News and notes from Tom Crean’s weekly radio show

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Tom Crean was out recruiting on Monday night, so assistant coach Tim Buckley along with Cody Zeller and Yogi Ferrell filled in for him on his weekly radio show with Don Fischer.

Here were some of the more interesting topics and tidbits discussed:

· Jordan Hulls led culture change: Buckley said he regularly receives phone calls from people who say they have a player he needs to see. When Buckley asks them to describe the player, they often say: “Well, he’s like Jordan Hulls.”

Buckley said he usually chuckles at such assertions.

“They might look like Jordan Hulls,” he said. “But that kid’s in the gym two to three times a day in addition to what is required.

He’s really set the tone here. When we wanted to get the culture right, he really led the charge with that.”

· The impact of Sheeladipo: Buckley also talked about how important both Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey have been through the first eight games of the season.

Oladipo has been in double figures in each of the Hoosiers’ last six games, averaging 14.5 points and shooting 67 percent from the field during that span.

“Victor played with great energy, he’s deflecting a lot of balls, he’s making plays happen out there,” Buckley said. “And I think he’s going to get better and better as he goes along with his shooting so you’re gonna have to play him straight up.”

Sheehey has been even more productive of late for the Hoosiers. The junior forward has scored 52 points on 21-of-30 (70 percent) shooting over his last three games.

“I would be hard pressed to believe that there’s a better sixth man in the country right now,” Buckley said. “What he’s doing a great job of right now is he’s talking better than anyone on our team, whether he’s on the floor or on the bench.”

· Creek better post-injuries?: Despite his three major surgeries, Buckley suggested redshirt junior guard Maurice Creek is actually a better player now than he was before. Buckley did admit, though, that Creek probably lost some of his athleticism.

“I think he’s a better basketball player all around because he’s not able to do some of the things he’s been able to do before,” Buckley said.

· Recruiting philosophy: Buckley was asked by a caller what the program’s philosophy is on recruiting players. He said the No. 1 thing they look for is character, and they try to offer things other programs can’t.

“We try to put pieces together,” Buckley said. “We try not only to recruit the best players but the best teams.”

Buckley also said the team’s current players are always important in trying to convince potential recruits Indiana is the place for them. He said the players keep score in regards to who got who to commit.

“Those guys are the key to the whole thing,” Buckley said. “We utilize them the best way we can. But we don’t have a script, we don’t tell them what to say.”

· Hoosier diet: Basically, it’s to eat anything and everything, according to Zeller.

“I ate a lot of everything,” Zeller said of his offseason.

“I put on too much weight,” Ferrell said, laughing.

· Zeller 1-on-1 battles: Zeller was asked who usually wins 1-on-1 games between him and his two older brothers. The youngest Zeller tried to play nice on the radio.

“It goes back and forth,” he said.

But Ferrell was a little more definitive.

“My money’s on Cody,” he said.

· Elston making progress: Buckley was asked about the progress of injured forward Derek Elston, who has not played this season after having surgery for a torn meniscus. Buckley said Elston is doing well and has been able to get some shots up recently.

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  • HoosierPat

    The thing that makes this team the best in the country is that there isn’t just one player that makes this team go. There are different pieces that go together perfectly and make this team great. Opposing teams can’t focus on shutting down one guy because there are so many weapons that can hurt you. And once Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin get back, this team will be even deeper.

  • marcusgresham

    If they’re keeping score on who gets whom to commit, Etherington is in the lead. I don’t care who has higher numbers, he was in Cody’s & Yogi’s ears.

  • HostileHoosier

    Ok I have to ask here simply becose I dont know where else to go! If anyone has a email or contact to Bob Knight pls let me know I have searched and I come up with nothing!

    I would like to thank him for commentateing our game and for all he has done for Indiana basketball!

    What I would really love to see is him come back to Indiana and call a game before his or my deaths!

    I started watching IU basketball at the age of ten and MR Knight (not takeing anything away from CtC I live him) has meant the world to me and so many other Hoosiers. Wouldnt we love to see him call a game in Bloomington?

  • iuoiu

    You can really see the result of Creek’s injuries just by looking at his legs. While at the BSU game, my son asked me why #3’s legs were so skinny. I looked and was amazed at just how skin and bones they are. I never noticed it on TV but live it was so much more obvious. They were literally 1/2 the diameter of other players out there. That’s the sad part about what he’s gone through.

    But even considering that, after explaining to my son what he’s gone through the past few seasons, he quickly realized what a good story this is. After hitting a 3, he told me these injuries must not have affected him too much. I had to agree. Glad to see him adjusting to his new normal and making himself even better.

  • moanders

    You should go back and look at Creek as a Freshman…his legs have always been noticeably skinny.

  • Come on Crossroads!

  • SCHoosier

    I would agree that Mo is probably a “smarter” b-ball player..understands the game better..but the physical aspect is another story. Just hope he can continue improving his contribution. Without the injuries he’s already playing the #2 position for somebody in the NBA):

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    “Buckley was asked by a caller what the program’s philosophy is on recruiting players. He said the No. 1 thing they look for is character…”

    God BLESS these guys! With that line, we’ve truly come out of the Samspon induced wilderness.

  • marcusgresham

    Sampson had a lot of characters!

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    LOL! Touché!


    Exactly what I was thinking when I read that part. Those two have to put him on the top five list permanently or he has a lifetime spot on the top ten or something along those lines.


    In my best Bill Clinton voice: “define characters”. lol

  • DeeLyle

    I was just talking about this same issue with my Bro-in-Law. This teams shows the importance of having multiple ways to score and ultimately win games. They’ve been fun to watch…

  • DeeLyle

    I’ve been trying to find a vid of him back in the day. Have you been able to find anything?

  • SS8941

    I will have a really large sign at College Gameday that just says “THANK YOU COACH KNIGHT” whether he is there or not. He for sure appreciates the Indiana fans, I’ve heard him say it. His problem is most likely with people still at IU that either helped him get fired or didn’t stand by him.

  • DeeLyle

    My comment didn’t get approved? Come on….that was funny!