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Thoughts on an 87-51 win over Coppin State:

I. The Georgia game had its share of ugliness, but this one — the first ten minutes, at least — wasn’t pretty. Indiana missed shots (a Will Sheehey airball, an 0-9 start) and turned the ball over (eight turnovers in the first 10:35). Coppin State’s 2-3 zone had the Hoosiers out of sorts in the halfcourt and the Eagles didn’t surrender easy buckets in transition.

As such, Indiana trailed until a Christian Watford 3-pointer at the 9:26 mark put Indiana up 14-11. By halftime, the Hoosiers were able to amass a 14-point lead (33-19), but shot just 10-of-26 from the floor (38%) and 2-of-11 (18%) from beyond the arc. The 33 points were the second lowest amount of points the Hoosiers have scored heading into the break all season. (They had just 29 in the first half of the Georgia game.)

So if this one was going to ratchet up a notch, if it was going to turn from merely a comfortable lead to blowout territory against a team that was rated as Indiana’s weakest opponent to date, a spark in the second half was needed.

And that came in the form of Victor Oladipo. Indiana played almost exclusively a 1-2-2 three-quarters court press against Coppin State after halftime, and Victor Oladipo was all over the dang place — steals, deflections, tie-ups, forcing guys out of bounds. Indiana starting turning his terrific defense into offense — as this team is so good at doing — and by the time Oladipo was finally able to get a breather at the 12:16 mark, the Hoosiers had punched the lead out to 28 points (59-31). Any thoughts of close one in the second half had been put to rest. He reportedly had 20 deflections tonight, a record in the Tom Crean era.

Indiana also returned to form shooting the ball. After that rough first half, Indiana finished with respectable numbers: 31-60 from the field (51.7%), 8-of-24 from 3-point range (33%), 17-of-20 from the line (85.0%), an eFG% of 58.3 and 1.26 points per possession.

II. In the first half with Indiana struggling to find success offensively, Cody Zeller only had one — one! — shot attempt. The Hoosiers simply didn’t work the ball to him much, and with them not scoring a ton on the beak, Zeller wasn’t getting any sprint-ahead easy buckets, either. It took until the 9:30 mark of the second half for him to get his second shot attempt — a made lay-up. Zeller did find his way into the offense more after that — which included two strong dunks — to finish with nine points and seven boards.

This really isn’t indicative of much — especially on a night where things were a little off for Indiana. But it was a little reminiscent of Zeller’s first batch of games as a Hoosier last year where he wasn’t getting the touches he should have.

III. Christian Watford looked a bit better this evening to the tune of 10 points (3-of-8), seven rebounds and two steals. Jeff Howard scored four points. He could have had eight had he made both his free throw attempts and made another lay-up he missed.

That is all.

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  • I noticed Hallowell didn’t turn the ball over once till the very end -not bad. Jeff Howard got in and scored but could use some practice at the free throw line. SO umm who’s next?

  • Benhyoung14

    We’ve got to do a better job of getting Zeller the ball. If we don’t improve then we’ll be seeing more than a couple of B1G losses. I hope it was just a bit of a hangover from the UNC game. We’re prolly going to see a lot of zone. Teams just can’t double up Zeller, because we have so many weapons. If some of our shooters go cold, then we’re in trouble.

  • 7 down 2 to go. HMP and PJ.

    Really wish Will was a starter.

  • shknqk

    Man I was heated when I couldn’t get to the varsity shop. Security was all over the joint. Then learn Crean is coaching the press in the hallway during halftime?!?

    No wonder this team has moved up in defensive efficiency by 60 slots.

    Vic will go top 15 draft next year, higher if his three starts to fall. His handles and defensive and intellectual athleticism are going to translate well at the next level. But glad we got him on this level now.

  • One to go until they play.

  • Geoff_85

    I disagree. The Hoosiers’ guards will get around defenders, penetrate and draw fouls if shots aren’t falling. Oladipo and Ferrell both penetrate extremely well, but I also think that’s why the outside shot will always be there. There is no reason for me to believe the Hoosiers will get too cold from outside, but if they do, our guards will penetrate and dish or draw fouls.

  • Geoff_85

    My question is who takes his spot next year if (when) he leaves for the draft? IU will need someone who creates and finishes the way he does if they’re going to play at the level they’re playing at now. I’m not real familiar with Stanford Robinson’s game, but I was under the impression he is more of a shooter than a slasher. We might see a little – I stress a little – more of a halfcourt team next year with Indiana missing Zeller and Oladipo, but Coach Crean likes to run and they’ll no doubt have pieces to do that, just not the amount they have this year.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    Who else wishes we were playing UK Saturday @ Rupp instead of Central Conn?

  • shknqk

    We have the raw athleticism in the line up. It’s taken oladipo 3 years to fulfill and harness his potential. I do not expect anyone except sheehey and yogi to be defensive beasts next year, but two years out our team might well exceed this one defensively.

  • SCHoosier

    I say this with tongue firmly planted in cheek..but it is true that David Stern of the NBA called the Big 10 Commissioner and recommended he fine IU and Tom Crean for not using their starters in the first half last night? What..huh..u say those guys WERE the starters?? What..u mean that gang that couldn’t shooting straight..had all those cross court pass TO’s and didn’t have a clue as how to attack a zone..THOSE GUYS WERE THE STARTERS??? Well heck..every dog has a dog day. We had ours..let’s move on./ Tell u what though..IU can expect to see more zones until they show they know how to attack one. Cody may be a lottery pick and Jordy one of the best shooters in the country..but at this point in the season….VO is the MVP of this team.

  • Geoff_85

    I’m not all that worried about the defense, I’m more concerned with who is going to be a created and a playmaker offensively when Zeller and Oladipo are gone. They’ll need some freshmen to learn quickly next season.

  • The chickens walked, so forget them!

  • Taskmaster75

    I don’t think Jordan Hulls will have a worse shooting night than the one he had during this game. He looked dynamite in warmups too.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I’ve never seen a team play so sloppy yet look so completely dominant in a game before. The Hoosiers could’ve played the reserves for the entire game and that team had NO chance of winning at AH.

    1) It’s a thing of beauty watching Vic and Will run all over the court. Those guys have to be two of the most well-conditioned athletes in college basketball!

    2) I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens when IU adds Hanner MP in a couple weeks against Butler. I think his athleticism and size will immediately mesh with the rest of the team and won’t cause a hiccup. I feel this way because he has the size, speed, and incredible athleticism to make up for defensive mistakes even if he gets out of position a couple times.

    3) I really hope Cody doesn’t decide to be one of those players who only puts up big numbers when he wants to against good teams because it’ll cost him the POY. IU is good enough to win without him having big games but as a fan of the Hoosiers and of CZ I really hope they win it all and he wins the POY and ends up as the #1 pick just to complete the trifecta!

    4) In my opinion IU still hasn’t put together an extremely well played game when you consider they shot 85% from the FT line but turned the ball over when in past games they’ve taken care of the ball but shot poorly from the field or the line. When it happens I hope it happens against a worthy team because when they have that perfect game they’ll scored 120 against some weak team~

    5) I love Crean’s attitude and desire to keep coaching on the sidelines even when the game is well out of reach and I was glad to see AE get some more time last night because he’s going to be important the two years!

    6) I HATE pUKe!!! I can stomach PUke, though I don’t like them either, but I’d sure LOVE to see pUKe fold and miss the tournament! Unfortunately they play in a pathetic conference outside of FL and Mizzou so that’ll probably never happen.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I think you guys are forgetting that Noah Vonleh is a projected top 3 pick in next years draft so he’s going to fill that role for at least 1 year at IU. Also, if Will Sheehey comes back next year he will have the opportunity to step in and fill Vic’s shoes and has the skills and athleticism to do it. Also, Robinson is probably a year 2 star and Williams may be able to be a year 1 star! The future’s so bright . . .

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I agree. It almost felt like the Hoosiers were trying to purposefully play so fast that they committed some silly turnovers and made some stupid mistakes. The whole time it looked like it was by design that Crean wanted them playing O and D at such a furious rate. I think we’ll see that 1-3-1 press more as the season progresses and we’ll wear down some good teams by the middle of the second half. That could enable IU to beat a team like OSU, MSU, or MICH on the road because of the furious pace.

  • HoosierGrad07

    Lots of solid points. But don’t be surprised when AE becomes an important member of another schools’ team for his last two years. It’s obvious once we get our guys back and we are truly full strength, that he will NEVER play unless he’s accompanied by the walk-ons at the end of a blow out.

    And now with Hartman and Davis both coming in at the same size he is, it just doesn’t look good. I guess we gotta clear 3 scholarships somehow though, and I don’t think Oladipo is gonna go pro.

  • marcusgresham

    “I do not expect anyone except sheehey and yogi to be defensive beasts next year”—what about Mosquera-Perea? Abell?

  • marcusgresham

    Hulls’ shooting was an anomaly. Most teams will use that zone until he hits two or three and then they’ll have to switch out of it; then Zeller and the slashers take over.

  • Speaking of Devin Davis. I seen he poured in 30 points and added 15 rebounds against Indianapolis Cathedral in Warren Central’s season opener. Collin Hartman (concussion) DNP.

  • millzy32

    Add Will and subtract Watford. Will is two inches smaller but quicker and hops better.

  • millzy32

    This schedule isn’t very exciting. Great to blow teams out but until the Butler game which still shouldn’t be much of a contest I can understand the people talking up Duke’s schedule. Yes Kentucky bailed on us but even with them this would be a cupcake pre-BigTen schedule.

  • Geoff_85

    Oh no, I’m not forgetting that, I said “they’ll need some freshman to learn quickly” i.e. Vonleh and Williams or Fischer or S-Rob, but that can be wishful thinking. I thought Hollowell would be much better at this juncture. That’s not a knock on the kid and I still think he will be an awesome player, I’m just saying it’s tough to rely on freshmen like IU relies on Vic and Zeller right now. As for Sheehey, I am not really convinced he starts at the beginning of next season. Again, not a knock on the kid, he just plays the role of firecracker off the bench so so well. I’m sure I’m wrong though, and I will not be disappointed one iota if Sheehey starts next year. I just can’t wait to see Perea and Jurkin. Hopefully they get some serious run against pre-conference competition because there aren’t many of those games left (4 including Butler?).

  • Geoff_85

    I thought I told you to have a beer? You’re making a mountain out of a molehill my friend.

  • marcusgresham

    While there’s no substitute for game experience, they are practicing every day against the best player in the country. That should be helpful to their development.

  • marcusgresham

    While there are similarities in Etherington’s and Hartman’s games, Davis isn’t in the same mold. He may only be an inch or so taller, but he’s more banger than bomber.

  • “with a future so bright, I have to wear shades”.

  • jayrig5

    True, but with the Big Ten being so good this year, it makes a fair amount of sense. I’m not saying I love it, but I get why Crean scheduled it like he did. ACC/B1G Challenge results excluded, Duke won’t be tested nearly as much as IU will be in conference. It’s not inconceivable that IU could lose 4-6 conference games (would have to be due to major injuries/other factors, I’m sure) and if that were to happen and IU had lost, say, a game in Brooklyn, the UNC game, and one or two other hypothetically difficult non-conference games, that starts to really ding the tournament resume.

    Plus, while they were scheduling, I sort of guess that Crean knew there was a chance Perea/Jurkin would be suspended, and to be honest, I’m guessing he thought there was a chance they’d be barred for the full season. (I’m sure he thought it was more likely they wouldn’t be suspended at all, but still.) So many factors play into scheduling.

    And then the UK pull out removed the last chance at another strong preseason test. When IU didn’t replace that game with another marquee game (Kansas/Louisville) I sort of figured Crean wanted to take a shot at another unbeaten non-conference season.

    My last point (of an already rambling post) is that I’d disagree that even with UK it would be a cupcake schedule. Or, more to the point, I disagree that it would have looked that way 2 months ago. Say you have a road game at UK (who now look way more beatable, to be sure) at the time a consensus top-3 team. IU also had no way of knowing how the Legends Classic would set the bracket (I assume; maybe that’s naive of me) so they very well could’ve ended up with G’Town and UCLA on a neutral court; at the least, everyone assumed it would be a consensus top-10 UCLA team on a neutral court. And then a consensus top-10 UNC team at home. Plus neutral court against Butler. Obviously a lot of those teams look less threatening now than they did preseason, but it’s not like you can amend the schedule now. (And, if anything, Georgetown looks a lot better.) The bottom of the schedule is very soft, obviously, but that’s obviously a choice. Crean wants the wins.

  • Benhyoung14

    I’m not so sure that Oladipo will be a top 15 pick, but I do think he goes pro. Obviously Noah Vonleh will get major minutes if Zeller and Vic both declare for the draft. I see Hollowell playing more of the Watford role, and Sheehee in between the two. Sheehee is just as athletic as Vic, but doesn’t have the slashing ability. The bigger question will be who fills Zeller’s role? I just don’t see anybody that will be able to as a Sophomore, and as a freshmen I wouldn’t trust Fischer.

  • achurt

    Top 15? Come on. I’m as much of a homer as the next guy, but that is over the top.
    MAYBE if he starts shooting 50% on 3’s, and 90% on FT’s, and grows two inches. Maybe.
    He does have first round potential if he starts shooting better… I think.

  • achurt

    I don’t think it makes any sense. We don’t suck anymore – there is no need to do this!
    I doubt he speculated about the suspension thing so far in advance – especially when the NCAA is completely unpredictable.
    Our schedule stinks, and I think it is indefensible.
    I just hope it changes next year.

  • Kenneth234

    I’m not sure on either of the assertions of the O.P.; Oladipo is setting around the second round in mock drafts for a reason. His ball handling and shooting are below NBA standards. He needs to stay four years and perhaps he cracks the 1st round next year by continuing to develop those parts of his game.

    Honestly, I love having him on this team, and he is one of my favorite IU players all time, but if he leaves this year, within 5 years he is playing in Europe. And to be frank, one more year and continued development may make him a 10 year NBA player. There is a huge difference between the two rounds, and money is not the biggest difference…that would be opportunity to stick in the NBA.

  • shknqk

    Abell is rock solid and HMP is hopeful… just a little concerned about bball IQ and footwark/health as much as anything.

  • shknqk

    I think his handles are what is making a difference in my Homer/bullishness on him. He was not able to adjust his dribble last year and this year he seems to be much better at that – like he took the D-Wade critique to heart. Hard to tell though as the ball is in Yogi’s hands some much more this year.

    Flip side is I haven’t been overly impressed by guard play so far this season anywhere (except Burke maybe) and Jordy. But yes… I am all in for this kid right now.

  • Geoff_85

    You may be right about Oladipo staying, but if he does in fact stay, it poses the age-old question of “How is Tom Crean going to make room for all of the incoming freshmen if someone doesn’t go pro or transfer?” and that my friend, is a debate I do not want get into yet.

  • achurt

    Gotta give it to you… (and happy to do it). I was very wrong!