• lojax

    is it me, or does devin look like he has grown about 3 or 4 inches this past year?

  • Really showed off a good mid range game and passing skills in this clip. He’s a kid that i get more excited about each time I see new video.

  • hardcore_hoosier

    Davis is going to surprise a lot of people at the college level. He’s such a scrappy player all over the court and once he gets some time with the coaching staff he will become a big deflections guy. It is great to see him hitting the mid range jumper. That was one area he needed to improve and he has certainly worked hard in the off season. Once he can hit that consistently along with further development of the current strengths of his game…watch out.

  • Kenneth234

    Wow, that was only 28 pts? It seemed like 50! Although he did look really good in this video, I am not sure if he left me impressed with his speed as a Division 1 recruit. I would like to see some of his defensive ability on a highlight clip sometime. Mostly because I believe that will be the way he could see floor time in Bloomington.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Playing off Kenneth234, would Devin be better served to bulk up and play an undersized 4? I saw some pretty sick turnaround jumpers from the post in that video. Either way, it seems like he gets better by the game and I’m excited about his potential. Keeps playing like this and he’ll shoot up the rankings.

  • shknqk

    Will sheehey 2.0?

  • I trust CTC and his recruiting. This kid from what I hear and see looks like he could be a great 4-year player for the program. He’s never received a ton of national attention, similar to a few of our current studs in our rotation like Sheehey, Oladipo, and Abell. With the scholly crunch next year I hope this kid is on campus next season. Will slot in nicely behind Sheehey, HP and Hollowell next year, blossoming his sophomore season after Sheehey jumps to fist round in 2014.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I don’t like to compare players to other players prematurely because it can be unrealistic so don’t take this the wrong way. Guys with similar size to DDJ have had very successful college careers. Draymond Green was listed at 6’7″ and he had an amazing college career. Devin Davis Jr. has that kind of cerebral awareness on the court and I’m not saying he will be a DG but he has the potential to develop into a similar player. He will put on weight and be a heavy load to deal with and he may actually be a little more athletic than a guy like DG.

    Also, did everyone check out the twitter link of James Blackmon Jr. throwing down that lob? Is that a young man recovering from a torn ACL, because if it is then I can’t wait to see him when he’s completely recovered! The numbers he is putting up are just ridiculous especially when you consider that Fort Wayne area competition is pretty good.

    It’s hard not to get really excited about the future of IU basketball! Right now IU is ranked #1 and deserving with guys like Zeller, Hulls, Watford, Sheehey, Yogi, and Oladipo and it’s actually possible that the players coming in the next couple years will elevate the program even higher. A player like JB Jr. appears as if he’s going to have the athleticism coupled with the shooting ability so you get a combination of Yogi and Jordan in one player. DD Jr. is a banger and a bigger stronger version of Will Sheehey or Christian Watford (hybrid). Noah Vonleh is a top 5 NBA pick and hopefully he’s around 2 years because he’s so young. Troy Williams is VO 2.0 and Stanford Robinson is a more rounded player coming into college than Will Sheehey was. Luke Fischer is a CZ Light who will most likely play a major role for 4 years and I haven’t even mentioned players we have returning and guys like Hanner and Peter who haven’t played yet.

    Then you consider that IU is pulling recruits left and right and it’s likely that 2014 could bring an even higher rated class with players like Theo Pinson, Jaquon Lyle, and Dwayne Morgan!!! Wow, I genuinely feel like IU is building something that looks like a Duke, UNC, or pUKe franchise where winning is expected every year!

    It’s hard not to be completely pumped about the near future of Hoosier basketball!

  • MillaRed

    The 12 footer is a lost art and at his size it will be a huge asset. He seems to have matured a lot. This is a 4-star recruit I could care less about the rankings.

    James Blackmon is in another world right now. I don’t care where you are playing, who and when. 40 ppg? Coming off an ACL? He is going to be so good for this program. Always was excited about him.

  • LiveIUBBall

    I love how many mid range jumpers he hits, and how he finishes at the rim. I feel like too many players focus on dunks and 3’s the mid range jumper is such a dangerous weapon.

  • Oldfan

    Seems a shame with all the high level basketball being played that the gym is almost empty.