Film Session: Victor Oladipo’s defensive stand

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Early in the second half of Indiana’s 87-51 win over Coppin State, the Hoosiers went to a 1-2-2 trap on defense. But it’s when Tom Crean subbed out Yogi Ferrell — who had been playing the “1” at the top of the trap — at the 15:58 mark that it started to really pay off. Victor Oladipo shifted into Ferrell’s spot and he was just about everywhere until he was relieved at the 12:16 mark.

Oladipo recorded six deflections (unofficially). The Hoosiers went on a 14-2 run in this timeframe and he scored (six points — a dunk and four free throws) or assisted ¬†(three in total — a lay-up and 3-pointer for Remy Abell, a 3-pointer for Jeremy Hollowell) on all 14 points.

Below: A look at one play from this run, as well as a supercut of a number of his deflections throughout the game in the latest edition of Film Session.

Oladipo and Abell pin Patrick Cole near halfcourt:

He has two options immediately across the timeline, but with Christian Watford lurking, he opts to make the safer pass in the backcourt:

Vic simply shuffles over and looks to trap on the opposite side of the court with Watford:

Coppin State ends up throwing a rainbow pass down into the corner with Will Sheehey covering:

The Eagles then turn and look up top, which Oladipo sees:

From there, it’s just an outleap of Coppin State for the steal:

One dribble and a pass to Abell:

Who lays it in for two:


While the staff reportedly charted Oladipo at 20 deflections, below is a supercut of 12 of the most obvious of them. There were a couple plays throughout the game it looked as if it was possible he may have gotten a small hand on the ball, but it wasn’t definitive from the tape. These are not reflected in the video. He also tied-up a Coppin State player where he didn’t knock the ball out; he simply hugged up with him. This may have been charted as a deflection based on the staff’s interpretation of the term.

In any event, this reel still gives a good idea of just how active the DeMatha product was on Saturday evening:

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  • Evansville Hoosier

    One handed steal by Vic was by far my favorite of the night by Vic. It showed to me that as safe as you think a pass is, it never really is when he is in the vicinity.

  • Let’s just call it “being in the Vic-cinity.”

  • DeeLyle

    “Oladipo recorded six deflections (unofficially).”

    I’ve noticed that when deflections are discussed by the media, they typically include a caveat like “unofficial” or “reportedly”. Why is that? No one uses that caveat for other statistics like rebounds, turnovers or steals.

  • Because its the team that tracks them, its not in the official box score

  • DeeLyle

    Good info in that link. Thanks.

  • Daburns0

    If you don’t like Oladipo, then you are a communist.


    when we cause a shot clock violation everybody on the court at that time gets credited one as well