn’t fully trust his body, he certainly had lost a step and athleticism. Hard to say, but sometimes the game is not what’s important. Would totally support seeing him do something similar to Roe at MSU and retire while he can still walk and have a mobile life after ball. Sad say for Mo and Hoosier Nation.

  • We dont know him but it seems hes a great kid as well as a great player

  • I talked to Maurice last night after the game, I did not notice he had a boot on. No crutches, seemed to get around ok. According to an usher whom I spoke to, it should not be for the remaining part of the season.