Around the Hall: Zeller firmly in POY race

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Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall staff:

· Jason King of reveals his ballot for the Wooden Award to-date and updates its top ten candidates thus far for player of the year.

· The Hoosiers are the No. 1 team in the Big Ten power rankings written by Eamonn Brennan of

· A home in Ft. Wayne has a Christmas lights display prominently featuring Indiana basketball.

· 2013 IU signee Troy Williams returned home to the peninsula and scored 24 points and grabbed 15 rebounds as Oak Hill cruised to an 82-45 win on Thursday evening.

· 2013 IU signee Stanford Robinson has found a home at Findlay Prep in Las Vegas.

· Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianapolis Star looks at some of the top high school games in the state this weekend.

· Former IU standout A.J. Moye has overcome the stroke he suffered two years ago and is making a difference as a high school coach in California.

· Louisville coach Rick Pitino wants to play Indiana on a neutral court in Indianapolis next season and follow it up with a home-and-home.

· Yogi Ferrell checks in as the 18th best freshman in the country so far, according to John Gasaway of ESPN Insider ($).

· Malachi Richardson talks about receiving a scholarship offer from Indiana.

· The latest rankings from Draft Express have Cody Zeller at No. 3 and Victor Oladipo at No. 42.

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  • I hope we jump on the Louisville game next year and the home and home afterwards.

  • SCHoosier

    This was a great collection of posts. Story of A.J. Moye is worth everyone’s time. I found some of the NBA draft ratings laughable given UK’s Noel is ranked ahead of Zeller..and the various people who are ranked ahead of Oladipo…altho I’d really like to see VO in Candy Stripes again next year.

  • Benhyoung14

    Doesn’t look like CTC wants to do a neutral game with UL next year. He tweeted, “We are not looking for a off campus game in Indianapolis next year. We already have one with ND. We are looking for a H and H starting at AH”

  • DarkSouth

    Since IU’s Big Ten/ACC Challenge game is mostly likely on the road, think Crean/Glass are looking for a home game. I don’t know what U of L’s schedule looks like, they may not want to budge on the neutral site.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    like that article on Findlay. We’re deep at both guards, but I don’t doubt Stan’s ability to help from day one. Stan’s the man.

  • HoosierTrav

    I live in Fort Wayne and will be going to pay homage to the IU light festival. Maybe throw them a few bucks for the electric bill to keep it up through our 6th banner run in the tourney?

    I really want CTC to get the Louisville series done. I think what Louisville has proposed is fair. Personally I think its more geared towards recruiting Trey Lyles.

    Troy Williams is going to become a VERY VERY good player and pro under CTC and staff. He has went out and been the best player on the floor (Against future pros) on a few occasions.

    AJ Moye= My Favorite childhood IU memory. I’m really glad to hear he is doing well and impacting kids in a positive way. (Hopefully doing a little W. Coast recruiting for us too ;))

    Yogi is better than 18th. His value to our team isnt measured in points per game. He is consistent/pesky defensively, the best ball handler against pressure, and opens things up around the perimeter. I cant wait for him to gain some more confidence attacking the basket and shooting his mid range jumper. This makes us even more unstoppable offensively.

    Malachi Richardson is a special player offensively. He has the size and scoring ability to be a very high level scorer in college.


    Just looked up True Hoosier in the dictionary and not surprisingly found a picture of AJ Moye next to it. One of my alltime favorite Hoosiers.

    Glad to hear he is doing better and is happy with what he is doing in life now. Doesn’t surprise me in the least bit in what he is doing and how he is going about it either. Continued success to you AJ.

  • Hoosierfan88

    Agreed, as a student I want AH to host a big time game like UNC this year. Louisville plays UK on the road next year so that’s why they are looking for a series to offset so their schedule is not loaded one way or the other. It’s why they wanted to come to AH this year, not next. Get Kansas on the schedule, personally I would rather see them anyway.

  • All of our games cannot be at home. Are schedule is very soft this year and the only way to make it in even the top 50% is to play better teams and they are offering Indy, which is pretty much a home game, and then a home and home, how can you complain about that? The problem is people just want the W and not the experience.

  • jermhoosierfan

    Outside of Keith Smart’s “Shot”, the block that Moye made probably had me yelling the loudest at home for an IU game ever. It is great to hear that he is doing good. He seems to be a great stand up guy.

    Pitino wants IU on the schedule so bad that he can taste it which is a good thing. It might be more to throw the finger at pUKe than anything. I don’t see what Glass and Crean have against a neutral then home and home. It is not like they are not wanting to play at home at all which is what pUKe wanted. I say that we schedule this now.

  • Great news about A.J. He was the heart of the 2002. Good player, great person. Glad he is doing well. He will make a fine coach.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Crean wants to alternate a big game with the B1G/ACC challenge. Next year we’re on the road for the challenge, so Crean wants to start at AH, as well as throw in a tourney or 2. I appreciate the commitment to bringing big games to Bloomington.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    everyone is fine with playing away from home… But Crean has said again and again he wants to alternate a big home game with the B1G/ACC challenge. It’s why he took 2 straight road years in the challenge, to alternate with UK. He’s committed to bringing a big non-con to campus once a year, and we should appreciate that.

    I will say I would prefer maybe a bigger tournament, but if we had that home & home with an elite like Crean is planning to go with the challenge (where we’ll probably get a top tier team every year) our schedule wouldn’t be quite so soft.

    I mean, that’s pretty much what Duke did, they just did neutral court instead of H & H. UK (like our home and home would be), bigger tourney, big game in the challenge.

  • b_side

    It’s not just the W though, it’s the revenue we earn as a result of having a home game vs. a neutral site.

  • Hoosierfan88

    I am not saying all of our games should be at home. I wish we could have locked up a top notch road game this year. But next year we will have the game against ND in Indy, a road game against a top ACC team (maybe Syracuse? Duke?), and we will probably also be in some exempt tournament somewhere. That’s enough non-home games, as it will leave 9 home contests for noncon and 9 for Big Ten play. As CTC has said before, he wants to play 20 home games a year, so add in 2 exhibitions and you reach that number. You are right that it is not all about the wins when scheduling and we want a prepared team. But I, for one, think we can get a very good opponent to Assembly Hall next year AND play a tough schedule.

  • marcusgresham

    Next year Louisville could BE the opponent in the B1G/ACC Challenge.

  • marcusgresham

    He may not have been born here, but I bet he’d never have to buy another meal if he chose to move back.

  • marcusgresham

    You’re probably right about Yogi, but there’s so much around him he’s probably about 18th in impact of freshmen. If he played for a lesser team he’d likely be higher on the list out of necessity.

  • jermhoosierfan

    I would rather watch a game on TV being played in Bloomington as opposed to anywhere else, and I appreciate the wanting to bring big games to AH as well. But Louisville is offering the deal we had with pUKe which I take as a screw you to them which I kinda like. I have always looked to playing in Indy as a 45 minute home game.

  • Hoosierfan88

    Exactly. Exempt tournament, Crossroads Classic, tough home and home, and a top Challenge team IS a tough, exciting schedule!

  • Kenneth234

    I would like to see them pick up the neutral game as well as find a high level game to come into Bloomington. Why not call Gonzaga up? They have the reputation of not being scared to travel anywhere, and if it can be come a rotating series, it may give us some more exposure to the west coast for recruiting.

  • Kenneth234

    I would like to see them pick up the neutral game as well as find a high level game to come into Bloomington. Why not call Gonzaga up? They have the reputation of not being scared to travel anywhere, and if it can be come a rotating series, it may give us some more exposure to the west coast for recruiting.